10 Secrets To Have Your House Always Stays Clean

Do you know this: your girlfriend always has a spotlessly clean and perfectly styled home, even if you show up unannounced? And are you always wondering how she can do it despite her job and children? Well, we believe we can solve the mystery. Actually, that’s just a question of clever organization. Do not you think? We do!

1. When everything disappears in the hidden storage space

… then it’s no wonder that the house looks obviously perfect. Just because we do not see cabinets or dressers does not mean they do not exist. But somewhere this storage space hides – and then we do not want to look there.

2. The dear cleaning fairy

Anyone who can afford it today gets every week a few hours help when it comes to the budget. Those of us who have a cleaning lady know how efficient that can be. But actually, we only talk about it secretly.

3. Rent instead of buying

Here we are not talking about houses or apartments, but actually of leisure and household items such as bicycles, roof boxes or garden accessories. These are all objects that have to be accommodated in many households and stand around somewhere. People who lend themselves to such things have more space available and need less storage space.

4. What can go away, what can stay?

Some people just have a crazy sense of structure and order. They regularly check what you actually need in the house or what can really be thrown away. This includes clothing as well as old furniture or books. Our tip: The less around the house, the faster the surfaces are cleaned.

5. Clean up before leaving the house!

This is a skill we would like to master. Some people consistently clean up their home before leaving home. That can affect the beds, shoes, and jackets in the hallway or the breakfast dishes in the kitchen. The good thing: you do not have to worry about it when you come home in the evening and find everything in perfect order.

6. The storeroom

All households have space where unused things are pushed – including people, where we would not even think about it. Storerooms can be located in the attic, in an unused room or in the basement. But we better not look for it: Because we also do not want our storeroom is found, right?

7. Split tasks

In an infinitely clean and tidy house, we would bet that not a single person takes care of everything. In addition to the cleaning aid, there could be gardeners, window cleaners or janitors who do the necessary work. And if that’s not enough: Even the partner or the children are welcome to help.

8. Before sleeping

Many decent people make an order in their four walls before going to bed in the evening. Place the remote control of the television in the designated place, turn on the dishwasher or quickly distribute the ironed clothes in all cabinets. Once you get used to it, it’s faster than you think.

9. A little bit every day!

We can not be that tidy? We think that’s possible. If we plan to do household chores 15 minutes a day, the effect over a longer period of time is immense. Because in this way we do not lose track of the work that needs to be done. And the ceramics in our bathrooms shine every day.

10. Rules have to be

With a few simple rules, we keep ourselves and the rest of the house in check and avoid chaos from the beginning. Shoes can be neatly stowed when entering the house, the Dreck wäshed every evening and dirty dishes should be stored directly in the dishwasher.

Making cleaning easier

Step by step

Tidying up in small units is much easier to handle than pushing the ever-increasing clutter on the big clean-up day. Even our inner bastard is easier to persuade to smaller units. So always one by one.

Where to start?

Always start with the first cleanup unit where you can do the most in a short amount of time, that is, where something is immediately visible. That motivates us to continue. So first z. B. clean the windows in the room and then eliminate the mess in the closet.

Never empty-handed

We change the rooms several times a day. Do not go to the next room empty-handed. Use these ways to put something in the right place. Before you leave the room, take a quick look around and ask yourself what you can take to the next room. We are now comfortable and leave happy used items where we used them.


The big order secret in a sentence

Do you know the ultimate rule for order? Ok, here it is: everything has its place and returns to its place after use. If this rule becomes flesh and blood, no one will fool you so quickly in “keeping it up.” And it’s easier than you might think. It’s a matter of habit. Once you get used to that, keeping things order is no longer a problem at all.

The tidy floor

If a room is messy, it’s best to start with the floor. A free, tidy floor immediately brings order into the room, even if there is still a lot of chaos left. Shakers-an American religious community of the last century have even “introduced” free flooring. They simply hung every commodity on the wall. There was a catch for everything. Brooms, kitchen utensils and even chairs came to the wall.


Not only arrange but also gut

Ordering also includes gutting. So get away with things you never need, just taking up space. This will make it easier to keep order in the future.



When you’re at it, always ask yourself what or where you can tweak something, reorganize how you can easily keep a place in a place.


It’s easier for two

Like so many things in life, tidying up for two is easier. Maybe someone can support you. You can also design the cleanup action as a small competition. Who faster z. For example, a room is ready that gets … – but it should not just be recognition. 🙂 That’s usually not so motivating. And there should also be similar “chaos conditions”.


Reward yourself

Often the newly won order alone is rewarding enough. Or? But no! Reward yourself after cleaning up. Give yourself something that will do you good, what you love. Now tell me spontaneously how to reward yourself after the next cleanup.

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