How to Reduce Office Waste

More and more people are now aware of the impact of our usual daily lives on the environment. Fortunately, people are starting to move to a “greener” life. A lot of people now know and do composting, recycling, and reducing waste at home. The challenge is, can we also do that in our offices? 

There are a lot of opportunities for an office to go green these days. From adjusting the of

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Why You Should Allow Pets in the Office

Nowadays, stress is an unavoidable part of adult life. Considering everything that needs to be done in 24 hours, life can get overwhelming. Stress can wreak havoc not only on a person’s mental wellness but also on their physical health.

Without a doubt, the workplace is a hotbed for stressors and triggers. According to the American Institut

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Should You Impose A Clean Desk Policy?

Should You Impose A Clean Desk Policy

People have a lot of different ways to create the perfect working environment. Some put pictures of their loved ones on their desks. Some put lots of sticky notes so as not to forget urgent and important things to do. Still, others like to keep their workspace clean and clutter-free, thus having a neat and clean desk. 

With that said, there are operat

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Urethane vs Acrylic Coating: Best Type for Your Office Floor?

Urethane vs Acrylic Floor Coating

Choosing the best type of material for your office floor could be a task. You need to have the proper knowledge about the different types of office floor to select the best fit for your office and budget. Aside from the commercial flooring, you also need to choose the best type of coating to use on your office floor to make sure that it would last for years.