How do I clean up the construction dust in the basement?

Have you just completed building your house? There are many things that you should consider. You will note that several rooms might have construction dust. In most cases, there might be a lot of construction dust in the basement. This is because cement and other items might be kept in the basement. Failure to clean this dust can make your home to look unattractive. You might even get ill due to this dust.  How do I clean up the construction dust in the basement? You will note that we have all the tools that can help clean your basement more effectively. What are the advantages of choosing our cleaning services today?

1. Fast response.

Once you contact us, we shall be at your premise within a short period of time. You just need to
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Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Construction projects result in amazing changes to our living and working spaces but leave behind a blanket of debris and dust that can pose a great challenge to get rid of. Whether you've just finished building your dream home or remodeling your office complex, you will need to have a solid plan to get your space looking spick and span. The crucial thing to remember is that patience and perseverance will come in handy in this kind of post-construction task. The following is an essential post construction cleaning checklist that you'll find quite useful. However, prior to getting started with your post construction cleaning, there are a few issues that need to be addressed. The first thing to do is to contain
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DIY Construction Cleaning

Looking at your brand new home being built can give you so much excitement that you just can't wait to move in. But before you can actually settle down and enjoy the comforts of the new house, you still have to go through the gruesome post-construction cleaning. More than just being exhaustive, hiring professionals just might not be budget-friendly anymore. To save money on the cleaning, just try a DIY construction cleaning. Not only do you guarantee that every nook and cranny is clean, but you also get to inspect the house one last time. it's going to take a bit of your time but it's definitely worth it.Here are a few tips on how to do it from us at Burgos Cleaning.

Install Air Filters

First thing you need to do before you actually c
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What Does Construction Clean Up cost?

Construction clean up comes up after construction work has been done. If you are having a construction work done going on your property be it a residential or commercial building, no matter how careful the construction workers are, the place will look messy after the construction work. After construction someone has to get rid of all the dust and dirt left behind by workers. Most companies have the decency to pick up the debris and dirt after the construction process. Though, the truth remains that there will likely be dirt's and other working materials lef
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