The Importance of Clean Toilets in the Office

Washing hands inside the office restroom
The impact of clean restrooms is bigger than you think.

One of the sought after places in the office is the toilet. This is where people get to relieve their upset stomach, wash their faces, clean their hands, urinate, or simply chat with their officemates. It serves as a safe haven, a sanctuary after long hours of sitting on a chair, having a busy day doing documents and working to reach that quota. And a dirty toilet could compromise th

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6 Signs your Office Needs Professional Cleaning

restroom sanitation
Do you clean your bathrooms often? Is there a checklist of some sort?

With so much time workers spend at the office, you and your facilities manager have to make sure that your premises are hygienic and can offer the ideal healthy working environment that your staff deserves. Cleaning as well as disinfecting, however, requires a lot of time and effort especially for so

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Advantages of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

A woman cleaning the windows
Should you hire a professional cleaning service?

As entrepreneurs, we all know the value of workplaces and the benefits it brings to your people and the company. Most CEOs, HR, Managers, and Supervisors put their energy on the operational side of things which is, of course, essential but forget another equally important aspect of the company-- the welfare of their workplace. Office maintenance should never be undermined or done haphazardly. With Americans spendi

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What is Janitorial Cleaning Services?

So you’re seeking information on janitorial services! Perhaps, you wish to hire a janitorial service for office cleaning. Maybe, you want to know their scope of work. No matter the reason, having some information about the subject is a better idea. Here’s - What is janitorial cleaning services?

Janitorial services in a nutshell

A janitorial agency is a service dedicated to cleaning and maintaining buildings such as schools, hospitals, residential premises, and commercial establishments. While most of the chores carried out by janitorial services are indoors, they may extend to outdoors as well. Some services only offer ind
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