How Professional is your Cleaning Service Provider?

Professional Window Cleaning Service Provider
It’s more than just organizing files and throwing trash.

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a third-party provider to take care of your business’ janitorial or commercial cleaning needs. For one, opting for professional help takes a load off of your already long to-do list. This way you get to focus on tasks that are important in scaling your company. Moreover, there is nothing quite like professional-level cleanliness. Choosing to invest in cleaners almost guarantees that your office is safe and free from pathogens. 

Cleaning companies in most metropolitan areas are a dime a dozen. Nevertheless, these operations aren’t created equal. While there are companies that truly want to provide excellent service, there are cleaning businesses that are only in the industry for a quick buck. They care more about their profit margins than providing excellent and professional commercial cleaning services

Qualities of a Professional Cleaner

It can be challenging to hire the right professional cleaning team especially if this is your first time to outsource your maintenance needs. In order to ensure that you don’t make any hiring mistakes, below are the traits that you should be looking for in the cleaning team that you opt for:

Registered and Certified

One of the most important things that you should look for in the cleaning company that you hire is their business registration and certification. It might seem innocuous but this piece of paper means that they are a legal operation that has gone through several governmental checks in order to operate. 

Opting to hire a registered provider is especially useful if you have complaints about their service. Because there is a governing body that safeguards your interests as an employer, you are less likely to be duped. 

Prompt and Punctual

When it comes to running a business, time is money. The more time you waste waiting on your cleaning team, the more money you lose. A good maintenance team understands the importance of being on time. They understand that it is a reflection on the kind of operation that they run. 

At the very least, promptness is something that you should expect from the cleaners that you hire. In fact, it should be something that you demand from any other vendor. 

Adjusts Based on Your Specific Needs

Every company’s cleaning needs are different. It varies based on the industry, the size of the operation, and the square footage of the office space. A professional cleaning company would be able to provide exactly what you need. From office upholstery maintenance to carpet cleaning, the right team would be able to adjust and pivot their standard procedure based on the comments that you would be making. 

Nevertheless, you should expect a little bit of a learning curve from the crew that you hire. Give them a month to adjust to your notes. After that, you need to contemplate on whether not you are satisfied with their service. 

Well-Versed on Industry Standards

Most companies hire professional cleaners because they don’t want to busy themselves with the intricacies of office maintenance. Janitorial and commercial cleaning is an entirely different ballpark than dusting and mopping a home. 

Professional cleaning operations know the ins and outs of office cleaning. They are well-versed on when the best time for window cleaning is. They know the right products to use in order to clean grout between tiles. They are also updated on OSHA office cleaning standards that your company needs to abide by to prevent violations and fines. 

Equipped with the Right Tools

Especially during this time of the pandemic, there are certain tools that are necessary to clean office spaces. Between PPEs and strong disinfectants, these are materials that you simply cannot walk into a grocery store and buy. 

The beauty of hiring professional cleaners is that you are privy to specialty tools, equipment, and products that ensure the cleanliness of your office. The right cleaning provider knows what to do and are equipped with the materials to do it with. 

Respectful and Unintrusive

Similar to promptness, any third-party company that you hire should be respectful and unintrusive. Their tasks shouldn’t get in the way of your employees’ output. Moreover, the moment the cleaners make any of your workers uncomfortable and unsafe, it is time to consider hiring another team. 

Finding the Cleaning Professionals Right For You 

Again, we understand that it is challenging to find the right professional cleaning team for you and your office. Below is a guide that can help you make the right choice: 

Ask Your Peers

It is easy to go only and search for cleaning companies in your area. While online reviews can be trusted, it is better to get the recommendations of your peers. This way you have people that you trust vouching for cleaning companies that you should vet. It makes the search less of a hassle. 

Interview Your Choices

Regardless of the gleaming recommendations, nothing would ensure you about the professionalism of the company that you hire more than interviewing their managers face to face or over the phone. The interview would give you an idea of how easy it is to deal with the business that you are about to hire. 

Do Not Be Blinded By Cheap Prices

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality. However, if the quote that a company gives you is suspiciously low, then you have all the reasons to be suspicious. Do not just go for the operation that gives you the cheapest price. 

Terminate Contracts if Necessary

Even recommendations, proper vetting, and ample research, you can make a mistake on the company that you hire. If you are feeling uneasy and unsatisfied, you shouldn’t shy away from terminating a contract. At the end of the day, the health and safety of your employees should be your priority. It might be a hard conversation, but it is a conversation that needs to be made. 

Hiring Professionals You Can Trust

There is no formula for what makes a cleaning company great and professional. However, the traits and tips above can help you navigate through this challenging decision.