Overlooked Outdoor Spaces That Need Cleaning

maintaining a clean outdoor space

Outdoor spaces, no matter how beautiful they are, could look uninteresting over time. The appearance and function of any space can be dull due to combinations of heat, cold, and rain cycles, and continuous use. With some care and attention, you can quickly spruce up your outdoor living spaces. In no time, you can get them back in great working order for the patio season. 


Outdoor textiles are often used to freshen up the space. The most common textiles seen outdoors are outdoor rugs, lawn furniture cushions, pillows, and umbrellas. These seemingly small things are some of the most neglected items in your outdoor space. It may seem unimportant as they occupy small spaces, but they have a big impact on the aesthetics and function of your outdoor space. 

Your outdoor textiles could affect how your clients perceive your business. To keep them looking great, a thorough vacuuming will be adequate to remove the leaves, bugs, and dirt. However, if you notice spots and stains won’t go away, a deeper cleaning is needed. You may refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for instructions in doing a deep cleaning. 

You may schedule a washing of your covered furniture to ensure it is ready for use all the time, no matter what season. Check the guidelines first of the products to see if they are machine washable. Tossing them in a machine with some gentle detergent will provide a much deeper clean compared to simply dusting them off. Try this step for hammocks, seat covers, and cushions. 

Wipe It Down

The seats, cushions, stools, or chairs that make up the seating arrangement of your outdoor space are sure to be one of the overlooked items in your outdoor space. These items, though big and mostly durable, experience wear and tear as they are left out even if it is the dry or wet season. The best you can do, whether the materials are metal, plastic, or fabric, is to wipe them down with a soft sponge or a rag. Don’t use anything harsh as it could scratch or damage the surface. You may use gentle cleaners and rinse them off with water once done. 

Dust Out

Outdoor light fixtures and fans are essential in an outdoor space. They help liven up the space and give it more purpose. But like any other fixtures, outdoor light fixtures and fans could easily collect dust and dirt quickly. This could make your outdoor space look dingy and in total disrepair. One thing you should do to help make it easier to maintain is to deep clean. 

Deep cleaning involves dusting and scrubbing. Dust and scrub your outdoor light fixtures and fans as needed. Simply use a scrub brush and a bucket of soapy water to clean up your outdoor fixtures,  decorative pieces, and flower pots. 

Freshen Up Finishes

Furniture and any other hard surfaces could suffer damages over time with continuous use. Take some time to restore your items back to their former glory. You can do it by rinsing, scrubbing, and brushing your finishes, including wrought iron, metal, aluminum, or wicker furniture. 

Do not forget to add a fresh coat of sealant or a rust-preventive layer of new paint. These will protect your finishes and other surfaces from chipping and looking dull.  

Cleaning your outdoor space

Get Rid of Grime 

Sweeping your outdoor space with a sturdy broom is a good starting point to get rid of grime. But, to get your outdoor space truly clean, you’ll need more power and pressure. With the help of a pressure washing tool, you can clean a wide range of surfaces from patios areas, decks, sidewalks, siding, exterior windows, screens, and even tables. 

When cleaning these surfaces, it is important to use a power washing with a detergent tank that can cut through the grime quickly and efficiently. You may repeat the process multiple times to meet your desired outcome. 

Deck and Patio Care

Some outdoor spaces have some flooring to provide a good ambiance and ease of use. To clean and maintain these, talk to the company that installed your deck or patio flooring to find out the best way to care for the material used, may it be wood, plastic, metal, or stone. Concrete and brick surfaces are the easiest to maintain as they only need a quick sweep and mopping with simple soap. It’s always best to use the softest or gentlest rag or scrub brush possible. Use rougher tools if the stain persists and won’t come off with gentler methods. 

Keep It Tidy

Shopping for stylish and comfortable items is fun, but let us not forget to grab some storage items too. Keeping your outdoor space clutter-free will invite more people, make it more enjoyable as well as safer for everyone. Another advantage is that if you have some place to stash chairs, toys, and other outdoor items during the off-season or harsh weather conditions, it will help your items last longer. When you choose storage options, keep in mind the ease of use. You don’t want to be bungling when an urgent need for storing the items comes. 


Making sure that your outdoor spaces are clean will help in projecting a good business image to your clients. Getting rid of dust and dirt may be simple at first, but could be a real hassle if left unattended for a long period of time. 

If you are in New Haven County, Connecticut, and in need of cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have trained professionals who could guarantee you the best cleaning service while you focus on your business.