6 Signs your Office Needs Professional Cleaning

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Do you clean your bathrooms often? Is there a checklist of some sort?

With so much time workers spend at the office, you and your facilities manager have to make sure that your premises are hygienic and can offer the ideal healthy working environment that your staff deserves. Cleaning as well as disinfecting, however, requires a lot of time and effort especially for some areas that need more than the standard cleaning procedures. In fact, a lot of disease-causing organisms and bacteria are invisible to the naked eye so you have to guarantee the safety of your staff through regular cleaning.

Yet, even with regular cleaning scheduled, there can be indications that suggest your office is not as clean as it looks. Here are six signs that you need an additional deep cleaning for your office:

1. Dust Keep Piling Up

Regardless of the nature of work in the office, dust may build up on any surface. When there are objects in the office with fabrics, their fibers may wither off through time, and airborne particles may also contribute to the dust accumulation especially if your office is air-conditioned. With your office space used by everyone, the piling of dust is clearly unavoidable. Maintenance personnel are able to clean frequented areas every day but the uncommon ones require a special day for cleaning to get rid of the dust and filth that may build up even with a regular cleaning schedule. Ideally, general deep cleaning for the whole establishment should be done at least once a year with the large equipment thoroughly cleaned and checked by professional technicians at least every three months.

2. Darker Colors than Usual

As time passes, your office is not the same place you entered when you first entered it. The walls and the furniture used to be so white and clean but now looks a bit yellowish caused by some sticky dirt that cannot be removed by simply constant wiping. However, all hope is not lost, some cleaning solutions can be used to bring it back to its original state. However, it takes a professional cleaner to make sure that the surfaces are cleaned properly and not damaged. While drafting a process and preparing everything beforehand is great practice, it is still highly suggested to consult professional cleaners to avoid discoloration and impairment. We don’t want to pay for repair costs just because of one accident, do we?

3. Weird Scents that Only your Guests Smell

Familiarity bridge contempt might sound cliche, but it becomes crucial when you become comfortable in your own space. When others feel differently, or should we say, smell something else, that’s something you might need to address quickly.  As you and your employees become accustomed to the workplace, some feel “too at home” and become clumsy, eating in places where they shouldn’t eat and leave things everywhere, expecting someone else might clean up after them which is not always the case. These food particles sometimes roll over to unreachable areas where bacteria can easily grow especially neglected ones. These bacterias, if left uncleaned, grow further in places with moisture and produce chemicals that cause mild odors. Since they grow slowly, the people in the office get used to the mild scent and even when it progresses into a stronger odor. Regrettably, guests might find your company in bad shape and will leave an unwanted impression because of that stench. 

4. Too many pests

It is normal to have a few pests in the office (though still better to have none than few!) but if people are already trying to avoid some places in your office, you should be worried. Common office pests such as moths, rats, and cockroaches can make your office into their own home. They might not even be satisfied and may hitch a ride with you through your clothes, bag, or files to join you at home too. Yikes! To avoid this, make sure you find the areas of residence for these pests. Some of the commonly infested areas are kitchens and trash cans but also try to move around your furniture to explore your office space further. Knowing what you’re up against, and where their headquarters are, are the initial steps towards identifying and applying the correct control treatment that should be done by professionals, not to mention that the advantages are endless!

5. Decreased efficiency

If your equipment bought at different times seems to be faulty around the same period, then you should already wonder why they’re happening all at a similar timeframe. It might look coincidental, but your equipment may be faulty or squeaky when dust or debris are stuck within its mechanism. Computers peripherals such as keyboards and mice are prone to this so some people will find this annoying and may decrease their work efficiency. Don’t wait for complaints regarding your larger equipment to be defective and keep all these tools in check so that it is always part of your monthly routine. Don’t forget that every gadget and device has its own lifespan so without proper office maintenance, it won’t be surprising if it doesn’t even reach half of it. In times of urgency and need, professional cleaners are there to help you clean all of these at ease.

6. Rise in temperature

Your employees might have noticed that the office feels warmer than usual. It might be the change of season but it is also a common indication for those who do not clean their ventilation or air conditioning units regularly. Most of the time, a dirty air conditioner leaks water more than usual so if there is not enough airflow, ice may build up in the coils and block the passage of air causing the temperature to rise and the flow of air could also be obstructed by the dust inside the unit itself. It’s part of the routine cleaning to clean the filters of the air conditioner by rinsing them at least once a week or depending on how often it is used. However, there are some sensitive parts in the unit that require extra precaution to avoid damage. It might be wise to seek commercial cleaners’ help to avoid any unit damage. 

It’s no wonder that with so many people spending so much time in the office that desks, upholstery, and floors in your workplace become breeding grounds for dirt, grit, and grime. That’s why cleaning the office and floors properly and professionally is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment that makes your employees happier. Once you’ve found the formula to maintaining a healthy environment, the rewards will soon follow– employee productivity.