The Process of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a very essential thing in our home which is likely to break or make the appearance of the entire room. This is the main reason why the bigger population prefers to have carpets in their house to make it appear more elegant and appealing. Carpet is always at its best when thoroughly cleaned. A cleaned carpet should be able to pull great appearance. This is why it is recommendable to ensure your carpet is well cleaned. Therefore, here is the answer to the question, what is the process of carpet cleaning?

1. Pre Inspection

This is the first step involved in carpet cleaning. To go through the areas that need to be cleaned, it involves identification of faulty on the carpet such as pet odors, heavy soiling, and the damaged areas that need to be repaired. If need be, the carpet owner is briefed on what should be done in an effort to address these particular challenges. After this process, the evaluation of the expected result shall be conducted.

2. Commercial Pre-Vacuum

This is another essential step of the carpet cleaning process. Through the adoption of high-quality vacuum machines, the fine soil, pet dander, and loose hair is removed. It is highly important to get rid of such things before embarking on the process of wet cleaning. This helps in preventing them from sticking on the carpet during the period of extraction.

3. Moving of the Furniture

Chairs, tables, sectional couches, and chairs must be removed with a lot of care to ensure no breakages occur. Items that appear to be heavy and risky to move such as electronics and furniture found in the bedroom are cleaned around at their position. After thorough cleaning is done, foam’ square is placed under the furniture in order to protect it during the process of drying.

4. Pre Spraying

The pre-spraying can be done by use of ‘Green-Certified’ pre’-spotter. This is meant to treat the stains and spots on the carpet before starting the cleaning process. This increases the chances of getting rid of high traffic’ soiling and harder stains. In case technicians for cleaning the carpet identify something that needs an extensive way of removing, they will engage you in a discussion on the effective process to be used. For example, if your carpet has a huge’ ink stain, pet stain, or wine stain, this would call for an extensive process of cleaning.

5. Removal of Spots

Harder spots should be extracted at all cost. Therefore, any carpet cleaner should have great skills when it comes to stain removal. The technicians need to have sufficient knowledge on how to get rid of stubborn stains, for example, koolaid, oil, coffee, blood, and other stains.

6. Power Scrubbing

This is an essential step in the process of carpet cleaning. A power scrabble is important as it helps to loosen the soil on the carpet and dislodge the stubborn areas of traffic. This is a great secret to carpet cleaning success. A carpet needs to be thoroughly scrubbed.

7. The Process of Extraction

After scrubbing, the carpet should be rinsed. This can efficiently be carried out through the use of Van’ mounted cleaning units. It helps to clean dirt and agents on the carpet. In this process, a special agent for rinsing is used which does not add a lot of cleaning agents on the carpet.

8. Deodorizing

These are the final stages in the process. The carpet is well treated by the use of clean and fresh smelling deodorizer’. In case your nostrils are very sensitive on the perfumes, you should request the cleaners to skip this process.

9. Neutralizing

In most cases, a Certified’ neutralizer should be applied on the carpet. This is a product which is registered with EPA and it has been proved to be safe to both pets and human beings. It helps to get rid of alkali’ remains during cleaning. This, therefore, leaves your good carpet in an amazing neutral state and can remain clean for long.

10. Grooming of Carpet

The final step involved in carpet cleaning is raking. It helps to hide cleaning strokes and footprints on the carpet and assures it a more finished appearance. Also, it enables the carpet to dry faster since the fibres are left erected allowing the air to move through with ease.


Carpet is very important and should be done after a certain period to avoid dirt accumulation. Therefore, these processes should guide you on how to thoroughly clean your carpet and leave it spotless.

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