Top Guide for Choosing Janitorial Services

Maintaining a clean and tidy environment is imperative for the success of your venture. Also, a clean place leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your clients and prospects. Plus, you demonstrate your responsibility toward a greener planet by keeping your place neat and tidy. While most business owners hire a janitorial service, some are able to make the most out of the cleaning service. If you wish to be among these business owners, here’s a top guide for choosing janitorial services.

Prepare a checklist

Choosing a cleaning service begins with thorough research. So, list out reputed cleaning companies in and around your area. For that, you may want to use offline and online sources. Firstly, seek help from your business references and associates. Those who’ve to use a reputed company will certainly help out.

Yellow pages and business journals might also help out. Scan popular magazines and directories and jot down popular janitorial services. Most importantly, don’t forget to browse the net. Many reputed cleaning companies have their Internet presence. Surf the web with appropriate key phrases and pen down reliable companies matching your search preferences.

Good people and legal hiring

People are important in this service business. If a janitorial service isn’t serious about people, it’ll reflect on their security, service delivery, and communication skills. Also, find out whether the companies in consideration avoid illegal subcontracting and/or undocumented workers. Do they go beyond the industry wages to attract and hire good people for work? If yes, the company is one of the best for the cleaning job.

Solid security and compliance record

The best services won’t take any shortcuts with compliance and security. The people that visit your premises day in and out should be the most trusted ones. Trust isn’t a feeling. In fact, it should be supported by real data and information. You shouldn’t hand over your facility’s cleaning task to a company without a proven track record. A trusted company will live up to all the parameters with respect to security and compliance.

Well-trained staff

Finding an ideal cleaning company requires you to assess companies that provide quality, extensive training to the staff. Obviously, you need to check other critical factors, but no cleaning service without a well-trained staff will deliver consistently. So, see to it that the company you’re checking offers comprehensive training to the staff as per set industry standards.

Industry knowledge and experience

Perhaps the most important points to be aware of while evaluating a janitorial company are experience and knowledge of the industry. Are they making a new entry in the field? Do they possess years of expertise in cleaning a wide range of facilities? What about their knowledge of the industry? All such questions will let you figure out whether the company is perfect for the job. A knowledgeable and experienced company will not get daunted no matter how taxing the cleaning task is.

Tools and equipment used

The cleaning industry is a sector where new technologies and innovations are advancing and emerging. Cleaning is no longer a physically demanding chore as it used to be, thanks to the availability of the latest cleaning equipment and tools out there. These products are meant to make the cleaning workload easy and deliver top-class results. However, all janitorial companies don’t use such cleaning tools. It’s wise to pick a janitorial company that’s progressive and uses the latest cleaning products for their job.


Reputed cleaning services not just protect themselves, but they ensure you’re protected as well. Your janitorial company should carry worker’s insurance, automobile coverage, and general liability insurance. While the worker’s insurance will cover injuries sustained during the cleaning chore, the auto insurance policy will reimburse for vehicle damages. On the other hand, general liability insurance will offer cover property damages. If a particular cleaning company doesn’t carry all these policies, you’re better off saying bye-bye to that company.


While you may be motivated to choose the lowest bid, don’t select a service on price alone. Rather, compare multiple cleaning companies to make an affordable choice. Assess the quality, price, insurance, experience, and equipment used. Finally, choose an ideal service that can clean your place efficiently without hurting your finances.

Final thoughts

Hiring the best cleaning company involves a lot of legwork. However, you may ease the labor by acting intelligently. Stick to this top guide for choosing janitorial services and pick an ideal service matching your needs.

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