What are The Main Reasons to Keep Office Toilet Clean and Hygienic?

An office can be a busy place where clients keep coming in and out. A lot of activities occur in there. Sometimes, work gets tough and people may need to have a few minutes of privacy. One of the places with guaranteed privacy is the toilet. Now, how will you stay in a toilet that is dirty, filthy, and stinking? That’s absolutely impossible. It is very crucial to keep an office toilet clean and hygienic. That is why Burgos Cleaning Services are available. Why should you keep your office toilet clean? Find out why.

1. To create a healthy working environment

Employee productivity at work depends on several things. The toilet condition is one of them. A dirty toilet can completely ruin someone’s mood and make the whole day horrible. It leaves employees with goose bumps whenever they think about responding to the call of nature. This can greatly affect performance and hence the overall production at work.

2. To serve your clients satisfactorily

It can be such a nasty experience when a client is ushered in to a dirty toilet. In any business, the client is the boss. This can be a high level of disrespect. This is the easiest way of chasing clients away. However, a clean and hygienic toilet will give your clients an awesome experience in your office. This can make them come again and even market your company.

3. To maintain a good reputation

Have you ever joined a public forum on social media only to find a discussion going on about how bad services at a certain place are? You don’t want this to be your company, do you? Clients may fail to complain to you. However, they won’t fail to mention it out there and warn people against coming to your office. This can badly affect business and you don’t want this. A clean toilet can help you get referrals and good reviews about your business.

4. To keep germs at bay

Microbial organisms thrive very well in a dirty environment. An office toilet can be shared among employees and clients. Having germs on the toilet seat can cause infectious diseases that can spread among the users. This can be an epidemic. You don’t want your employees going for sick leaves all at once. Who will work? Keeping your toilet clean will help promote health among the users and keep infections away.

5. To fulfill the legal obligations

Legally, you are supposed to provide a clean and conducive working environment for your employees. None of them should be inconvenienced by a dirty toilet or an unfriendly environment. If your toilet is dirty, you will definitely have problems will the law. Your employees or clients can even sue you for putting their health at risk.

6. To save time

How does a clean toilet save time? Well, there are times when an employee leaves the premises to go to another toilet just because the ones around are dirty. This is total wastage of time. At times, dirty toilets keep employees holding small discussions and talking about it instead of working. Keep your office toilet clean and you will not have such cases.

7. To make employees happy

There is nothing as nice as entering a toilet and finding it sparkling clean. You can actually pee with a smile on your face. A clean and fresh-smelling toilet can elevate your moods. This is what your employees need in order to give their all in terms of work production. They will have morale to work hard and improve the company.

8. To prevent damage

Molds love damp places. This is where they happily thrive and multiply very fast. Toilets are some of the damp places where molds can grow. Do you know how a wall infested with mold looks like? Mold makes a surface look bad, dirty, damaged, and dangerous. Frequent cleaning removes dampness, hence destroying mold habitats. Your walls and toilet surfaces will stay in good condition for a longer time.


A clean and hygienic office toilet can generally improve the operations of your business. With happy employees and clients, it is easier to achieve your business objectives. Burgos Cleaning Service is there to ensure your office toilet is sparkling clean. You can hire office and janitorial cleaning services at an affordable cost. These are the most awesome cleaning services that your employees need. They use modern technology to clean toilet surfaces for a healthy environment. Contact Burgos and have your toilet scrubbed clean!