Best Solution Against Flea Infestation of Carpet Cleaning

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One thing that has always been a problem for any indoor carpeted space is flea infestation. This problem could take days or even weeks to fully exterminate. The question remains “How can we prevent flea carpet infestation?” or “Can carpet cleaning end or eradicate flea infestation?

How do you get fleas out of the carpet?

While carpet cleaning really does kill fleas, it won’t really solve the problem of flea infestation. There are a lot of factors that might cause flea infestation. More than your office pets, which are the primary culprits, location and the environment that you’re in may also be a factor as to why fleas may thrive in your workspace. Fleas love moisture. During warmer months or as the temperature gets warmer then there’s more moisture in the air, fleas may tend to be more present and thriving. So what can we do about it?

Kill Fleas on your Pets First

Cats, dogs, bunnies, or any pets with fur can be breeding grounds for fleas. Inspect your pets from time to time and consult your vet so that proper medication, shampoo, or topical medication may be given to prevent and treat your pets for fleas and their eggs.

Vacuum the Carpet and Other Flooring

One great thing to do is vacuum all the nooks and crannies of your carpet floor as well as your other flooring. Don’t forget to include even your curtains or your sofa or any upholstery since these fleas like to burrow themselves in crevices that are harder to catch by the naked eye. Vacuum your pet’s bed or vacuum where they usually stay. Having a vacuum bag would ensure that you’re safely vacuuming or taking out these fleas and not just transferring them away from one place to another. Also, make sure to properly dispose of the waste after you vacuum.

Wash all Human and Pet Bedding

Aside from vacuuming almost every inch of your office, make sure to also wash your office cushions as well as any cloth surface. If possible, set your dryer to the hottest temperature it can withstand just to somehow be sure that nothing would live and thrive on it. This is a great practice to ensure any leftover fleas, larvae, or eggs would have truly died.

Opt for  Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Although the three things mentioned above are great ways to prevent and kill fleas, hiring a professional carpet cleaner would ensure and give you peace of mind, that these fleas would be exterminated. They have equipment that is used solely for killing pests such as fleas. Steam, chemicals, and other treatments needed for deep cleaning and eradicating these pests are best used by professionals.

Chemical Treatment 

If the infestation really became severe, then chemical treatment will be your last resort. As was mentioned above, this is a service that can be provided if you will be hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Proper handling and administration of these chemicals would require professional skill and equipment. They would be spraying aerosol insecticide or they’ll be “bombing” or bombarding the house with these chemicals to make sure that any remaining eggs or larvae will surely die.

Repeat Everything to Kill Fleas

If after all of the things said above were done but still, you have fleas and flea infestation in your office then maybe it’s probably time to get rid of your bed, furniture, and upholstery where they might be hiding or festering. If needed, change your entire carpet flooring just to make sure that no fleas would be left in your office. Even if everything was already done there are circumstances wherein fleas still survive and continue to infest. Getting rid of everything they might be hiding into and repeating the things above would give you absolute certainty that your office will be free of flea infestation.


Ways to Keep Outside Space Safe from Fleas

flea-free outside

What about outside your office? Fleas don’t just thrive and live in the crevices of your couch, curtains, and other areas of the office. They are also likely to really thrive outside. What can we do about it?

Mow and Rake

Fleas thrive and mostly live on tall grasses. Daily mowing and cutting your grass would give these fleas less space to breed and live. This kind of yard maintenance would be beneficial not only for fleas but for other pests as well.

Spread Cedar Chips Along the exterior of the Building

One thing that fleas are repulsed by is cedar chips. Fleas hate the smell of cedar chips and they would always steer clear off of it. Position and lay the cedar chips along the side of your office. Also, try to put cedar chips where your pet usually loves to play around in your backyard as additional protection from fleas.

Spread Nematodes

Nematodes are widely known for feeding on flea larvae and eggs. Putting nematodes in your backyard garden would help manage flea infestation as well as the flea population. Nematodes can usually be purchased in your local garden centers.

Flea infestation really is a serious problem not just at the office but in other places as well. It won’t be easy to fully kill, exterminate, and eradicate these pests but there are things we can do to somehow alleviate the problem of flea infestation.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners that can provide excellent carpet cleaning with flea treatment service may be the answer you’re looking for in controlling and killing these pests. Lots of companies are offering professional services for carpet flea cleaning treatment as well as deep cleaning to ensure these pests will no longer fester in your offices. They would be able to dig deep into all the parts of the house where these fleas may lie. Treat yourself to a professional cleaning service so that you will be more comfortable and more at peace living in your office.

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