8 Things That Will Make You Reconsider Your Commercial Cleaning Company

things to look for for your commercial cleaning company Have you felt dissatisfied with your cleaning company’s performance? Received daily complaints from your employees regarding how untidy the office is despite having it cleaned recently? Recurring issues that should have been solved with one clean? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, then you have to start considering your commercial cleaning company. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the cleaning industry has experienced exponential growth year after year. The demand for commercial cleaning companies has skyrocketed after everyone r
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7 Reasons People Like Clean as You Go

claygo in office cleaning Imagine getting a water stain on an important document after putting it down on a surface with a cup or tumbler stain that you didn’t notice. Frustrating, right? How about slipping on liquid spillage on the office floor that no one bothered to wipe down? Gets you in a foul mood, correct? That’s why most companies have implemented a CLAYGO policy. It’s a policy requiring all employees, new or not, to make cleaning part of their daily routine to ensure their work area and the entire office remains clean, hygienic, and clutter-free.

Benefits of CLAYGO

Many industries such as retail,
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Office Kitchen Ideas: Making your Shared Space Better

office kitchen hacks Because of the pandemic, people were forced to work from home for almost two years. Now that the situation and our daily lives are getting back to normal day by day, employees are now required to report to their respective offices. One dilemma that most employees are experiencing is how to cope with the changes in their location. After the crisis, not everyone is comfortable with being around people - eating, working, and socializing. In fact, the fear of contracting the dreaded disease when sharing a meal with co-workers isn’t completely unfounded. The new normal calls for
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Dealing with Bad Smells in the Office

removing bad odors in your office Work stinks. Unfortunately, sometimes it is quite literal. Most people spend half their days in the office. When staying in one place for quite a while, you start getting too comfortable. To be fair, it isn’t just you. The more time you spend in your workspace the more unpleasant things you begin to notice. From the cobwebs on the ceilings to the uneven floors, the crumbs left on the tables, and the ungodly sight of the pantry fridge, an unkempt office is a menagerie of all types of smells. Good or bad, a shared space comes with a host of odors. Here is how
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