Common Disinfecting Mistakes

Effectively disinfecting your homes and offices.

Are you also one of those people who may not know and care much about disinfecting, but with the unwanted appearance of a deadly virus called COVID-19, you were led to pick up every cleaning and disinfecting product that came into sight the moment you went grocery shopping? If yes, it's safe to say that 2020 brought the clean freak hidden deep within you, just like most of us. However, are you completely sure that all your scrubbing, mopping, and wipi

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Green Cleaning Services, Why It’s Important, and How It’s Evolved

Green Cleaning Services

During this pandemic, cleanliness plays a significant role in healthy living, from the inside of a tiny apartment to a massive workspace to overlooked outdoor spaces. Regular cleaning helps prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading while ensuring your surroundings are free from that pile of dust and dirt lingering around every corner. Admit it or not, having a clean and free from dirt

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How Often Should You Clean Your Airconditioner

Cleaning your air conditioners

The moment technology took over the world, everyone has had the privilege of conveniently enjoying cool air through air conditioners.

Air conditioning units often referred to as AC, are considered among the most essential pieces of equipment that you’ll need to make yourself relaxed and at ease.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, manufacturers of air conditioners design ACs to not only have faster cooling rates

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Understanding the Ideal Cleaning Service: Maid vs Commercial Cleaning Services

The difference between maid and commercial cleaning services

Cleanliness at home or in the workplace not only promotes a healthier environment but also provides a comfortable atmosphere wherein people can be more efficient and productive. It also affects the mood of a person and sets a healthy working environment for an individual whether at home or in the office.

However, maintaining the neatness of your area needs proper attention and the right

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