Multi-tenant Building Maintenance 101

building maintenance

There is no denying the challenges that come with maintaining an office space. Nevertheless, the difficulty is multiplied when dealing with an entire building complex occupied by different tenants. Tenants do carry a part of the responsibility in cleaning their space; however, as a building owner, additional maintenance and upkeep are expected.

Beyond the sheer square

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Must-Have New Year’s Resolution When It Comes to Cleaning

new year resolution cleaning

The first page of the 365-day journey has recently started and we all know what comes after that. Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Creating New Year’s resolutions that we all promise to do before the 365-journey ends. Reflecting on what had transpired last year and start setting up new goals or continuing the previous ones. You might notice that almost everyone sets up goals that would greatly improve their

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Bathroom Cleaning 101: Your Guide to Office Bathroom Maintenance

office bathroom maintenance

Your office bathroom is an essential part of your workplace. While it might not be where the magic happens, depending on who you ask, this space is crucial to the success of your business. More than making a good impression on your potential clients, maintaining the cleanliness of your office bathroom protects the health and safety of your employees. It boosts their productivity and keeps their morale high. Moreover, the Operational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA h

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Ultimate Guide About Raised Floors

using raised floors

Raised floors are commonly utilized in modern office buildings, as well as in specialized sections such as command centers, information technology data centers, and computer rooms, where mechanical services, cables, cabling, and electrical supply must be routed. The space underneath raised floors serves as a route for wires and cables to avoid people tripping on them. It also serves as a tool in distributing cold air. That’

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