Things You Might Not Know About Disinfectants

important things you need to know about disinfectants

One of the most crucial stages in the cleaning process is disinfection. Although the number of new COVID-19 cases is not the same as its 2020 peak, it’s still important to be more cautious and implement high levels of disinfection whether in your home or office. However, some people are still not aware of how to properly execute the disinfection stage in the cleaning process. If disinfectants are used irresponsibly or incorrectly it

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Where Did Green Cleaning Go?

green cleaning 101

Green cleaning has been around for a while. It’s been here way before the pandemic took over. But what has really happened during its time here? Have households and business establishments created better cleaning processes and practices because of it? Have commercial cleaning companies come to terms with the reality of harsh traditional cleaning methods and are they willing to do something about it? What is the effect of the lingering pandemic on green cleaning and the global e

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How to Make Your Cleaning More Effective?

how to achieve an effective cleaning routine

Over the past two years or so people started paying more attention to keeping their houses and offices as hygienic as possible, mainly because of the sudden appearance of the COVID-19 virus. Ensuring everything is clean and disinfected became the main task of their daily lives, especially for businesses. Cleaning is one of their ways to guarantee their employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Regardless, if you’re cleaning the office

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Tips to Constantly Improve Your Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning tips

Industrial cleaning is one of the most overlooked types of cleaning. Business owners do not see the need to put a great amount of attention to their plants, storehouses, and warehouse cleanliness compared to their offices. However, industrial cleaning is actually an important type of cleaning. Ensuring that your plants, storehouses, and warehouses are properly maintained and cleaned boosts your customer satisfaction, and overall satisfaction without you even realizin

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