Common Property Restoration Myths

Property Restoration

Restoring a property has long been associated with a better market value for your house or establishment before it goes up for sale. However, a lot can get lost in the translation of what is actually needed to get restored and what is just a bunch of hypes and myths. Apart from the unnecessary costs that can suddenly rack up your bill, there is also the ugly possibility of having to address the damage that could have been avoided in the first place if being knowledgeable has been e

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What is the Difference between Common Cleaning Agents?

Common Cleaning Agents

In the midst of the current global crisis, the importance of a clean and sanitized space cannot be emphasized enough. This statement rings true for areas beyond the confines of your household. As a business owner, maintaining the cleanliness of the office ensures the health and wellness of your business’s best assets - your employees. 

With that said, there is mor

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Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

Fires in the workplace are not a common occurrence, and that is something to be thankful about. Because, when a fire breaks out, one can only think of one word-- catastrophe. 

Fires can even cost someone their life at some point, which is an extremely unfortunate scenario to imagine.

The disastrous nature of fires can have tremendous e

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DIY VS In-House Cleaning VS Outsourcing to a Cleaning Company

Professional Office Cleaner

A clean office will surely leave a good lasting impression on your employees as well as your clients. It boosts the mood of your employees and presents a welcoming aura to your customers, thus imposes the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy office environment. 

Cleaning may seem simple and there are a lot of ways of getting it done. But, not everyone likes to clean. Cleaning may seem easy, from an onlookerâ

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