Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Commercial Cleaning

daily office cleaning There are a number of fascinating facts about commercial cleaning that will surprise you once you read them. On average, a person spends around 60% of their time at their workplace. Cleaning should be one of your top priorities before doing anything else in your space because for this precise reason. People frequently neglect their workstations because they are too busy fulfilling deadlines. But before you make a mess on your desk once more, consider these interesting facts.  

Facts About Commercial Cleaning


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Businesses That Need Cleaning Services in 2023

workers in warehouse The pandemic has impacted everyone negatively, may it be businesses and individuals. But thanks to it, the world discovered a newfound respect for cleaner environments whether it’s your home, office, or any establishment out there. It also opened doors for professional cleaners making it possible to see an increase in their clientele. With the pandemic slowly subsiding, the respect for cleaner environments is still increasing steadily. This made the world get more involved in the business cleaning industry. Seeing the incredible potential, businesses from different industrie
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Restaurant Cleaning Hack: Using a Certain Vegetable

wine pouring into glass It's reasonable to say that restaurants are among the public spaces that are cleaned the most frequently around because of the tight industry requirements and regulations. In addition to complying with labor, health, and safety standards, keeping everything spotless is essential for delivering outstanding customer service.   It’s crucial to stop cross-contamination and the spread of viruses by cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, especially in the food service industry such as restaurants. Therefore, restaurant owners of
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How to Make an Office Cleaning Schedule

office employees taking a break If you run an office, you know how busy it can get in peak seasons that your CLAYGO policy might not be enough to keep your office organized, neat, and clean. Even if your employees are always out doing field work your office will inevitably get messy and need cleaning. So whether you decide to improve your CLAYGO policy, assign simple cleaning tasks to your employees, or hire a professional cleaner to get the job done, it all comes down to how well you created or the cleaners you hired an
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