What is Reactive Maintenance

Office Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance is important in keeping your company’s equipment working and performing effectively for as long as possible. It is associated with downtime and cost, so there are times that it is put off and avoided to maximize profit as well as the production of the company. But this neglect can be detrimental and could cause serious damage in the long run. Thus, it

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Why You Should Book a Deep Cleaning in Summer

Summer Deep Cleaning

Summer is upon us! After a year of staying indoors and dealing with restrictions and lockdowns, the summer of 2021 feels like the breath of fresh air everyone needs to relax and ease into the new normal. Aside from barbecues and family get-togethers, the season is also the perfect time to spruce up your office and prepare it for the return of your employees full-time. 


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Essential Tips on How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Office

Saving Costs

Climate change is real. It has been real for the longest time. A lot of organizations still refuse to acknowledge its presence and effects in the present-day situation. But, no one can deny that its manifestations are creating a bigger impact on our lives, lifestyles, and the way we do business.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, 35% of the electricity consumed in the US is contributed by commercial buil

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What is the Difference between Common Cleaning Agents?

Common Cleaning Agents

In the midst of the current global crisis, the importance of a clean and sanitized space cannot be emphasized enough. This statement rings true for areas beyond the confines of your household. As a business owner, maintaining the cleanliness of the office ensures the health and wellness of your business’s best assets - your employees. 

With that said, there is mor

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