Pub Cleaning Checklist

best way to clean pubs

Pubs are the heart of every town. Whether you're looking for some fun or need to be with your feelings, the pub is there for you! As a business owner, you'll want customers who come back again and bring friends with them often. It’s important to keep things clean so patrons can enjoy themselves to the fullest, without worrying about how sanitary your pub is.

First impressions last, so it's important to keep your

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Office Design Trends in 2022

2022 office design trends

Our lives assumed an indefinite pause when the coronavirus hit global proportions in 2019. Aside from health and hygiene, work adjustments had been a major concern for most companies and businesses. Depending on the nature of the company, there had been tremendous workarounds to ensure that businesses were surviving and that employees were still taking their pay cuts and keeping their jobs. 

Fast forward to today, as we’re starting to see better days, companies are con

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How to Manage All Kinds of Scents in the Office

how to handle all scents in your office workplace

When it comes to first impressions, the way the establishment looks, how clean it is, and what scent does it circulate around the office matters. These things are the first thing people notice once they enter the building, so making sure they are always monitored is a must. In this article, instead of talking about all three, we would be focusing more on your sense of smell and how does it affect you and other employees.

guide in picking the best office flooring

Choosing the right flooring option is one of the most critical decisions in building a well-designed space. After all, the flooring takes the brunt of daily activities. When selecting the right flooring option, there is more to consider than aesthetics alone. Floors are as decorative as they are functional. 

The right flooring is an important decision regardless of the type of property you are trying

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