Office Cleaning Practices To Keep COVID19 Away

working in the office during a pandemic
For your employees' safety, you must ensure the office is well sanitized.

As the WHO declared Coronavirus, or COVID-19, a pandemic, millions of businesses have been affected. The virus has hit all industries and crashed the economy and the situation came to a point where businesses can’t afford to keep their offices closed despite the imminent unseen threat.

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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes: Things you Need to Know as a Business Owner

Cleaning the carpet
Are you guilty of these mistakes?

Sanitation plays a big role in every business. Research has shown that sanitation affects the productivity of the business. Dust in the office could affect the mood, motivation, and the health of the employees. 

Sanitation shouldn’t be limited to areas that are visible. If you truly want a clean space, no area should be left untouched by bleach and regular mainte

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Commercial Cleaning Innovations You Need to Utilize This Pandemic

Without a doubt, COVID-19 changed the way we worked. It’s surreal to think that just last year, we were able to meet with the whole team, have lunch with clients, shake each other’s hands, and even give a colleague a beaming smile (without being hidden from a mask) after a hard day's work without thinking of risks to get infected or infect someone. Just like you, we never pictured the quarantine to be this long. How

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Office Space Types: What is the most productive?

Open office space
Have you checked out all other office types?

Your environment has an effect on your general disposition. For the most part, human temperament can be highly dependent on subtle factors including noise, lighting, and even color. This statement rings especially true for office spaces.

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