4 Things That Live in Your Carpet

dirty things that hide in your carpet

Whether at home or in the office, carpets remain a top choice when it comes to flooring. And it’s no secret why. Carpets are inexpensive, low maintenance, and easily add value to any space. In a nutshell, there is nothing that could stop you from opting for carpets to gracing your space. 

Or is there?

Unfortunately, as good as carpets get, the

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Carpeted Flooring Vs. Hardwood Flooring

choosing best flooring for your office

Being able to work in a posh and luxurious office is everyone’s dream.  All business owners want to provide their staff and employees with an office environment that feels inspiring and comfortable. Addressing the aesthetics of your company office can have an impact on how welcoming your area is especially to your customers. Below are some of the reasons why a well-planned and decorated office area will be beneficial not just for the company’s reputation but also for your beloved employees. 

cleaning carpet stains

Carpets continue to be the most utilized flooring material in most office spaces, buildings, and commercial establishments. And this is not some front-page story. Carpets offer a cost-effective alternative to hardwood floors, provide a safer, more soundproof option, and generally upgrade the professional appearance of your space. This is why carpets have remained the go-to flooring material for the longest time.

However, carpe

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Carpet Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Cleaning your carpet

Moving out requires moving things. This opens up space that allows us to fully clean the entire floor without having to worry about the furniture blocking the way.

Thorough cleaning before moving out is not required by the law, but there are many reasons why you should do it anyway.

Why Do You Need to Have a Move Out Cleaning?

Moving out cleaning aims to leave the house in

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