Cleaning & Maintenance Guide for Property Managers

Cleaning a property

Having a property is a great investment. But all good things come with merits– what is great about a property if it is not cleaned and maintained well.

Property maintenance and cleaning is an extremely time-consuming and laborious process, especially if it comes to dealing with residents or vendors. It includes scheduling of repairs and maintenance as well as coordination with the people residing in the property to maintain the top condition of the property. 

Here we listed some guides and tips to help with the maintenance and cleaning for property managers. Each will give you an insight into the best ways on how you can take charge of the different cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done. 

Evaluation of Property

Before proceeding with any kind of maintenance and cleaning, you need to evaluate the condition of the space. Look for areas that need repair or restoration. Find the issues and fix them immediately. Prolonging the damage might cause the enlarging of the issue and would need a more extensive solution which will cost you more. 

Here are some of the things you need your property to be evaluated for:

  • Wall damage
  • Carpet stains
  • Windows
  • Pest infestation
  • Mold and mildew   

Cleaning and Maintenance

Nobody wants to have an unclean property. Not only will it reduce the value of the estate it might also cause more expenses as there will be more cleaning and maintenance to do.

Again, property cleaning and maintenance is no easy task. Filthy surfaces, filled wastebaskets, and dirty restrooms are just some of the concerns that need your attention. Aside from that, there will be some that need heavy lifting and restoration processes for the worst cases. 

Recurring Cleaning

There are some places on the property that needs constant cleaning. As property owners or managers, you need to be aware of those areas that are in common use. Don’t skip on regular cleaning for those areas as making them filthy will make the maintenance and cleaning job more difficult. 

Invest in recurring cleaning services that are commonly used. Areas like the hallways, elevators, lounging areas are areas with high foot traffic than any part of the property. Foot traffic comes with dirt and bacteria. If they are not cleaned properly, they will accumulate over time, making them more difficult to remove. The best solution to this is to hire a regular cleaning service that will make sure the area is well taken care of. This way, you won’t even have to worry about dirt piles and scrub downs.  

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Stained carpet and sticky flooring is not a reputable concept. Not only it reflects a bad business image, but it will also be uninviting. Having dirty floors are unavoidable. Good thing there are ways how you can keep them well kept.  


Poorly cleaned floors will lead to them being replaced much sooner. Aside from the job it will entail, it will cost you more money. 

For well-kept floors, here are the things you need to do:

  • Seal and wax
  • Polish 
  • Remove unsightly stains


Carpets are magnets for dirt and stains. Often, as a result, property managers tend to replace them to keep the aesthetic look of the place. What they don’t know is if they have them properly maintained and cleaned regularly, the lifespan of the carpets will be prolonged. Saving property managers money and effort. 

Here we recommend you to have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year. This will ensure that your carpet’s appearance will be maintained and not degrading. It will last longer and look more appealing. 

For the floor and carpet cleaning and maintenance, it is best that you hire regular professional cleaners who can help you get rid of stains and dirt on floors and carpets. Having them on a regular schedule (weekly or daily) will get rid of the worry of having uncleaned flooring. 

Waste and Recycling Management

Waste management is a must to ensure the cleanliness of the property. Build up of trash will leave the place unsanitary and could lead to pest infestation. 

To avoid additional costs of hiring pest control services, pay attention to the management handling the waste and recycling of the property. Aside from that, proper recycling management will also lessen your trash building.   

Window Cleaning

While the residents of the property are responsible for keeping the windows clean, it is your responsibility, as the owner to maintain the outside. 

Windows are the face of your property. It is one of the first things people look at when they look at your property. Make sure that no matter what season, your windows are well kept to give clients a good impression of what your business is about. If you have window stains, there’s a high chance that both your employees, clients, and even tenants will not feel safe within your building.

Having your windows professionally cleaned at least three times a year is enough to keep them clean and well maintained. 

Extra Tips

  • Make safety a priority. Have proper communication with the residents involved if there are cleaning and maintenance planned. Let them know that you have safety measures in place.
  • Focus more on emergency repairs more than non-essential repairs. If it is something that is ornamental, have it wait. Especially now, with the pandemic, crucial repairs are a priority. 
  • Utilize a cleaning system to avoid cross-contamination. A popular and effective method is to clean by colors: color-coding rags and other cleaning items.

Note on Cleaning Supplies

Aside from filth and dirt, people do not want the lingering smell of chemicals. Having that chemical smell is often associated with dangerous fumes. To ensure that your tenants are not inhaling toxic fumes, use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.     

Environmentally friendly cleaning supplies are as strong as those commercially bought cleaning products. Not only will it leave your place looking clean and fresh, but you are also contributing to a clean and safe environment. 

Having your property cleaned and well maintained will improve your business image, woo tenants, and prolong the lifespan of the facilities. The thing is, it is no easy task. Good thing there are commercial cleaning services. 

Hiring commercial cleaning services will ensure that the place is properly cleaned and well maintained without having to trouble yourself much. They have trained professionals who are knowledgeable in handling stains, dirt, and extensive repairs that are needed in your property. 

If you need help with your cleaning and maintenance needs, contact us.