Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

Fires in the workplace are not a common occurrence, and that is something to be thankful about. Because, when a fire breaks out, one can only think of one word– catastrophe. 

Fires can even cost someone their life at some point, which is an extremely unfortunate scenario to imagine.

The disastrous nature of fires can have tremendous effects on the property, stocks, and finances of a business. And while this seems bad enough, it also creates a huge threat for litigation when faulty management on the part of the owner has been proven. 

Preventing incidents of fire requires the management to stay on top of everything. Take a look at this list of common causes of fire in the workplace and see if there is anything that ticks your concern.

Faulty electrical equipment

The single largest cause of fires in the workplace can be attributed to faulty electrical wiring and equipment. The office is a space that is full of all these wires and cords that are long and snaking, and worse, loose. Electricity outlets are required to supply power almost beyond their capacity. Situations like this must not be left on their own or tolerated. Loose wires and faulty machines must be replaced. Make sure that the wires and cords are not tangled and messy so that it doesn’t become a fire hazard. Make it a point to check that the connecting cables follow a route that doesn’t compromise floor safety. Some offices just let cables run across the whole length of the floor, and this is not a good practice.

If left unresolved, all of this could contribute to a dangerous electrical fire.

Flammable items

For offices that utilize flammable items and other combustibles, proper education, handling, and storage of these items must be prioritized at all costs. 

Knowledge about these materials must also be distributed to everyone in the company. Both the management and the employees must be informed about the existence of these items and what to do in case of an encounter with these combustible materials. 

Regular inspection of these materials and their storage location must also be done to ensure that everything is in sound condition, and is not going to cause a fire. 


Clutter is that one issue in every office that everybody knows but nobody talks about. Addressing this office issue is always put off for more pressing concerns, because sure, a pile of boxes, cardboard, and other forms of packaging left on the corner seem harmless. 

These things may look harmless until they aren’t.

This pile of boxes, cardboard, and other clutter is a combustible heap waiting to get lighted. Anything from a machinery spark to an improperly discarded cigarette can cause this pile of clutter to turn into a cause of fires. 

Dealing with clutter before it accumulates into large amounts is the proper course of action. Make sure to incorporate clutter removal in your maintenance cleaning routine. 

Inefficient cleaning methods

It may not seem like it, but an inadequate approach to cleaning can actually cause fires. 

Dust deposits and dirt buildup on certain office equipment like computers and other machines can lead to overheating, which can turn into a fire. 

Cleaning must be regulated, and inspection of every nook and cranny in the office must be done to ensure that dust and dirt do not accumulate in hard-to-reach areas that the usual cleaning agents cannot even work on.

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Lack of staff training

Insufficient training for staff and other responsible people can also become a cause for fires. Innocent mistakes are not so harmless in the long run, especially when they can be a firestarter.

For example, spills of flammable liquid on linoleum floors are a picture that paints a thousand disasters. Apart from the obvious, which is causing a potential fire of huge proportions, it can also cause employees to slip on their back and suffer broken bones or other physical damage. If your staff is unaware of how to take care of a scenario like this, the picture can come to life.

Complete and proper training for the staff ensures that they know what they are dealing with and how to deal with it accordingly. Training and education is a huge step towards fire prevention.

Lack of emergency equipment

Emergency situations like fire breakouts arise when you least expect it, and that places a lot of importance on emergency resources and equipment. Emergency equipment such as smoke detectors and fire alarms should be installed and turned on at all times to monitor any sudden activity with regards to fire. Fire extinguishers should be in an accessible location for use in case of fire. 

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of offices and workplaces that neglect this crucial step in an attempt to save up. The misconception is that saving up on important equipment can actually cost you more in the end.


Shortcuts are not always the best option, especially if they could wind up causing a domino of bad situations. Some workers purposely overlook and ignore safety procedures and proper protocols to get a job done the quicker route. It does sound convenient for the worker. But, if something goes wrong, there could be a lot of major consequences concerning health, safety, and property damage. 

Lack of care is something that relays to the person’s moral compass. However, if workers are trained accordingly and properly about the do’s and don’ts, and the causes and effects of their actions, they could very well realize what they should be doing. 

The business management must ensure that there is regular training, retraining, assessments, and reviews of every worker to ensure appropriate workmanship and reduce the risks of fire and other damages.

Like every prevention approach to any kind of disaster, staying on top of things and seeing a potential risk before it happens goes a long way when it comes to safety.