Common Property Restoration Myths

Property Restoration

Restoring a property has long been associated with a better market value for your house or establishment before it goes up for sale. However, a lot can get lost in the translation of what is actually needed to get restored and what is just a bunch of hypes and myths. Apart from the unnecessary costs that can suddenly rack up your bill, there is also the ugly possibility of having to address the damage that could have been avoided in the first place if being knowledgeable has been exercised. 

Owners must be extra cautious when it comes to having their properties restored. Research if you must. There is a lot that you can learn just by sitting and hitting the browser.

Before going through the motions of having your property restored, it is best to know the most common property restoration myths to eliminate the needless hassle. 

Replacement actually costs less than restoration. 


Under different circumstances, a replacement can be a cheaper option but this isn’t always the case. Contents and building structures can still be cleaned and salvaged in most situations, creating a cost-effective solution.

There are also instances where replacement is the only option like in the event of a fire or natural disaster where extreme damage can take place. However, such instances will still require restoration companies to attend to the matter with the best that they could in order to ditch expensive costs. 

Mitigation is also prioritized in a lot of cases, as the process is critical of time especially after a disaster has occurred. Keep this in mind as mitigation lessens the possibility of extra spending. 

Doing the cleaning yourself is better than hiring professional cleaners.


Sure, you can save up on the extra costs associated with getting a cleaning service company. But, the fact that they are professionals and are skilled at what they do is completely ignored. Professional cleaners are knowledgeable in handling chemicals and other situations that you may not be able to deal with, like managing asbestos or toxic materials. 

Cleaning on your own can also cause unnecessary problems. You may run into hazards or develop health issues if you try to take matters on your own. Professional cleaners have the best gears, equipment, and protection when going about the cleaning process to ensure that everything is as safe as it can get.

Keep in mind that you are hiring the best cleaning service company for a very good reason. You may be saving up that extra penny for something that’s not even worth it. Make sure to weigh your options. 

Cleaning your carpets can easily get them dirty.

    True to some extent only.

There is some strange rationale regarding this myth. Logically, clean carpets will easily get dirty because the presence of stain or any other form of dirt can easily be noticed in the clean backdrop.

Uncleaned carpets, on the other hand, are already dirty to begin with and acquiring more dirt doesn’t seem to make it appear dirtier in the naked eye.

However, in the technical aspect, there is also some truth to it. The use of outdated common cleaning agents and techniques in the past were not as efficient as today’s methods. Carpet shampooing was clumsy, as soap residue sometimes remains and attracts dirt easily.

To make sure that you are doing the best option for your carpets, make sure to ask questions to carpet professionals first. 

Drying a space is only complete once the carpets are dry. 


Carpets dry so much faster than other structural materials like walls and cement floors. However, while the drying period for carpets is relatively shorter, it is still important to measure the moisture levels. Carpets and cubicle walls should be given special attention when it comes to drying, as even a tiny amount of moisture can lead to tremendous damage when left unattended. Remember that molds can occur with even the slightest hint of ineffective drying in all spaces and structures.

The smell of smoke will always remain in a building damaged by fire so there is no need to act fast when it comes to cleaning it. 


In most fire-damaged properties, the smoke odor lingers even after restoration. This is a tough feat for most restoration companies, as the process of odor removal is complicated and thorough. 

While odor removal is a whole different scenario on its own, that doesn’t mean that there is no sense of urgency when it comes to cleaning fire-destroyed properties. Soot is acidic and may cause intense damage to your property and pieces of furniture. Cleaning it as soon as possible can considerably cut up on property losses, even if the odor remains in the space. For this, hiring the best cleaning service company should do you a great favor.

Restoration is something you can do all by yourself.


Ahh, the old do-it-yourself trend doesn’t seem to go away. And for a good reason: it seems cheaper. 

But, there are special considerations that one has to think through before going DIY. First, the size of the project and the risk you are willing to take. Doing it yourself can work in some aspects like arts and crafts, gardening, and a whole list of home projects and activities. Property restoration, however, is not a part of that list. 

Sure, maybe it can work for some, but you have to be super careful if this is the path that you want to take. You have to understand how much you are putting on the line. Remember that if it goes unsuccessful, you might end up with more costs– something that you have tried to avoid in the first place, with going DIY. 

Think things through, once, twice, or even thrice. If you are not completely confident about going about this on your own, just leave it to the experts. 

Property restoration can be a specially complicated and broad process. There is still a lot to tackle and cover about going through the whole approach, so it is always best to talk to the professionals in the field.