DIY Construction Cleaning

Looking at your brand new home being built can give you so much excitement that you just can’t wait to move in. But before you can actually settle down and enjoy the comforts of the new house, you still have to go through the gruesome post-construction cleaning. More than just being exhaustive, hiring professionals just might not be budget-friendly anymore.

To save money on the cleaning, just try a DIY construction cleaning. Not only do you guarantee that every nook and cranny is clean, but you also get to inspect the house one last time. it’s going to take a bit of your time but it’s definitely worth it.Here are a few tips on how to do it from us at Burgos Cleaning.

Install Air Filters

First thing you need to do before you actually clean the house is to install air filters to keep the dust at bay. They trap the dust that’s been in your house during the construction and stop it from circulating or floating around. They’re not just great for post-construction clean up, but they’re also great for the long run.
One thing to keep in mind about air filters is that they also need to be cleaned themselves. If the air filter has already been too filled with dust, it’ll just throw the dust back out, making it worse. Cleaning your filter should be done every month or so.

Grab a Vacuum

It will definitely be dusty after construction and getting that dust out of your house can take weeks. Just simply sweeping or mopping the floor won’t do the trick because dust will just fly around and find a different place to settle on.

You better buy or grab a vacuum and suck out all the dust that’s in your house. It’s not just the easiest way but it’s also the fastest and most efficient one. Clean the filters of the vacuum every 30 minutes or so to avoid clogging your vacuum.

Use Towels on Walls

A new house would definitely include newly painted walls that are still wet and quite vulnerable to touch. The trick to cleaning them to use a slightly damp towel and wipe it over the surface of the wall. You can opt to add a little bit of soap. Don’t go overboard because it may cause the paint to fade. Just make sure that it’s not too wet because moisture can damage your wall.

Protect Valuable Items

Don’t forget to protect all the items that stain or get dirty easily. Covering them with newspapers or, better yet, used plastic bags will do a great job at protecting them from dirt or stains. Or if you don’t trust yourself, better move everything to a different room to avoid problems at all cost.

Get a Steamer

No, it’s not the one for food but it’s for your floors. Most houses have hardwood floors that are just too difficult to clean. Other have problematic bathroom tiles that just don’t seem to shine no matter how hard you scrub them. With steamers, you hit two birds with one stone – or steamer.
Steam is useful for getting the glue off the hardwood floor in the way that mops don’t. Bathroom tiles are also much cleaner after one pass of a steamer. Steamers aren’t just great for post-construction but also for future general house cleaning, as well.

Be Patient

It’s totally understandable that you want your house squeaky clean before you really settle in. But the things is, you won’t find everything all at once. It takes a lot of patience to do a thorough inspection to see all the corners and hidden areas dirt-free.

Being patient also means that you won’t exhaust yourself down to the last breath just to clean everything. It’s inevitable that there will be a hidden spot that’s dirty but you’ll eventually find your way there, maybe not when you’re doing the post-construction clean-up but when you’re already settled in and comfortable.

All these tips aren’t just great for the one-time clean-up, they’re also beneficial for you in the long run. Buying reliable vacuums and steamers get you started with a squeaky clean house and help you maintain it to keep it looking like it’s still brand new. DIY construction cleaning may take some time but it’s definitely something you won’t regret doing.