Do you need to vacuum before carpet cleaning?

The carpet area attracts lots of traffic; people and pets alike. As such, it gathers all manner of dust, spills, stains and sometimes dry soils. More often than not, your carpet needs an overhaul in terms of cleaning. However, the question that  most  homeowners ask is do you need to vacuum before carpet cleaning? The answer to this question is a definite yes.  Here at Burgos Cleaning Service we will share with you some of the reasons why you need to vacuum before the carpet cleaning:

1. It helps to remove loose dirt.

Overtime, a carpet accumulates all types of dirt and dust. These can be any sort of particles, sand, or just about anything that you can easily remove by vacuuming.  Again, most carpet cleaning tasks usually focus more on embedded dirt, rather than dust. The most sensible thing, therefore, is to first get rid of the dust, and any loose matter; which if not vacuumed, can make your carpet to appear dirty soon after the cleaning task.

2. You can pick all that Is lying around.

Vacuuming allows you to collect any fragile and valuable items that could come in the way of carpet cleaning. If you have toys, elastics, and other stuff lying around, they can accidentally get sucked in the cleaning hose.   It can make the whole cleaning process to stop for a while, as you correct the mistakes. Basically, vacuuming eliminates such issues, allowing your carpet cleaning process to go on uninterrupted.

3. Vacuuming helps to fluff the fibers.

Vacuuming is great as it allows you to loosen any kinds of embedded dirt from deep within the carpet. It makes cleaning more efficient and effective.  The cleaner can easily dig through the depths with ease while squeezing out all the dirty water into the tank.   Again, the amount of time you have to spent eliminating dirty water from the tank greatly reduces, making your work fast, fun and enjoyable.

4. You can identify  problem spots.

If you vacuum prior to cleaning, you can easily identify problem areas on your rug.  For instance, if there are any lingering spills, stubborn stains, or high traffics areas, you can easily mark them out. These can easily be dealt with during carpet cleaning.

5. You can avoid contamination.

If you are using professional carpet cleaning services, it also means that you are definitely using a shared traveling vacuum. You cannot avoid the fact that a cleaner which has passed through several houses and properties is still the one being used in your home.  The truth is not many homes may be as clean as yours. A traveling vacuum can pick up bacteria, fleas, bugs, or germs from other properties.   Possibilities for contamination and infestation remain high if say, fleas were sucked in the vacuum during vacuuming in a previous clients’ carpet. It’s a key reason you need to do the vacuuming with your own machine.

6. Some  cleaning services require you to vacuum.

Different professional cleaning companies come with different requirements. For instance, there are some contracts which ask you to do the basic vacuuming before they come in for the steam cleaning.   You, therefore, need to ask your cleaning company what you need to do before they arrive. However, for your overall peace of mind, it’s important to quickly vacuum and get everything out of the way before carpet cleaning.

7. Depends on the type of cleaning machine.

Some of the carpet steam cleaners require you to the first vacuum. If you skip this step and start cleaning the carpet with all dirt and dust lying around, the machine can easily be pulling some of it around.   It can smear and smudge it on the carpet in the process of cleaning, leaving unsightly spots all around.  Also cleaning with dust still on the carpet is like mopping a floor with dirty water, it doesn’t make any sense at all.   At the end of the day, it’s like you never did any cleaning at all. It is the very reason that you do basic vacuuming to allow for a good final job of cleaning.


It is definitely important to vacuum your carpet before you think of cleaning it. Apart from removing all the loose particles or sand, you also loosen all embedded dirt that is settled deep within the carpet.  It allows the cleaning process to be more easy, swift and effective.

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