Effective Ways to Keep Your Office Dust-Free

how to keep offices free from dust

Dealing with dust is often not a priority when keeping the office clean. It is one of those tedious tasks that your maintenance team seems to be doing over and over again. That said, the accumulation of dust in your workspace can affect your employee’s productivity and mood. Dust is bad for electronics, but certain types can be toxic and harmful to your health. 

It pays to know what you are dealing with when it comes to tackling dust. After all, knowing the enemy is half the battle won. In this article, learn the best ways to prevent dust accumulation and as a business owner, it is your responsibility the most effective means to clean off dust from highly valuable surfaces. 

What is Dust?

Before diving deep into specifics, it is important to understand what dust is. For starters, dust isn’t one singular thing. It is made up of accumulated organic and inorganic materials such as dead skin and hair cells, pollen, dirt, fibers from clothing and linens, and even small particles from insects!

The type of dust that you have in your office depends on several things. No two areas have the same dust composition. Nevertheless, going to the source is at the core of dealing and keeping up with dust. 

Importance of Dusting in the Office

Again, the importance of dusting especially in the workplace is often overlooked. Dust can accumulate on most surfaces and it is challenging to keep up with the demands of the task. However, there are plenty of benefits to regular dusting. Below are our top picks:

Removes Allergens

As mentioned earlier, dust is composed of a combination of things. Most often than not it is rife with allergens your employees are exposed to. Allergens should be taken seriously. People have varying degrees of physiological reactions when exposed to allergens. It can range anywhere from a runny nose to an Anaphylactic Shock. Regular dusting can help keep these allergens at bay. 

Keeps Out Pests

Cockroaches, mites, and rodents thrive in messy and dirty spaces. Dander and dust carry a host of different materials that some pests consider a feast. Keeping a regular dusting schedule ensures that your office doesn’t become a breeding ground for these unwanted guests. 

Maintains the Integrity of Equipment

Dust is bad for electronic equipment. When dander accumulates in the crevices of your tools, it can prevent them from functioning at optimum levels. Moreover, electronics that have a fan have the tendency to overheat amidst the presence of dust. These fans suck in dust through the vents which cover the sensitive components inside. 

Best Ways to Reduce Dust in your Workspace

When dealing with dust, and everything else for that matter, prevention is better than cure. It is much easier to keep dust in your office manageable if it doesn’t reach the workspace in the first place. Here are a few effective ways to reduce dust in the office:

Keep the Outside from Coming Inside

One of the easiest ways to make sure that dust doesn’t get inside your workspace is by installing heavy-duty floor mats at the entrance of your office. Make it a rule to have all employees and guests wipe their shoes before coming inside. Once a week, clean and vacuum the mats to ensure that they are ready to take on another few days of dirt and pollen. 

Impose a Clean Desk Policy

Embracing minimalism in your office is another effective way to keep dust from accumulating. Dust gathers on all surfaces. At the end of the day, it is more challenging to clean a cluttered office table than to wipe off a smooth empty desk.  

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers circulate air in an enclosed space and prevent dust and other minute debris from settling. Especially if your office doesn’t have windows that open, investing in a few air purifiers can cut your dusting and cleaning time. 

Ditch Curtains

Curtains are without a doubt dust magnets. They need more than a wipe to ensure that no dust is clinging on in between the fabric’s threads. In fact, anything less than a wash would suffice in cleaning curtains. It is best to invest in blinds as they are easier to clean.  

Maintain the HVAC System

HVAC systems are mostly associated with controlling the temperature and humidity. But did you know that they play a crucial role in air filtration? An unmaintained HVAC unit fails to filter air effectively. Making sure that your HVAC unit gets regular cleaning and maintenance can help with your dust situation. 

How to Clean Dust Off Of Surfaces Effectively 

The tips above can minimize the presence of dust in your office. But it doesn’t mean that your workspace would be completely dust-free especially without regular upkeep. Below are ways to clean off dust on every surface:

Dust Strategically

When dusting, it is crucial to dust from top to bottom. This way you and your maintenance team do not have to do double the work when cleaning the office. 

Don’t Forget to Lift

Dust settles under heavy objects. When cleaning, remove these objects from their assigned positions and dust under them. Return them once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your space. 

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

Truth be told, you can use any old rag to clean and dust surfaces. However, if you want to be efficient with the process, using microfibre towels is the way to go. Dust clings onto these towels. You no longer have to wipe twice when using them. 

It is your responsibility as a business owner to keep your employees safe and healthy while they are in the office. Likewise, maintaining your work equipment falls under your shoulders. Truth be told, keeping dust at bay is one of the simplest ways to accomplish both! While simple, this task isn’t easy. 

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