Fitness Center Cleaning

People go to fitness centers to get a satisfyingly good exercise time using your gym equipment. They want to sweat, relax, and feel the burn of a good workout. With cardio and weightlifting in their workout plan, the last thing they’d want to worry about is acquiring germs and bacteria. 

Clean Fitness Center

When your clients come to your fitness center they know the equipment was used by different individuals who came before them. But,that doesn’t mean that they will accept it if they come and find them smelly and sweaty. Your clients will always expect a neat, secure, and clean equipment, and that is what you ought to provide them. 

Selecting the Right Products

In choosing the right cleaning product to clean your facility, you would probably come across the buzzwords sanitizes, disinfects, and sterilizes. These words have specific meanings that are partnered with their ability to inactivate specific types of microbes. 

Choosing Cleaning Products

Disinfectants are solutions that are used to eliminate or reduce nearly 100% of harmful germs on surfaces. While sanitizers are the least aggressive solutions and are not used in places that are visibly dirty or greasy. It lowers the level of germs but not as much as disinfectants. Sterilants, on the other hand, are the most effective solutions against a variety of microbes. Sterilization is often done in hospitals and facilities where high level cleaning is required to prevent germ spread. Within each of these are a variety of chemical solutions and processes that contain things such as alcohol and ammonia. 

To ensure effectiveness in cleaning the facility, it will take more than the application of common cleaning agents to the equipment. It is not just selecting the right solution, but more on selecting the most practical way of cleaning to maximize the effects. Thus emphasizing the importance of having an effective program of cleaning and minimizing germs and bacteria. 

Tips for Effective Fitness Center Cleaning

Cleaning a Fitness Center
  1. Frequency of cleaning – One of the things you should note is the frequency of cleaning the gym equipment. Keep in mind that the ore often something is cleaned, the less dirty it will be in between cleanings. This is true for cleaning microbes and dirt.

    The more frequent you clean your gym equipment, the fewer germs and viruses are present. With less germs and viruses to be cleaned, the milder solution may be used to clean.

    Routine cleaning will also encourage your members and invite more people to be a member as they know they will get the satisfaction in knowing that they are using clean equipment.

  2. Cleaning Method – Directly spraying cleaning solutions to surfaces and gym equipment is good, but a much better practice would be wiping them with presaturated disinfectant wipes.

    This move will allow the cleaning and disinfecting while eliminating the possibility of overspraying and excessive use of cleaning solutions. Not only that, using disposable disinfectant wipes will also allow the complete removal of microbes and prevention of contamination of other surfaces, unlike in using reusable cleaners or towels.

  3. Solutions – An ideal disinfectant solution should be easy to handle by users, safe for repetitive use, effective in eliminating microbes, has mild or no fragrance, and can be stored for a long time.

    In choosing disinfecting solutions for gym equipment, be wary of those with alcohol content. They should be avoided as they can damage your equipment especially those with soft surfaces over time. It is best to choose low-level solutions containing quaternary ammonium or chlorine compounds. Those are strong enough to kill microbes present in gym equipment as well as keep the musty damp smell away from your facility.

  4. Solution Contact Time – For a disinfectant solution to be effective, they require long dwelling times that ranges from ten to thirty minutes depending on the product you use. For this, it is best to do the disinfecting after hours or during off-peak times.

    One drawback for proper disinfectant use is that it may cause visible damage or degradation of the equipment padding and surface. 

5-Step Gym Disinfection

Cleaning a Fitness Center
  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before cleaning. Rub your hands using an alcohol or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for about 20 seconds. 
  2. Wear PPEs during cleaning to avoid contact to the cleaning area and cleaning solution. Aside from PPEs it is recommended to also wear a mask and gloves when cleaning. It is ideal to protect yourself from contaminants while also preventing the spread of germ and viruses. 
  3. Wipe in one direction to avoid contamination. Back and forth movement may cause a spreading of dirt, germs, and other ill causing microbes. Disinfect materials that are frequently used multiple times a day.
  4. The disinfectant solution must remain on the surface for a certain amount of time to be effective. Look for the product recommendation to know how long it should take.
  5. After cleaning, dispose of your PPEs, and cleaning materials. Wash your hands again with soap and water.  

3-Step Client Education for a Clean and Safe Gym

Aside from disinfecting, teaching your clients how to prevent the spread of harmful germs will keep your gym safe and clean. Explain it in 3 simple steps: cover, wipe, and wash.

  1. Use a towel to cover equipment when using. Doing this move during workout will create a barrier between the person and the equipment, preventing the spread of harmful germs. 
  2. Use a clean towel or disinfectant wipe to clean the equipment after using. 
  3. Wash hands after before and after work out. This is an important measure to ensure safety and cleanliness. 

With the current health situation, proper cleaning and disinfecting of a fitness center is a must. This will prevent the spread of ill causing germs and virus. 

Ensuring the cleanliness and safety of people through effective cleaning, at par with the health protocols, will also encourage more people to be a client. 

A great way to guarantee that your facility is safe and clean is to hire a professional cleaning team. They have trained individuals that have the best equipment that suits your cleaning needs. 

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