How are commercial cleaning companies innovating?

In today’s business environment, innovation is a must for any business to survive and grow. Without innovation, your business will slow down, your overall market share will dwindle, your profits will decline, and you’ll lose your competitive advantage. Innovation has become so important that businesses in the cleaning services industry are adopting smart innovative practices to stay ahead of the competition. The question is: How are commercial cleaning companies innovating to remain competitive? Read on to find out:

1. Establishing online presence

According to the National Retail Federation, 97% of consumers search products and services online before they can make a buying decision. That’s an indication that more people are shopping and buying online than ever before. Commercial cleaning companies know that most consumers have moved online, and so they have established their presence online. Specifically, they’ve created business websites that clearly say who they are, the kind of services they offer and prices. They also know the power of social media. They know that most consumers like to hang out on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So they’ve created their business pages on those social media platforms to reach these potential customers.

2. Utilizing Janitorial apps

Commercial cleaning companies have discovered that they are losing more than 55% of their customers due to the low level of cleaning services, which are never reported. They have now resorted to the use of janitorial apps to reverse this costly trend. Examples of the best janitorial apps out there include Ai Field Management, Housecall Pro, and Swept Janitorial app. Janitorial apps are field management solutions that track, manage and schedule both their on and off-field workers. These apps are also able to predict when a client needs their service, the type of service, the service time-frame and the combination of personnel needed to tackle the job. The apps also keep data on what customers didn’t like about their Janitorial services. And this enables the companies to initiate corrective action quickly.

3. Using smart agencies to hire skilled works

Cleaning companies are no longer conducting interviews for vacant positions themselves. They are utilizing smart employment agencies to get workers that match their janitorial requirements. These agencies have the necessary tools to vet job seekers to ensure their clients get employees with the best track records in terms of performance and discipline.

4. Adopting green cleaning

Green cleaning involves the use of cleaning products with eco-friendly ingredients, as well as cleaning procedures that are safe for human health and the environment. Green cleaning products must come with a certification to ensure that they are actually clean. For example, they must come with a green seal certification, EPA’s Safer Choice certification, and Underwriters Laboratories’ certification. Green cleaning procedures include using a commercial grade vacuum that comes with a high-efficiency filter, utilizing sustainable floor coatings, and paying more attention to entryways.

5. Automating administrative services

These companies know that running a cleaning services business involves a lot of administrative tasks, such as payroll production and human resource data management. These tasks are daunting and can take up a lot of time to complete. Technology has enabled commercial cleaning companies to reduce this workload through automation. Cloud-based management software like IBM Cloud Orchestrator, Wrike and Apache CloudStack can help commercial cleaning companies to automate these tasks to save time.

6. Utilizing low maintenance equipment

The reason why people start a business is to make big profits. And the best way to increase profits is to cut down costs. One of the most effective ways commercial cleaning companies utilize to cut down costs is the use of low-maintenance equipment. There are many types of cleaning equipment out there that it can be hard to find low-maintenance ones. So before these cleaning companies buy any new cleaning equipment, they do their own research to establish that it’s truly low maintenance.

Today, the cleaning services business is about more than just cleaning. It also involves the use of innovative technologies to make cleaning easier, quicker and safer. The innovative technologies in the cleaning services industry involve the use of smart management tools, internet of things, and green cleaning, all of which are intended to ensure customer satisfaction and competitiveness of the business.