How Do Commercial Cleaning Contracts Work?

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A contract is a legally binding document that creates, defines, and governs mutual rights as well as obligations among its parties. Every job that exists has a contract that stipulates the important things that make up the job. Even when hiring someone to do a job for you there is usually a contract behind it. This includes having a contact in hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service.

Drafting a contract can be overwhelming. This legal document will be between the employer and housekeeper, employer, and building management. The contract will contain the services as well as the payment plan for the service being acquired.

It normally outlines who will be performing the services and how these services will be provided as well as the timeframe when and where the service will occur. How the client will be charged would also be an important aspect of this contract.

What are important things included in a Cleaning Contract?

Scope of Work

The cleaning contract and agreement must be specific and precise as to what type of services and nature of cleaning someone should perform. This may include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, window cleaning, dusting furniture, removing and disposing of wastes, washing the laundry of linens, and other cleaning tasks.

Creating a list of what and how responsibilities should be performed should be included in the scope of work as well. Also where people will be positioned for a certain job for a given period of time. There should be a clear definition of the scope of work in terms of both service and time so that all duties and responsibilities will be executed properly and efficiently.



Perhaps one the most if not the most meticulous and important part of any contract. The contract must clearly state how much the cleaning company or individual will charge for their services. Is the rate gonna be per hour, per week, or per month? Or payment within a specified amount of time? These things should be included as well in the contract.

Another important aspect is the mode of payment. Will it be through cheque, cash, wire transfer, or other modes of payment like Venmo or PayPal?

Dates and Times of Service

Frequency and time of service must also be specified in the contract. Would you like the service to be daily, weekly, or monthly? These things must be clear. The duration of the service should also be stated. How long would the contract be? Would it be annually? If so, contracts can be renewed if you still wish to have the service of that specific cleaning company.

Location of Service

A complete outline of all areas that you want to be cleaned must be provided in the contract. Also adding the places wherein workers would be restricted are good inclusions in the contract so as not to bear trouble once the work starts. Adding when you want certain areas to be cleaned may also be added as to what the employer wishes.

Lastly, the size of the area being cleaned must be noted as well so that the cleaning service that you will be hiring would be able to properly do the logistics for the job.

Contact Information and License Number (if applicable only)

Professional cleaning services must be registered as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and should include their contact information, address, and license number. If in case you will be hiring a service cleaning provider that does not have a license, the legal name of the company, valid IDs, and contact information would suffice.

Who will be Responsible for Providing Cleaning Equipment

This is another thing that must be cleared out and specified in the contract before beginning the service. Also, all equipment that will be used whether it’s provided by the cleaning service or provided by the employer must be itemized and accounted for. It must also be specified that for example, it would be the cleaning service that would provide the equipment, the employer cannot use that for personal reasons and vice versa.

Dispute Resolution Procedures

An important thing that must not be overlooked in a cleaning contract is procedures and protocols on how to deal with and resolve disputes and conflicts between the professional cleaning provider and the client. It will not always be a smooth sailing relationship between the two parties. So this must be specified in the contract as well.

These may include damages to the properties, refunds, additional fees, as well as protection of the cleaning service provider in the event that the client won’t be able to pay for the services provided.


Signatures are important, especially in contracts. The main person responsible for paying for the services provided should be the signatory in the cleaning contract or agreement. If the cleaning company is an LLC, the owner who would be signing on behalf of his or her employees must state that they legally represent and they will be signing on behalf of their employees to adhere to and abide by the agreed terms and conditions within the contract.


What is the Importance of a Cleaning Agreement or Contract and Why Do You Need One

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First, cleaning contracts are important because they will establish clear expectations and clear responsibilities that would protect both the client and the cleaning service provider. Second,  would also provide a clear framework of who will be doing the job and what services will be provided.

An iron-clad contract will not only protect the business but your welfare as well. A contract will make you feel secure about the quality that you deserve.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind in Creating Commercial Janitorial Contracts:

  • Use a legally sound template for your contract instead of doing it from scratch
  • Consult a lawyer when drawing up your contract
  • Always make extra copies of your contract.
    Make sure to include clear terms that would make the contract easier to understand

Contracts would not only protect both the service provider and client, but they will also make the hiring and business official. The contract would ensure the quality of work for the service provider and in turn, the client would treat his or her service provider well. If you are in need of quality professional cleaning service in Hartford County, Connecticut, contact Burgos Cleaning Services.