How Do Commercial Cleaning Contracts Work?

Expectations in Hiring a Cleaning Service For Your Home

Janitorial services are heaven-sent for those who need them. But what are janitorial services? What is it that they can do for you? It is not the usual “CLEAN AS YOU GO” service. It is cleaning like any other for residential and commercial purposes.

For Residential Purposes

You may plan to have your wedding at home and expect a lot of visitors, friends, and family, coming from all around. You need to prepare your home for them and make everything spic and span. The janitorial services can do it for you. They can clean the carpet and keep it dust-free for the occasion. They can go at great heights and clean your french windows. If you want the hall floor waxed, they can do it too. Any type of cleaning for your house, it is all possible with a janitorial services company.

For Commercial Purposes

Some businesses hire janitorial services companies for their cleaning needs. Take for instance an accounting firm. They are in the business of keeping the budget at bay, being an accounting office at that, and still, they chose to hire a cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness of their office. It is because for them a janitorial services firm is better than in doing their jobs and the value for money on that service is well-spent. Compared to employing several people in-house, the business in keeping money saved up for a rainy day prefers janitorial services for their cleaning needs.

Specific Cleaning Services

They can service all kinds and types of offices. They are also able to address specific needs by homeowners, cleaning inside and outside the house. Schools have also patronized cleaning companies and so does hospitals. Hospitals are very strict with their hygiene standards and yet they hire janitorial services. Medical facilities are very happy with the cleaning crews.

Fitness centers also require heavy cleaning with anti-bacterial wash. A professional company can do the job very well without trouble. Even country clubs, with their posh rules, do not need in-house cleaners. They want the experts in cleaning that only a janitorial service company can provide.

Expectations in Hiring a Cleaning Service For Your Home

When you make a decision of hiring cleaning services for your home, the question needs to be answered is what should you expect from them? When you choose a service, you should ask their functions and limitations in executing their cleaning job. Have a background check because they might have a cheap price but they don’t really clean everything that you asked them to clean. It is more beneficial to pay a cleaning service a little more ensuring that they will do every cleaning function that you require them to do. And it may end up costing you more money to keep adding services than if you would just pay twenty dollars more to do all the tasks.

There are many reasons why you would want to hire a cleaning service other than a single person to do the entire cleaning job. Whatever your reason is, you want to make sure that every penny you spend for their cleaning job is worth it. The best thing to do is to make a list of the things that you would want them to accomplish. That way, when you call or have a meeting with them, you won’t forget what to ask and require them to do.

Mainly, there are standard things that are usually included in residential cleaning services. Most cleaning services will plan and arrange a cleaning schedule. It will be the same days of the week and will be at the time that works best for you that day. Monday would be a good day to pick as it helps clean up the mess from the weekend and it gives your week a clean and fresh start. They will tell you how long exactly it will take for them to get the cleaning job done.

If you work from home and you are too busy to get all the cleaning done in the week, then there are some cleaning services to help you around the house. They will clean the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, the fridge, and the countertops but they will not probably clean the inside of these places unless you requested them to and if you agreed for an additional price. If you want them clean other rooms, then you will have to ask and if they do offer that service then it will be considered as an add-on cost for you. Usually, they do not clean basements but if you have a finished basement or you have it set up to where you might spend a lot of time, then you will have to let them know about that. Your basement is not a standard place to clean for them and for sure if you ask to and are willing to pay extra for it, then they will be pleased to accommodate you.

It is important to make a list of what to do so that there are no questions, that you can relax knowing that it will all be taken care for you, and to know what to expect from their cleaning services.