How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

If you are thinking of contracting a professional office cleaner, you might be wondering just how much you’ll end up parting with. In fact, the quotation you get may depend on the side of town your office is located. Generally, the amount you pay for an office cleaning service will mostly depend on the amount of work you’re asking to be done and the time it will take to complete. However, there are extra factors that will drive the eventual cost either upwards or downwards. So how much does office cleaning cost?

The amount charged by an office cleaning contractor will usually depend on the size of the office, the particular cleaning services requested, how dirty the office is, and the number of hours it will take to clean the space. Sometimes, established and recognizable cleaning agencies will charge you more than ordinary office cleaners. The following should give you an idea of what to expect to pay when hiring a cleaning service.  Size of the office It goes without saying that the size of an office will greatly influence the eventual cost of the cleaning service. In most cases, the larger the office, the more it’s going to cost. This is because more cleaning products and equipment will be required for the job. When it comes to the charges, the normal rate per hour will range anywhere from $30-$50, and this is for relatively smaller offices measuring less than 1200 – 2000 square feet. This package will usually entail activities like clearing the trash, dusting the area, and vacuuming.

However, the charge will increase if there are extra services required. The price may jump to $55 -$75 an hour if the service includes, cleaning toilets, sweeping floors, and restocking the bathroom with toiletries. For offices larger than 2000 square feet, the rates may be determined per square foot. The lowest charge for this can cost you at least $0.50 a square foot.   How dirty the area is  If your premise is a standard office, where the level of the mess at the end of the day is usually low to medium, the cost will likely be fairly low. On the other hand, if the workplace gets very messy throughout the course of the day, the cost will definitely be higher. This is because a messier office will require greater effort to clean, as well as more cleaning reagents and more sophisticated equipment. Not to mention that there may be stubborn stains that may not be eliminated using ordinary cleaning methods.  Time required to do the cleaning  The cleaning charges may also depend on the number of hours needed to carry out the job. If you contract a professional cleaning agency to work on your premise during staff working hours, the cost is likely to increase. This is because working alongside on-duty staff may bring about distractions and disturbances that will warrant an extra fee. If you are hoping for a more reasonable charge, the best time to contract a cleaning service is after work hours.

Sometimes, how thorough you want your office to be cleaned may also influence the eventual amount you pay for the service rendered. Remember that there are budget cleaning contractors that you can access but the quality of service may not be as satisfactory. These will normally utilize low-quality cleaning products and pay little attention to detail during the cleaning procedure. Meanwhile, professional companies will charge you more but deliver a better quality service. Having said that, it is important to note that the most expensive service may not necessarily be the highest quality service; you’ll have to consider some other factors to determine the best quality.  How regular the service will be rendered While some companies contract cleaning service to work on their premises on a daily, others choose to have their offices cleaned once a week or even twice a month. Clearly, you are likely to pay more when you require the services of an office cleaner more often. However, you may get a discount from your contractor per visit, which can’t be the case if he pays you a visit occasionally. You also need to note that emergency cleaning services will come with a higher charge. Generally, janitorial services may cost you around $60-$80 per visit depending on the type of cleaning to be done.