How to Ensure that Your Hotel Room is Clean

clean hotel room maintenance

The main draw of checking into a hotel is comfort without the responsibility. For hotel owners, maintaining a level of cleanliness is paramount. After all, clean and well-kept hotel rooms increase the number of guests and improve reputation. It is crucial to ensure that your hotel rooms are properly cleaned to the highest standards.

Truth be told, this is easier said than done. 

Hotel maintenance is a tall order. It takes a team of well-trained people to ensure that the cleanliness of the rooms is up to standard. If you want your hotel rooms to be as clean as possible, you need to have an effective housekeeping strategy in place.

Unsure about where you can start, here are some tips to ensure that your hotel is well-maintained: 

Stay Updated on Cleaning Protocols

Since the start of the pandemic, guests have been more sensitive about hotel hygiene. It is important that you update cleaning protocols and housekeeping routines to match the current requirements. You need to boost your sanitation standards and develop a health and safety plan of action and discuss it you’re your staff. Always take note and follow your local government guidelines and restrictions as you update your policies and procedures. 

Keep Your Staff Trained 

Your responsibility doesn’t end with your guests. The safety of your staff also falls on your shoulders. When guests observe how keen and well-informed your staff are, they will feel more at ease and take every step to keep them safe. Provide sanitary gear for your staff such as PPEs, gloves, and face masks. Also, make sure that your employees are well-informed of the protocols and safety requirements. You can opt for training, refresher courses, and frequent announcements to relay changes and updates to your employees.

Put up signs on your hotel rooms

Visual signs are a great and effective form of communication. By seeing posted signs, your guests will see that you are taking every precaution to keep them safe. Likewise, it is important that your staff know these educational signs. Post some messages such as health protocols, handwashing procedures, and hygiene instructions. You can label items that were already disinfected so that your guests will feel safer and informed. Also, you can suggest guests allow housekeeping to clean daily.

Schedule Regular Deep Cleaning

To make sure your hotel rooms are as clean as possible, you’ll sometimes need to go above and beyond your daily cleaning checklist. Deep cleaning can look different for various types of hotels. But for the most part, there are also some steps that you can do in cleaning your hotel rooms:

Air out the room

Open the windows and any balcony doors to bring fresh air into the room and stop the smell of any cleaning chemicals from lingering. This can also aid in ventilation while you are cleaning the hotel rooms.

Dust Hard to Reach Surfaces

Dust all surfaces especially the corners of the room in which dust can accumulate. Start from the top and work your way down to the floor. Also, make sure to dust hard-to-reach areas. You can use different tools to clean those areas and make sure that every spot is dusted.

Change and Replace Bed Covers

changing bed covers for hotel room

Bed covers have an expiration date. For hotels, this is around six months to a year. Make sure that you routinely invest in bed covers to maintain the standards of your hotel.

As far as cleaning is concerned, remove bed linen and direct it to the laundry. The bed is an important part of the hotel room as guests use it most frequently. You can also opt to leave a card that the guest can place on the bed or doorknob to request a full linen change.

Remove rubbish

Empty the trash bins and remove any rubbish from the room. Place new liners in the bins to prevent rubbish from stocking up in the room.

Remove used cups and utensils

Part of cleaning hotel rooms is to remove used cups and utensils. When guests request room service, you should remove used plates and cups after they eat. Also, replace cups with clean ones so that guests can use them again.

Vacuum furniture and upholstery

Any pieces of upholstered furniture should be vacuumed. This will keep them free of dirt and dust as well as help to maximize their longevity. Curtains may also be vacuumed using an attachment to remove dust.

Sanitize surfaces

Clean and sanitize all surfaces to make guests safe. Don’t forget to wipe down the insides of cupboards or wardrobes. Bathroom sinks should also be sanitized and dried out.

Clean the floor

After cleaning and dusting the room, it’s now time to clean and mop the floor. Hard floors should be swept and mopped. Make sure that the floor is also dried out to make avoid slippery floors which can harm guests. You can also get hard floors and tiles looking as good as new using a floor polisher.

 Perform one last check

After the cleaning is done, close the windows and any balcony doors. An air freshener can be used if the smell of cleaning chemicals is still lingering. Do one final sweep of the room to ensure nothing has been missed. Make sure that all things are in place before you lock the door and leave.

Again, it isn’t easy to maintain a hotel room all by yourself. If you are having a hard time planning and creating routines, choosing to work with a commercial cleaning company is your best bet. If you are in New London County, Connecticut, or Tolland County, Connecticut, you can contact Burgos Commercial Cleaning to help you out. They can help you to increase your customer satisfaction and overall image. They can do different kinds of cleaning that your hotel room needs.

You want your guest to keep coming back to your hotel which is why clean hotel rooms are very important. Burgos Commercial Cleaning Services provides janitorial and commercial cleaning that can keep your hotel rooms looking good.