How to Increase Sales in Retail

The pandemic has greatly changed the norms that people have been accustomed to. It has affected the way people behave at work, how they spend their free time and even the way they shop. Customers are now more cautious to go out and mingle with people with the fear of catching the unseen virus. This distress has greatly made an impact on businesses in every industry, especially retail.

Businesses have seen a downfall whether it may be in sales while some of their supply has been affected. Essential businesses that offer basic necessities like sanitizers and toilet paper have seen a depletion of supply. 

Another impact is the change in the retail landscape. With more people aware of the danger of having close contact with an infected person, people become more cautious. They would rather stay at home and order things online. With this behavior, the retail industry has pivoted to the eCommerce only strategy. 

Traditional sales tactics may not be as effective as it was before, but some are still trying to make some traditional campaigns alongside their eCommerce site. Malls have opened and some stores are starting to open as well with the hopes that they can catch the lost revenue accumulated over the past few months.

Without a doubt, the retail industry is having a difficult time and it will not be an easy path ahead of them. But all hope is not lost, as we have listed here some of our tips that may help you increase your sales during these difficult times.

Tips on How to Increase Sales in Retail

Ensure your customers feel safe

At this time of the pandemic, it is best for businesses to increase the trust and confidence of their customers. Many of your customers now are more concerned about their health and safety so they may be cautious of the things they buy. 

To win them over, show and explain the safety measures of your business – physical store and warehouse by ensuring the proper care and building maintenance are being done. Use multiple channels to deliver your safety and health info via different social media channels and your website (mobile and web). 

Make your online website standout

As more customers turn online to shop, it is important that your website is showing up whenever they input a product that is in line with your business. Drive more traffic to your website by adding more information, reviews, and photos. 

Display inventory in Google Search

Take your listing to a higher level by displaying your inventory in Google Search and Maps. 

Display your in-store products on Google by using different applications or plugins that you re-enter your inventory data. 

Connect via different apps that would automatically display your profile on Google Search when consumers search for a product in line with your business or look up your business itself. 

Opt for Click-and-Collect

Click-and-Collect is an eCommerce business model where customers buy from you online and instead of having it delivered, they collect it in-store or at a centralized collection point. 

This has been used way before the pandemic but the integration of it in businesses has accelerated now. Offering this kind of service may increase traffic to your store – online and offline. 

Go mobile

Offer a mobile ordering for your business. As more people have their phones on their hands longer nowadays, offering mobile service will help with your business. Orders and deliveries have shown to increase in stores that offer mobile ordering. 

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

More than your products, consumers these days look for a store that could offer exceptional customer service. 

  • Hire people that are knowledgeable about the products you sell. 
  • Train them to create unique buying experiences for your customers. 
  • Teach them to identify the needs and wants of your customers and to match them to the products you have. This will show how much you value your customers. 
  • Don’t overwhelm your employees with work they’re unprepared for. Make sure that they can focus on your customers and make sales. 

Set Goals

Identify your sales targets for a specific period. When setting goals, make sure you’re setting challenging but achievable KPIs. To keep everyone aware, create a strategy, and align with your team. By being transparent and increasing the visibility of your sales targets, your employees will be encouraged to keep them at the top of their work.   

Improve your visuals

People buy appealing products. They buy products that would attract their eyes. Even if it isn’t a part of their to-buy list if it looks appealing it would be a part of their wants. 

For in-store products:

  • Make interactive displays. As people not only get to see the product but to feel and use it, it may increase the chance of them buying it. 
  • Keep it clean. Keep your displays organized. It may speed up their buying as they will be able to find the things they need.
  • Display your best products in front of your store. Display your best products as this will show how good the products you offer. 

    For your online store:

  • Use attractive pictures. More people will be attracted thus increasing the chance of making sales. 
  • Keep your visuals fresh as this will increase your store traffic. 

Inform and Engage

Communicate with your customers. You may use free communication tools like Whatsapp to keep in touch with your customers. 

Create an email list where you can send updates about your store and products. Use it to announce special discount promos or gifts. 

Improve the Cleanliness of your Store

Cleanliness and sanitation are the number one priority of your customers. Always make sure that your place and your products are clean and sanitized. 

If it is a task that you think you can do yourself, hire a professional cleaning service. These commercial cleaning services are trained to maintain a certain level of cleanliness that will ensure your place and products are safe. 

There are many ways you can increase your sales by improving your visuals and communicating with your customers. But during this time of the pandemic, it is best to ensure your customers you uphold the topnotch safety and health protocols. This way you may increase their confidence as well as show how much you value them.