How To Keep An Office Clean Every Day?

Maintaining a clean working space enhances a healthy environment for you and your employers including your potential clients. Hygiene is one of the most important things to be adhered to in any office to prevents germs spread either from hands onto office equipment or from the equipment onto hands – your workspace should be sanitized daily. Besides, a clean office is vital for workplace productivity. In fact, a clean environment is more effective in working than a disorganized or cluttered one.

1. Develop cleaning habits

Do you believe that cleanliness is second to Godliness? Basically, keeping your office free of stacks of paper, disorganization signs and other forms of clutter is the first steps in developing cleaning habits. Everybody knows how easy it’s to get lazy and allow small critical tasks to be overlooked especially when busy or stressed. A good reminder in your calendar or on your desk to take about 15 minutes daily to clean your office will actually help in developing cleaning habits that will keep everything tidy and functional. Eventually, you will clean out of practice; you won’t need reminders anymore!

2. Keep your desk clutter free

All the bustle and hustle of a busy working day usually ends with a cluttered desk. In the first place, when do you prefer to clean your desk? In the morning or the evening? Schedule some time to declutter your desk every day by straightening out essential office documents and disposing of the trash.
Maintaining a clean and orderly office is crucial for everyone’s health as well as increasing productivity. If the staff is working in an environment that is clean and decluttered, they will probably work more effectively and efficiently. As a result, ensure everyone keeps his/her workspace clean by always preaching about cleanliness. Consider investing in some desks with drawers or cabinet space where necessary items for work will be stored.

3. Office ain’t an eating place

In most cases, work gets busy making it easier to stay around your desk and take lunch while working. However, eating at the desk guarantees a messy working space because crumbs and even liquids will definitely fall on your desk. Over time, if the stains are not cleaned, it makes it harder to remove them leading to the accumulation of bacteria.

Sometimes we understand that it’s not convenient to take food away from the desk, but you should be encouraged to take lunch breaks elsewhere including your employees. This will not only avoid a messy workspace but also assists in improving the general office cleanliness. If you notice that some staff members are still taking meals at the desk, remember to keep disinfecting wipes nearby to at least clean their work area after eating.

4. Ensure your workplace is germs free

If taking meals at the desk is your thing, then ensure that you maintain a healthy work environment as much as possible. Stains, dust and other particles do accumulate overtime hence be sure to wipe these germs every day. What about antibacterial? Make it your best friend! Always keep hand sanitizers around to help avoid germs spread. Let watching the entire office coming down with a cold, flu or stomach bag be the last thing to expect!

5. What about the carpet or tiles?

With staples, paperclips, and papers, most office floors can get filthy. Regardless of whether you need to mop or vacuum, keeping the floors clean makes the workplace safe and presentable for customers and visitors.

6. Trash Duty

If the entire working environment doesn’t have a daily cleaning service, remember to empty the garbage every evening or every other night to prevent bacteria and odors from becoming a problem. Let it be a group effort: assign another employee who will deal with the garbage on specific days.

7. Ask for professional help

Although these cleaning tips can significantly help to keep the office clean every day, it’s essential to use professional cleaning services for routine cleaning. Only a janitorial professional can carry out deep and thorough cleaning of all office parts including hard to reach places to facilitate complete sanitation.


Everybody should adapt office cleaning habits to enhance cleanliness. Make sure that you do your part: your working space is your responsibility. Remember that office cleanliness is easy and more effective when taken as a group effort: let everyone participate.