How to Keep Glass Surfaces Clean in Your Office Space

cleaning glass in your offices

Keeping an office clean and sparkling can be challenging without a dedicated maintenance team. Aside from the sheer square footage of a typical workspace, an office is a public area. Plenty of hands and feet can put streaks in windows and track in dirt and debris. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to prioritizing areas in your workspace, keeping the glass in windows, doors, and other surfaces should be a top priority. These areas get the most traffic. You would be surprised by the amount of dirt that can build up in glass surfaces.

Thankfully, there are tips and tricks to keeping the glass clean, sparkling, and streak-free. If you are curious about how to keep your office’s glass surfaces spotless, you have come to the right place. 

7 Ways to Clean Glass Surfaces Correctly

Truth be told, there are different ways to clean glass surfaces – some more effective than others. That said, the proper technique can render this task more manageable for you and your maintenance team. Below are some of the most effective glass cleaning tips and tricks: 

Clean from Top to Bottom

Streaks are the number one enemy of any glass surface. Fingerprints and little bits of debris on windows and doors are the easiest ways to make any room look unkempt. This is why it is essential to clean windows from top to bottom. When you clean surfaces from the top to the bottom, you allow gravity to work with you. Cleaning products drip as you wipe, so moving in the same direction is best. It is best to start with a dry cloth to wipe off any dust that has settled on the surface. 

Schedule Cleaning Accordingly

While it might be tempting to clean your office windows on a sunny day when you can see all the dirt and debris, this isn’t the best practice. Cleaning glass surfaces is best done on a cloudy day. The sun can leave streaks on the glass surface. The heat tends to dry cleaning agents from windows and doors faster. Often, these chemicals leave a residue that can be difficult to remove. 

Invest in a Squeegee

If there is one thing that you need to buy to maintain your windows and doors, it is a squeegee. This small and inexpensive tool can do wonders for your office maintenance. Often, using a rag isn’t enough to remove chemical residue from cleaning agents. A squeegee ensures that nothing is left on surfaces – not even streaks and stains. Best to purchase long-handled squeegees if you have windows in tough to reach areas. 

Don’t Forget to Clean the Corners

Your window sill or door frame gets as dirty as the rest of the glass surface. Do not forget to get into the nooks and crannies when cleaning these areas. Dust can settle in these tight places. Using a cotton swab is a good idea to get most of the stubborn debris out. 

Be Mindful of the Chemicals

Harsh chemicals often corrode the surfaces that they intend to clean. If you aren’t careful, these cleaning agents can cause more harm than good in the long run. When it comes to cleaning glass, choosing homemade cleaning products is often the most effective and affordable way to keep glass surfaces clean and sparkling. A simple solution of rubbing alcohol, water, and a little bit of vinegar can do the trick. 

Use Alternative Cleaning Materials

You do not have to spend all that much to maintain the glass surfaces in your office. The cleaning materials you have lying around are enough to ensure that they are cleaned accordingly. Aside from a squeegee, drying glass surfaces with old t-shirts and newspapers is as effective as any microfiber towel. Aside from being easily accessible, these materials would not cost you any money. 

Be Careful with the Window Frames

cleaning window frames in your office

Most cleaning agents, homemade or otherwise, can corrode window and door frames. It is best to protect the frames when cleaning these areas. Wooden frames absorb even small drips and spills. Use atomizers when using cleaning products. Do not spray too much on the surface. Use only what you need. 

4 Reasons to Keep Glass Windows and Doors Streak-Free

Maintaining the cleanliness of an office is crucial in running tight operations. While it might not seem like it should be a priority, streaks on your glass doors and dirt gathering on your window sills can affect your operations. The benefits of a glass cleaning include: 

Make Good Impressions

Your office glass doors are, often, the first thing people see. If you are trying to make a good impression, streaks and fingerprints would simply not help your case. Keeping these areas well-maintained indicates that you care about your office space and your employees. Who knows? This small maintenance task can help you bag a prospective client. 

Boost Productivity

No one wants to work in a dirty, unkempt space. It can be challenging to be productive if you can barely see your work because sunlight is no longer streaming through a dirty window or door. Natural light boosts mood and improves productivity. Likewise, it lessens instances of eye strain and fatigue. 

Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy 

Your office is a reflection of the kind of operation that you run. Keeping it clean shows employees and clients you care about your company and its staff. It is a small way to ensure that all your employees are happy and healthy. After all, happy employees are productive ones. 

Cleaning glass doors and windows can be a tedious affair. As mentioned earlier, these areas get a lot of traffic. This task needs to be done multiple times a day to ensure that surfaces remain sparkling. 

If keeping up with office maintenance is taking too much of your workday, then it is time to consider hiring professionals. We at Burgos Cleaning have years of experience keeping commercial spaces in tip-top shape. We can do the same for your office. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.