How To Keep Your Sofa Looking New

properly cleaning sofas

A sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in any given shared space. Often, it is where you and your visitors spend most of your time. Sofas experience such high traffic which is why maintaining it can be an uphill battle. It is important to make sure that these centerpieces are regularly cleaned and sanitized. You can enjoy more of the comfort it can give you if it smells fresh all the time.

You can do a deep cleaning on your sofas on your own or from outsourced cleaning services. There are a lot of things that you can do to maintain the upholstery of your sofa and extend its longevity.

Truth be told, sofa cleaning is no easy feat. Experts have trade secrets that you might not be privy to. You might have heard a lot of cleaning service myths when it comes to sofas but here are some tips you can look into:

Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions

First things, first, before you start with the cleaning, make sure that you have read and understood the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your sofa. Each piece is different, and they may require a different type of upkeep. Some sofas have tags with codes that will tell you what type of cleaning method is safe and ones that aren’t suitable.

Here are come codes and their interpretations:

X – Vacuuming or using a soft brush only can be used to clean the sofa.

W – This kind of fabric this sofa has can be cleaned with a water-based solution like a steam cleaner.

S – This sofa can only be dry-cleaned using a solvent, and should not be in contact with water. With this, it is recommended that this sofa material should be cleaned by a professional cleaner.

S/W – This symbol means water-based and solvent-based cleaning solutions are safe for stain removal. On the other hand, when you want deep cleaning for this kind of sofa, engage professional sofa cleaners to ensure safe cleaning.

Do Some Vacuuming

When it comes to keeping your sofa spic-and-span, there is something you should keep in mind: short, frequent bursts of cleaning work way better than an intensive clean that happens once a month. In this way, dirt and dust will not accumulate on your sofa. A gentle reminder before you do the vacuuming is to check for any items that might have stuck in between the sofas. Check for coins, hair ties, or wrappers that may be lurking in the crevices. Doing so would avoid damage to your vacuum cleaner. Also, crumbs and other bits and pieces can rub against the fabric of your sofa which can gradually wear away the weave and pile.

Again, a little bit every day goes a long way. Vacuuming your sofa frequently can also help you get rid of bugs and dust mites as well as other elements like pet hair that may stick on the couch.

Plump Up the Cushions

Another trick that requires minimum effort is to plump up those cushions. You can pull the cushions back into shape every night before ending the day, that way, they’re more likely to stay in shape longer.

Go Protect It!

One way to protect your sofa is to use throw pillows and blankets as barriers to the surface of your piece. You can also opt for arm covers to protect upholstery from perspiration and other fluids, which can affect its longevity. There are a lot of ready-made covers online that you can choose from or get some made-up to match your upholstery.

Bust Those Stains Away

removing sofa stains

As much as everyone wants to lounge on a comfy sofa, it is also prone to different kinds of stains. The most common stains are from drinks such as coffee or juices.

Make it a habit that every time something spills on your sofa, act fast to avoid the chance of permanent staining. Blot up as soon as possible using kitchen paper and you can gently clean it using warm water. If the stain doesn’t want to come off, try a stain remover. Immediately wash or dry-clean stained loose covers according to the fabric type. If the stain still persists, have them cleaned professionally.

Keep A Stain Protector Nearby

As related to the previous tip, you can keep a spray-on stain protector nearby so that every time a spill happens, you can easily spritz and blot it off.

But, be careful not to rub too much on that stain to avoid damaging the sofa and pushing the stain deeper into the fabric.

Love The Leather

For those who have leather sofas, we also have a tip for you. You can remove all-over grime by wiping it with a damp cloth. To maintain its good appearance, you can also apply saddle soap or leather hide food to stop the leather from drying out.

Use A Lint Roller For Pet Fur

It’s good to have your pets lounging with you on the sofa, but sometimes their fur can shed and can accumulate on the sofa. To make sure that you still maintain your sofa, you can use a lint roller to get rid of those loose fur. You can do it once or twice a day to prevent those fur and even soft stains from accumulating.

Stay Away from Sunlight

Too much exposure to the sun can cause the fabric to fade and leather to crack. Make sure that your upholstery doesn’t stay too long under the sun to prevent damage.

These tips will get you into the habit of sofa upkeep in no time. If you hold yourself to it, your sofa will give you years of comfort and support that you deserve.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your sofa will keep it looking brand new even if it was bought years ago. If you are one busy person to do all the tips we have given you, you can select professional cleaners to do the job. There are a lot of cleaning services that you can find in Hartford County, Connecticut, or Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Make sure to choose an efficient cleaner and get those sofas in good shape!