How to Prevent Condensation in Windows

preventing condensation in windows

Window condensation is a serious problem when left alone. Fairfield County’s offices are prone to window condensation every winter when the temperature outside is different from the inside. Making hot chocolate or setting up a water kettle may be ideal during cold winter days and nights, but it can also leak heated moisture into the air even if you have central heating. 

What is Condensation?

Condensation happens when the temperature of one side of the glass differs from the other. When condensation happens outside of the window, it means your window is doing a good job in insulating your office. If condensation happens inside your office space, then watch out. If you leave this alone, it may lead to the growth of black mold on your walls, ceilings, and around your windows. Not only does this look unsightly, but having a lot in your office can cause a variety of health concerns, including sinusitis, skin rashes, and even pneumonia. 

Common Disinfecting Mistakes in Removing Mold and Mildew 

People assume that scrubbing with simple soap and detergent is enough to kill molds and mildew buildup in between window sills and glass doors. Scrubbing away the mold and mildew is a common disinfecting mistake, as it may send the spores flying everywhere. 

Better secure the area to be cleaned. We suggest you wear safety masks, gloves, and goggles before cleaning. Molds grow in all dark and tight corners and spaces, so they may not be visible to the naked eye. If available, use an antimicrobial cleaner and bleach to remove all molds and mildew. It is always best to consult professional cleaners to ensure your safety and the safety of your office space. Once you remove all molds and mildew, wipe all the water droplets present on your windows. 

Best Way to Deal with Window Condensation in the Office

Controlling the condensation is the first step. When water droplets are present in your windows and glass walls, use a squeegee or any window cleaner to wipe down water droplets. Once it’s done, wipe the remaining droplets with a clean, soft towel to dry the windows gently. 

Now that we are sure the glasses are dry, we suggest you prepare for the next step, to purchase a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers operate by drawing air through a fan, eliminating moisture from your surfaces, like clean concrete floors, and keeping them dry. Invest in two or three and install them in the areas where you’ve observed the most condensation: your kitchen and bathroom, for example. 

Focus on manual ventilation in moist areas. Installing extractor fans in these areas, which drive out the damp, heated air. It is also advisable to maintain the temperature of your office space equally to avoid condensation, and from time to time, open the windows to let the damp air escape and let the fresh air in. 

How Do Modern Air Conditioning Systems Increase Condensation in Our Offices?

AC systems may boost humidity levels in offices. The modern AC, which is said to save up to 50% on power expenses since they operate quicker and consume less energy. They consume less energy since they are quicker and chill office spaces faster. The modern AC does not remove the humidity from the air since they attain the temperature considerably faster. Because colder air has a lower capacity to hold moisture vapor, there may be even higher relative humidity than before turning it on. 

It is best to clean air conditioners and air vents to remove dirt and anything that may cause blockage. Make sure nothing is leaking from your AC,  as leakage may not only cause condensation but also mold and mildew growth. If your AC has a heater function, it is better to ensure that your AC also has a dehumidifier to avoid mold and mildew in the windows. For large companies with multiple AC and heaters, we suggest you get help from professional commercial cleaners who specialize in window washing services within Fairfield Country to do the job for you in the fastest way possible. 

Multiple Glazing Panel Window Condensation

Condensation inside double or multiple glazing windows may show problems with the sealant. Check if there is a tear or broken seal that may cause the moisture to enter. We suggest replacing the sealant between the glass and frame. 

The sealant used to make the seal around the windows on older or lower-quality construction may be of poor quality or become loose. Moisture keeps the glass in the frame. The frame deteriorates because of the moisture. Allowing large amounts of water to sit in a window frame for an extended length of time will ultimately damage the air gap seal around the two panes of glass, causing the frame to rot. PVC frames will fracture, allowing water to collect. Another reason you could notice condensation in double glazing is if the ‘spacer’ bar broke. Most double-glazed windows now include a desiccant-filled space between the two panes of glass. 

Desiccant is a highly absorbent substance that absorbs any moisture in the air gap vacuum. New windows should minimize draughts in the office. You’re just as likely to have condensation on them as are on old windows, and new windows may even increase condensation. 

Condensation on the interior of windows is something you should aim to avoid since it can harm window frames. Any moist air or water that enters can quickly saturate this desiccant if there is even the tiniest flaw in the seal. When it can no longer hold anymore, the moisture condenses between the panes of a multi-pane window, which is most noticeable on a sunny day when it seems foggy.

Condensation in double-glazing shows that the sealant has failed. You need to replace or reseal the windows. If the windows are old, it may be necessary to replace them to avoid a recurrence of the problem. 

Office Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Maintaining a clean office in Fairfield Country can be difficult for most of us. We understand how busy you are, with the economy getting better and jobs piling up faster. We want you to focus on what’s more important to you so you can increase the productivity and safety of your employees. Hiring a professional cleaning service with years of experience will get the job done faster and better than doing it by yourself.