How to Prevent Covid-19 and the Flu in Your Office

preventing flu and covid in your workplace

Connecticut has finally arrived at the end of an arduous winter. And what a time that was— long nights, cold days, and the constant struggle to fend off the seasonal flu. Not too long ago, we were used to the idea of catching the flu during winter, but since the coronavirus has come to be, getting ill is a different story. 

Spring is here, and while the flu season is gone, there is still the threat of Covid-19 lingering in the air. Exercising hygiene care in the form of proper handwashing is just a chunk of the equation. Managing external elements is another. Hiring an outstanding commercial cleaning company is one more thing. In the scope of Covid-19 prevention, there is still a lot more that needs to be done. 

Below we talk about the impact of sickness in the workplace and the prevention plan to keep the office a safe space for the staff. 

The effects of illness in the office

Compared to the last three years, this year promises better days for businesses, companies, and commercial establishments as the number of Covid-19 cases are starting to decline. Moreover, this year marks the return of companies in the workplace via hybrid working setup, and other established solutions to ensure a safe and successful office return.

This year is looking positive, generally, but exercising caution and careful planning is still the best game plan. 

Covid-19 and flu prevention in the office

Preventing the virus in the workplace involves a holistic and comprehensive approach; the process must be streamlined, down to the smallest details. 

Here are some strategies to consider when coming up with your Covid-19 prevention plan.

Hire an excellent commercial cleaning company. 

The core of Covid-19 prevention is keeping a clean and sanitized space. In the office setting, getting the help of office cleaning services is not only an option nor an excellent idea, but non-negotiable protection against Covid-19. Businesses and companies need cleaning and disinfection that meets CDC’s requirements, and commercial cleaning companies understand their assignment. They can provide deep cleaning and same-day services for your office.

On top of that, you can also opt for daily janitorial services that can do simple cleaning and disinfection, as well as handle mess and other cleaning tasks in a day-to-day manner. 

When hiring a commercial cleaning company in Hartford County, Connecticut, make sure that the cleaners meet your needs and expectations of cleaning. Ask them questions about their process, and let them know about your ideas and plans regarding hybrid working and other related concerns. 

Heed hand hygiene religiously. 

prioritizing hand hygiene to prevent covid and flu in office

The cardinal rule of Covid-19 prevention lives on: always wash your hands. Remember that the virus is easily transmitted from an infected person’s hand to high-touch surfaces in the office– a door handle, elevator buttons, or computer keyboard– and onto another person’s hand. Washing your hands regularly minimizes your risk of Covid-19 infection. 

Germs suspended in the air are a little bit harder to handle, but setting up stations for hand sanitizers and alcohol, especially near high-touch areas is also recommended for risk control. This is especially helpful if the staff doesn’t have access to the lavatory immediately. 

Don’t forget to pay extra attention to common areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and elevators, as well. 

Make use of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.

The state of indoor air is a major health concern. The varied scents in the office influence indoor air quality, and that includes cleaning products. 

Unfortunately, the most common cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that trigger asthma. These chemicals can also cause skin issues and other breathing problems with prolonged exposure. 

The truth is, that harsh chemicals are not exactly essential in dealing with germs on all kinds of surfaces. In fact, they can become a cause for a bigger concern.

The good thing is eco-friendly cleaning products are now readily available for your use. These are not only effective in cleaning and sanitation, but are also proven safe for the environment and for you, eliminating your risk of asthma, skin allergies, and breathing issues. 

Optimize ventilation and implement crowd control.

Airflow is another indispensable wing in keeping the virus at bay. Maximizing ventilation by opening windows is a good consideration, but not always an option, especially in hot and cold cities. In this case, CDC recommends that HVAC fans run continuously to allow air circulation throughout the building. HEPA air filters can also help at this point. 

Moreover, floor plans must be adjusted. In most traditional offices, cubicles cramp up the space and disrupt good air circulation. In today’s setting, it is highly recommended to re-think floor plans and furniture arrangements to create better airflow within the facility. 

While improved ventilation is suggested, this idea doesn’t work alone. Minimizing crowd capacity supports this approach. Remote working and hybrid working are some solutions that allow the office to control the foot traffic within the facility. 

Prioritize cleaning. 

The outright success of COVID-19 prevention lies in consistency. If you’re already implementing a good cleaning routine and schedule, there is no need for you to make intense adjustments, apart from improving ventilation and redesigning floor arrangements. 

You may need to ask your office cleaning services provider to pay a bit more attention to certain tasks and make extra adjustments to some conditions, but this shouldn’t be a major concern if you’re already doing a steady job when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. 

Refrain from panic cleaning. Just stick to a regular cleaning schedule and you will be just fine. 

In a nutshell, the best COVID-19 prevention plan involves a clear, visible, and well-communicated plan. Make sure that everyone in the office knows what you’re working on so that they are aligned with the same vision and goals. In that way, they will feel valued and cared about.  Moreover, they can cooperate towards the success of the company’s plan.

A clear plan doesn’t only boost employee morale but also creates a healthier and more productive workforce.