How to Remove Water Stains and Rings on Wood Furniture

how to clean water stains and rings on wood furniture

Anyone who knows a thing or two about interior design would agree that you can never go wrong with wood! Wood has been used for many years as a material for beautiful furniture and decorations for the home and office. This is for good reason. Wooden fixtures are comforting. They exude a warmth that most materials can’t.

Wood furniture has been used all throughout the country, for commercial and residential establishments alike. May it be from Litchfield County, Connecticut or Tolland County, Connecticut, you can always spot a gorgeous piece of wood furniture.

That said, there is a learning curve to maintaining wood furnishings. Taking proper care of your wood furniture is very important to increase its longevity. While it might seem time-consuming, simple steps can preserve its beauty now and for years to come.

At a loss on how to take care of your precious office wooden pieces, we have got you covered! Below are a few tips that can ensure your furniture lasts a lifetime: 

Differentiate Dark and White Stains

Discoloration on your wood furniture can occur when moisture infiltrates the finish.  You don’t want these discolorations to stay as it damages the overall aesthetic of your furniture. To properly handle the damage that discoloration brought upon my moisture, it is important to examine how severe it is.

First, take a closer look at the stain and see if the stain is white or dark. The color of the stains tells you how deep the dampness has gone into the lumber. If the stain appears white, it means the precipitation gets confined to the finished layer of the furniture which is just at the top. On the other hand, when the stain looks darker, the moisture has gotten down into the wood. 

For lighter blemished, irreversible damage has not yet happened and you can still do something about it.  For darker blemishes, it might not be easily fixed, and more effort needs to be done. You might need some professional help to do the work.

Removing White Stains

tricks on how to remove water rings and white stains on wooden furniture

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is easily available and is inexpensive. It is a common cleaning agent for most households. Baking soda can work for almost every square inch of your space. Mix it with water to create a paste and use a cloth or napkin to gently rub the affected area until the stain comes off.

One thing to remember when using this method is to rub along the grain so you will not cause any additional damage. When you are all done, wipe away the paste and use a bit of furniture polish to restore the shine.

Clothes Iron

Clothes iron can do more than just remove the wrinkles in your favorite dress pants. It is also a useful tool for eliminating water stains. That said, you need to be extra careful with the tool’s temperature.

Start by washing the furniture with a soft cloth and then dry it. After that, you can now plug in the iron to warm up and make sure it does not have any water on it. Don’t think about putting the iron directly on the surface of the furniture, rather, place a cotton cloth over the stained area and iron across the cloth. While doing this, you can take a look underneath to examine how far you’ve come in removing the stain until it totally disappears.


Toothpaste has also been known to remove stains and scuffs. Wood furniture is no exception. To gain successful results in removing those stains, use a soft cloth to lightly massage a non-gel toothpaste on your furniture. Make small circular motions on the spot and see it lighten and then disappear.

Keep in mind that in this process, you need to take it gently. Rushing and using force to rub on those stains can wear down the protective finish. Remember that sometimes a gentle technique can be quite beneficial.

Your worries about your wood furniture can now be lessened as you have tips to remove those stains and maintain the appearance of your space. 

Proper Wood Maintenance 

Maintaining wood furniture is simple and straightforward. Beyond stains, here are a few more tips that can steer you in the right direction:

  • Enforce regular cleaning schedules for your office. Truth be told, easy maintenance tasks like wiping down your wood furniture with a dampened cloth can do a world of difference. Don’t forget to wipe away the remaining moisture with a dry cloth.
  • Use a coaster under glasses and use a pad under hot plates to avoid stains and accumulation of moisture that would result in discolored white rings or other marks. Never place hot food directly on the surface without protection.
  • Lessen the contact with rubber, nylon, or plastic materials such as alarm clocks, laptops, and other electronics. These kinds of items can cause adverse reactions that may damage the finish of your wood furniture over time.
  • Use felt pads under vases and lamps which may scratch the surface of your furniture.  
  • Wood is soft which is why you should use thicker items underneath your paper when you intend to write. Handwriting can travel through the paper and might leave a scratch or mark on the surface of your wooden furniture.
  • Keep furniture away from heating or cooling vents as it can be harsh to the wood. Also, direct sunlight can fade wood finishes and dry them which can lead to cracking over time.
  • Keep your company pet off the wood furniture. As much as you love these little critters,  they might scratch the wood and cause damage to the furniture. 
  • Some wood furniture may have a wax protective coating that can age in due time. It may be necessary to re-wax the surface for continued protection and maintain its appearance.
  • Wood contracts and swells, depending on the atmosphere it is in. You might want to use a humidifier in your space especially if you live in a dry area. On the other hand, when you live in a humid environment, you might want to control the moisture in your workspace.

Still struggling to maintain your office wood furniture? Need not fret, we can help! Contact us at Burgos Commercial Cleaning today to learn more about what we have to offer.