Importance of Waste Management for Commercial Cleaners

waste management and commercial cleaning

A lot of you may claim to read and know proper waste management processes but don’t be surprised to see that damage to the environment is continuously happening. Although at a slower rate than before, the damage is still causing harm to the environment, animals, and humans. That’s why commercial cleaners are doing everything they can to minimize these damages. 

Commercial cleaners are responsible for maintaining a well-cleaned establishment because they are trained to professionally clean, sanitize, and disinfect everything. Their role of providing top-quality cleaning services every day allowed them to come into contact with your business’ trash first. That’s why they fully understand the importance of proper waste management. They know that it is one of the crucial factors that affect the environment and human health extensively if not properly taken care of. This article will discuss the necessity of sustainable waste management as well as the ways of doing so.

Sustainable Waste Management Practices

We all want to reduce our negative impact on the planet, and so do commercial cleaners. Here are some of the key waste management practices they have. 


Creating waste is unavoidable so learning how to make small changes such as using reusable materials, composting waste, buying second-hand items, and donating used items will definitely have a lasting effect on the environment. 


Used items are often discarded but that may not be the case for some. Emptied food containers can be used as many times as possible as long as you clean them thoroughly. Used cloth napkins, sponges, and dishcloths can be washed and used again for the same purpose. Other items, on the other hand, can be reused other than their main purpose. Water bottles and cans can be used as pots for your growing garden. 


Plastic, paper, glass, and food waste are some of the recyclable items out there. Worn-out running shoes can be donated to Nike and they become raw materials for their Nike Grind products which are a range of footwear from running tracks to shoe soles. Other researchers are also looking into how to use plastic bottles as an alternative to hollow blocks. Some are even turning these into chairs and donating to public schools. 


Whenever you go shopping it is encouraged to ask yourself first if you really need it. Also, make sure to bring your own eco-bag because plastic shopping bags are filling up landfills, made from non-renewable ingredients, and harmful to both animals and people. 


Before throwing something out try to think if it can be repaired. Repair first before categorizing something as rubbish. If your car/motor wheel has a hole then go to a car repair shop and get it patched instead of throwing it away and buying a new one. Additionally, repairable items have longer life spans compared to single-use items. 


Items that are no longer in use or are no longer needed should be donated to organizations or people who need them instead of throwing them away. 


You can also use your pruning shreds or chips to improve your garden soil. The fact that it would add carbon to your soil will result in a healthier one. Not only that, but it also saves you water. 

Give Advice to Company’s Waste Management Plans

As professional cleaners that are more knowledgeable about proper waste management, it is only proper if your commercial cleaner can give you advice or two if they see something wrong or missing with your waste management plans. Not only does it improve your waste management, but also helps them by decreasing the amount of effort they put into proper waste disposal. 

Waste Management Plan

Sustainable Materials

Instead of thinking of waste management as the last alternative to properly manage your waste, try considering the usage of sustainable materials. Waste management requires you to look at all the waste generated then search for different methods to reuse or recycle them. Using sustainable materials, on the other hand, lets you come up with better decisions about the material used for different departments that will eventually lead to lesser waste generated. 

Stage-by-stage Planning

Different stages and different departments require different waste management plans so a one-time plan will not deliver maximum results every time. Factors such as market change play a big role in the outcome of waste management. That’s why this must be taken into consideration before finalizing your waste management plan.

Avoid Landfills

Landfills are one of the sources of large methane emissions which are more potent than carbon dioxide. Methane emissions are the result of anaerobic breakdown by most materials found in landfills. These methane emissions greatly contribute to climate change and global warming. 

Team up with Professionals

Forming collaboration with different organizations and companies that have the same goal as you greatly promotes sustainable waste management. Not only do these kinds of partnerships improve cooperation between the public, private, and stakeholders, but they also effectively minimize the effects of improper waste management on poor communities. It also improves the living conditions of individuals and businesses in both rural and urban areas. 

Effects of Improper Waste Management

improper waste management effects
  • Soil Contamination
  • Water Contamination
  • Air Contamination
  • Climate Change
  • Human Damage
  • Harm towards Land, Air, and Marine Animals

We generate a lot of trash and now, it adversely affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land on which we live. As a result, we must not only manage these wastes but also devise plans for long-term waste management. 

Proper waste management makes you a better and responsible inhabitant of the Earth. Waste generation cannot be avoided so it is your duty as one of the people living on it to come up and practice better ways of managing your waste. Our actions will determine whether or not we benefit or suffer together with the environment. 

Therefore, if significant mismanagement of waste is seen around Fairfield County or Hartford County Connecticut feel free to contact any professional commercial cleaning service company