Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Professional vaccum
Different carpets, different methods.

Cleanliness is next to godliness and that does not exempt your carpets. You don’t need an in-depth guide about carpets to know that a clean one shows a reflection of how the company wants its clients and visitors to view its business.  

The carpet in your office may have been an investment that you have installed because of comfort and looks. As an investment, you’ll want it to have a prolonged appearance. 

To keep it looking as good as possible, you will need regular cleaning. But do you know that cleaning does more than keep the carpets clean and good looking?

Here are Few of the Reasons Why You Need Your Carpet Cleaned:

1. Improved Health

Carpets are magnets of allergens, dust particles, and bacteria. If anyone in your office is susceptible to breathing problems, the particles in the carpet could lead to breathing problems such as allergies.

2. Profit Saver

Dust could kill your profits. As dust and dirt accumulate in your carpet it lures more diseases in your office which could mean sick employees. Having sick employees would lower your productivity and thus would lessen your profit. So clean your carpet!

3. Improved Airflow

Dirty carpets could block the airflow in your office. As the carpets get congested with dust and dirt your airflow is compromised especially in areas along walls.

Regular cleaning is a must for carpets. As stated above, it could be for health reasons, profits, or just for the appearance. And for offices with heavy traffic, it will need a little more than just the usual methods used in regular cleaning. 

So we listed some of the methods to keep your carpets clean and sanitized.  

Carpet Cleaning Methods


Regular carpeting could extend the life of your carpet as well as retain its appearance. 

Making a schedule for the vacuuming of your office carpets may be beneficial as it could focus more on the high traffic areas. High traffic areas accumulate more dust and dirt compared to the low traffic areas.  

Use of Carpet Shampo

Carpet shampoos are economical and thus one of the most used carpet cleaning solutions. It is also marked as one of the best ways to clean your office carpet.

As carpet shampoo is poured on top of your carpet, it produces foam. The components of the foam from the carpet shampoo attracts the dust and dirt that are in the carpet. The solution is left to dry and after it gets dry it becomes brittle and will separate from the fibers from your carpet. The dirt that remained in your carpet will then be collected using a vacuum cleaner.  

Dry Powder

Dry powder is absorbent. It is made of solvent, detergents, and water. Though one of its components is water, it does not employ the use of water and that is why it is known as dry cleaning or powder cleaning.  

The powder is sprinkled on top of the carpet using rotating machines and will naturally spread all over the carpet. The powder will be left for around 15 minutes then the vacuum will be used to collect the accumulated dirt and powder. 

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

This carpet cleaning method is also called deep cleaning. It is very popular amongst offices due to its high efficiency. 

With regular vacuuming, you can remove 80% of dirt from your carpet but even with the best vacuum, you could not reach a higher percentage than that. The problem with that 20% of dirt is that it is already grounded on the carpet. And taking out the grounded dust and dirt is where steam cleaning or hot water extraction is efficient. 

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction removes up to 97% of bacteria and dirt on your carpet. With the steam method, you can remove the lowest layer of dirt and that is why it is the best method to deal with ground stains. 

This method does not use actual steam. Instead of steam, it uses extremely hot water mixed with a cleansing solution or detergent. Hot water as well as high pressure is sprayed on the carpet which helps loosen dirt particles. After the dirt is eliminated forcefully by the high water pressure it is then removed with the use of a vacuum cleaner and stored in a holding tank.   

The steam carpet method is considered the deepest carpet cleaning method. The hot water used in this method could eliminate dust mites, bacteria, and fungus which would make your office carpet allergy-free. 


Foam is almost the same as steam carpet cleaning. This method uses an amount of shampoo that is spread over the carpet using a rotating brush. 

The movement of the brush causes the creation of foam. The foam is then left to dry for about an hour. During the drying process, the dust and dirt in the carpet are accumulated in the foam. After drying, the dirt particles will be gathered using a vacuum. 

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a form of dry cleaning. 

The usual methods used in dry cleaning that is quick and surface grime and stain tackling is followed by Bonnet cleaning. However, the approach differs in a way that instead of using a vacuum to gather the chemical solution, it is brushed off with a dry absorbent pad or ‘bonnet’.

The floor machine rotates the bonnet to disturb the dust and dirt on the carpet. This is why it is only used on certain types of carpets. A wrong type of carpet could have damaged carpet fibers with this method.

It is inexpensive and cost-effective for regular maintenance.   

Having a clean carpet is imperative for a good impression, good health, and cleanliness. Looking for the best cleaning method for your carpet may not be easy especially if you have more important matters at hand but all good things will be reaped afterward.

Aside from the cleaning method, it is also important to select who cleans your carpet. You need fully trained individuals who know and understand different methods to clean your carpet.  

Here in Burgos Cleaning, we have trained teams with modern tools to clean your carpets. We provide professional cleaning to eliminate all the unnecessary dirt, dust, grime, and stains. We aim to give you the best results. Have your carpets cleaned now!