Must-Have New Year’s Resolution When It Comes to Cleaning

new year resolution cleaning

The first page of the 365-day journey has recently started and we all know what comes after that. Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Creating New Year’s resolutions that we all promise to do before the 365-journey ends. Reflecting on what had transpired last year and start setting up new goals or continuing the previous ones. You might notice that almost everyone sets up goals that would greatly improve their overall health or improve their businesses.

Well, achieving these two common goals is not easy but once achieved it would show tremendous results, both for your business and health. Furthermore, with the pandemic still present, new year’s resolutions regarding cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting was mostly the focus of other businesses out there. 

Admit it or not most of you fail to meet these goals you made because some of them are too much for you to fulfill, so let us help you start your new year right with these bite-size goals that are easier to accomplish.

Throw out any garbage lying around

Let’s start with the easiest and most essential thing in keeping your office spaces clean. Get rid of any trash lying around. Businesses often overlook the fact that some employees, clients, or visitors just leave their trash there and won’t make an effort to throw it in the trash bin. 

Managing your employees is the easiest thing here. You just have to set up rules that they should throw their trash in the proper bins. Customers or visitors are quite hard to manage since they are not under your jurisdiction. You can just increase the number of trash bins in your office so that people can see them whenever they are. But don’t just focus on throwing out what’s in the bins cause there might be some more trash lying around the area. Regular inspection is suggested to avoid a messy office space. 

Start decluttering

Decluttering is one of the most challenging things for most businesses, small or big. Miscellaneous things, such as documents and other office supplies, always accumulate over time and this cannot be avoided. You can practically see them everywhere you go, either in a drawer or the corner of a desk, and so the cycle continues.

Doing a regular declutter in your office will definitely make your office look more organized. Without those unwanted objects in the office holding you back from doing your work properly, a sanitized space, improved work quality, increased efficiency, and a boost in your health will be the end results. So start listing down the things you don’t need anymore, including the things that are becoming an obstacle while you’re working, and start decluttering! 

donating after decluttering

If you already finished decluttering and you feel like you are wasting money if you throw away the things that are still usable then put them in a separate box or container. Once that box or container is full, find a suitable place to donate them to. It can be donated to nearby charity shops, platforms such as Gumtree or Craigslist, community exchanges, real-life community groups, and more. 

Donating things can be a challenge since you want to donate something that is still usable without unintentionally offending the people. Giving your unwanted things to other people who need it is quite fulfilling. Although it takes time and effort, it makes you grow as a person while saving something from a landfill and making someone happy in the process.

Make sure something goes out when you buy or bring something in

Have you realized that most companies order new office supplies but never get rid of the old ones? And this bad habit leads to a huge number of unused supplies piled up in the office. Moreover, they aren’t used immediately since the older supplies must be used first before the new ones in order to avoid abnormal losses on your business’ part. 

Remember that clutter easily builds back up if you don’t regularly do it, so one way to make sure the clutter builds up slowly is to make sure that before purchasing new supplies the old ones must go first. We recommend having an Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). This will avoid clutter from building up too quickly because your company only has to order new supplies when the minimum inventory count is achieved. If you apply this simple rule you won’t have to declutter often. 

Go green

One of the top goals most businesses are wanting to achieve is to reduce their carbon footprints. One way to do so is to go green when it comes to cleaning products. We all know that products in the past and some now use harmful chemicals that can cause mild to adverse side effects if product instructions are not properly read and executed. 

Removing these harmful chemicals alone will decrease your company’s carbon footprint. Partnering this with environmentally-friendly programs like recycling, going paperless, and using reusable things will make your business greener. Also, try to upgrade to the latest models of equipment because new models tend to require less energy and resources. 

Be consistent

As we’ve mentioned earlier, achieving these goals can be a challenge. That’s why you should always remind yourself of your new year’s resolutions every now and then. Consistency takes time, but if often practice would bring the maximum results you are wanting to achieve. 

Performing regular evaluations in connection with your goals would be a great thing. It allows you to remember the goals and know your progress. It also allows for improvements or tweaks to the previous plans you have come up with. Furthermore, be more strict when it comes to cleaning schedules.

Properly cleaning your office space can help you achieve your business goals. These aren’t all the new year’s resolutions you can come up with since there are a lot more out there just be creative. We hope this article helped you in creating your new year’s resolution about cleaning.