Office Cleaning Guidelines

For many reasons, you may want to keep your office as clean as possible. As the old saying goes, cleanliness is second to Godliness. Not only will your office look tidy but also it will have more space for several activities for your employees. On top of that, it is a good impression to your customers and clients. Also, a clean office helps you to save time and reduce the time you work in a week trying to put your work in order. This increases productivity of your company at the same time motivating your employees to work very hard. Here are some office cleaning guidelines for you:

Organization of loose papers

Working in an office sometimes can be really messy especially when there is a lot of paperwork that is put in use on a daily basis. This makes it so difficult and time consuming when trying to refer too some important documents. To keep your office organized, here as some tips to kick start your process;

-With filing cabinets, you can store documents such as work orders, invoices, as well as customer profiles. Always put these files in order of their specific use. Always file documents each time you clean your office.

-Making use of desktop trays is important. This is in cases where you need certain documents for a quick reference. This is a better idea for things such as open customer files, the paper works as well as bills to be paid.

Disinfection of Restrooms

This is not only crucial for the safety of your customers and employees but is a necessity for a company’s office. A restroom is a busy place for sure and needs to be cleaned from time to time. Here are some crucial steps on how to keep your restroom tidy;

-Wipe the sinks and counter areas with a disinfecting cleaner.

-Mop and sweep the floor with a clean mop or rag to remove dust particles

-Scrub well the toilet bowls with a clean brush

-Make sure to refill soap dispensers as well as paper towel holders.

-Replace toilet paper rolls from time to time.

Clean the Break Room

A break room needs to as clean as possible for many reasons. The main reason is that food is always prepared and stored here. Keeping the break room clean increases the health and safety of your employees. It also motivates your employees to a large extent. Here is how to keep a company’s break room tidy:

-Wash the dish and had towels from time to time.

-Clean the microwaves in the inside using a disinfecting rug.

-Spray the sinks, tables and shelves using a disinfecting spray.

-Clean the dish drainer to prevent mildew.

-keep the refrigerator organized and as clean as possible.

Ensure Public areas look presentable

Notice that when customers visit your company, a clean office is what they always find as the first thing. For this reason, it is always good to keep the office presentable for the customers and clients. Here is how;

-Make sure the seats in your office are dust free.

-If you have magazines and newspapers for your customers to read, make sure they are in order and up to date.

-Make sure your walls are clean and remove any possible marks.

-Vacuum all the floors are mop.

-Dust the shelves, wall hangings tables and put everything in order.

With all these steps in place, you will be able to work well in your office knowing everything is in order. This as said earlier motivates your employees to work hard. It also gives a good impression to your clients and customers. Contact us here at Burgos Cleaning for more info.