Office Cleaning Mistakes You are Making

Cleaning an office is no easy task. Getting the help of a professional like Burgos Cleaning is highly recommended. Pay attention, the use of some specific cleaning products may damage your office

furniture, so reading the labels is very important. A trained professional knows exactly what to use and when.

The office is a big space that needs a lot of attention. Often times people do a lot of mistakes and they are not even aware of what we’re doing. Here’s a short guide on the most common office cleaning mistakes you are making. Let’s also see how to avoid doing them.

1. Spraying a product directly onto the furniture

When you dust, you probably think that it is better to spray your dust remover directly on your furniture. In fact, it only aggravates the problem. The product will get embedded into the furniture and will promote the accumulation of dirt that ends up being even more difficult to remove. Spray the product first on a cloth before cleaning the surface to be dusted.

2. Using the same cloth on all surfaces

You probably do not know, but the housewives of the past possessed precise rags for each task. This is especially true for the toilet where you should keep a cloth and sponge that you do not use elsewhere, so as not to contaminate other surfaces with the bacteria contained in this room.

3. Dusting off with a feather duster

In reality, you just move the dust from one place to another when you dust with a feather duster. A slightly damp microfiber cloth that recovers dust well and does not encourage it to redeposit elsewhere is way better.

4. Ignoring windowsills

You probably think that you do not eat in here and also, nobody sees them. But you may change your mind when you discover dead flies, their droppings, dust and other dirt that have been deposited there without noise and without your knowledge. So please do not ignore these and clean them thoroughly with a clean wipe that also has alcohol in its mixture.

5. Not washing the trash

The trash can needs to be washed not only emptied. Your trash can will smell really bad if you do not wash it properly after each change of trash bag. This may turn into a health hazard if left uncleaned.

6. Not giving a product enough time to work

When spraying white vinegar on the tiles, let the product work (usually 15 minutes) before rinsing. Otherwise, you only scratch the surface and the tough bacteria will continue to survive and grow.

7. Washing everything with dish-washing liquid

At Burgos Cleaning we recommend not using dish soap like products to clean sensitive surfaces. A good service provider has at least 20 cleaning products at hand. The office will be impeccable.

8. Using “tons” of bleach

In case you didn’t know, bleach does not clean any surface, it disinfects. In addition, recent research has found that the excessive use of this product is very harmful to your health and ends up making you more sensitive to microbes.

9. Washing the windows in poor weather

It makes sense: the sun quickly dries the product you spray on your windows to clean them. But washing on a cloudy day puts you at risk: cleaning up for nothing if it rains. The windows will get dirty because of the pollution in the air and rainwater. You’ll end up working for nothing if after you’ve cleaned them a rain comes and leaves stains and marks that are clearly visible.

10. Not cleaning the vacuum cleaner

You should not wait until the vacuum bag is full to change it because you are promoting a new culture of bacteria. You should also clean it regularly and always empty a bagless vacuum cleaner and dispose of everything in the garbage bin. Particles may be thrown back into the air if you do not empty the vacuum cleaner frequently.

So, you see, people are prone to making a lot of mistakes. This is why hiring a professional is the best thing you can do. Burgos Cleaning is a company that professionally cleans your office and does it while keeping your health and overall wellness at heart. We never make mistakes in choosing the cleaning products we use, we never make mistakes that may pose risk to your health and we always provide our service to satisfy our client fully.

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