Office Deep Cleaning: What Should You Expect?

Office deep cleaning
Regular vs Deep Cleaning: Are you aware with the differences?

Time is always a precious commodity for business owners. A day in an office would include back-to-back meetings, various people in and out, coffee spills, microwave mishaps, and a lot more things. With the things going on every day, business owners tend to overlook the importance of having the office deep cleaned. 

Cleaning is vital to healthy living. In an office, it is important to maintain cleanliness to ensure that the employees have a comfortable and safe place to work in. Regular cleaning comes with many benefits and the good thing is, businesses are accustomed to that. Some of them usually employ janitorial services to do this type of cleaning.  However, what most entrepreneurs overlook is scheduling a more intricate method of cleaning which is deep cleaning. Now, what is the difference between the two?

Regular Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

The simplest way to define regular cleaning is that it is a cleaning type performed on a regular basis. It is sometimes referred to as domestic cleaning. 

Regular cleaning maintains a level of cleanliness around your office. It is mostly on the things usually used and seen. Some of the tasks done during a regular cleaning are:

  • Mopping and/or vacuuming the floors
  • Cleaning the bathrooms – sink, mirror, and toilet
  • Tidying up mess such as the office desk or a meeting desk
  • Cleaning the pantry – sink, surfaces, and cupboard 

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, involves a lot more cleaning than cleaning those on the surface. It often involves an empty space, that is why it is usually done during weekends or when the employees are out of the office.

Deep cleaning could reach deep grime and dirt in your office. It covers areas that are not usually covered by regular cleaning. Some of these areas are:

  • Under the sink
  • Behind your appliances like the microwave oven and the coffee maker
  • Inside of the microwave oven including its glass door
  • Windows frames and doors
  • Inside and outside of the windows
  • Office blinds
  • Corners that may be rooms for cobwebs
  • Scale removal from all bathroom tiles 

What is the importance of office deep cleaning?

Office deep cleaning is important simply because regular cleaning is not enough. An annual deep cleaning would ensure you and your employees that the office a safe workplace – free from ill causing bacteria and viruses. 

Deep cleaning done by your trusted cleaning service provider could help eliminate the harmful microorganisms and elements such as allergens, dust particles, mold, bacteria, and germs that may have stuck in your office blinds, carpets, tiles, and even in your microwave oven door. 

Deep cleaning would clean and sanitize your workplace, especially in areas that are not usually tackled during your regular cleaning.   

An innovative method of deep cleaning called electrostatic deep cleaning involves the spraying of electrostatically charged particles over surfaces and equipment. The charged particles adhere to the surfaces that allow the coating and sanitation to be done more accurately. Electrostatic spray cleaning is 50% quicker and more accurate compared to the traditional methods of deep cleaning. 

What does an office deep cleaning entail?

Thorough washing of the floors

The first thing to do during an office deep cleaning is to move all the furniture and fixtures. Basically, everything that may hinder you from cleaning the entire floor with ease. After moving the furniture, take a bucket of water and cleaning soap. You can either mop or use equipment to clean the floors. 

Wash the floors thoroughly. When you encounter stains, get a brush and scrub them off then clean it a mop afterward. Do not forget to disinfect the floors after washing. 

Targeting of Areas that are usually left out during regular cleaning

The target areas of regular cleaning are those areas that are frequently used. Due to this, there are areas in your office that are overlooked. Forgetting to clean these areas may cause dirt, grime, and bacteria to build up that is why you should put much emphasis on these areas during an office deep cleaning. 

These areas include air vents, door handles, and hard to reach areas. 

Cleaning and Vacuuming

You may have moved aside your furniture but you will not forget them during a deep cleaning session. Make sure to deep clean your office chairs and sofas by vacuuming them to ensure that the dust is removed. After vacuuming, clean it with water and soap to remove the stains and dirt are were not removed. 

This is best done during a weekend to ensure that the furniture are cleaned thoroughly and dried properly. 

Disinfecting the washrooms

Bathrooms are homes for bacteria and specks of dirt. But most of the time they are overlooked in terms of cleaning. Some think that as long as they don’t smell, the cleaning is done properly. What they don’t realize is that grime and germs are already piling up.

During a deep cleaning, it is important to clean the washroom walls, toilet bowls, and the sink area. Disinfecting these areas will ensure that you get rid of the ill-causing germs and bacteria that may be present on the surface. With this, you can prevent the spread of diseases and get a clean washroom, hitting two birds with one stone. While these may all seem straightforward, it’s actually a lot more complicated thus it’s best to leave the cleaning to the professionals.


Regular cleaning is good for maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis, but without scheduled deep cleaning, it’s impossible to keep the workplace easy to maintain and disinfect. Acknowledging that your office cleaning processes need to step up further will ensure a clean and safe workplace for you and your employees.