The Difference between Traditional and Modern Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaning entails the use of methods based on household ideas. It requires the use of household detergents, cleaning agents and brushes to get rid of stains on the carpet. The process helps to remove dirt on the outer and inner layer of the carpet. On the other hand, modern carpet cleaning techniques entail the use of heavy machines and chemicals to remove the stain.

Some of the modern methods of cleaning carpets namely:
– Steam cleaning
– Encapsulation
– Bonnet cleaning

Steam cleaning is a process where the carpet is first pre-conditioned using a chemical reagent. The chemical reagent is meant to liquefy oil based elements and dirt. The next step entails infusing very hot water of extremely high temperature into the carpet at high pressure. Once the pressurized water has loosened, all the dirt on the carpet dissolves into it. From there, you extract the water, together with the dirt from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. This method leaves the carpet sparkling clean.

No water is needed when using encapsulation. It involves the use of a chemical that has both cleaning and crystallization agents. The cleaning agents, used alongside a motorized brush suspend the debris and dirt. On the other hand, the crystallization agent is for encapsulating and drying them. The formed solid crystals are then eliminated from the carpet using a vacuum.

In bonnet cleaning, you are required to mix a cleaning agent with carbonated water. Then, spread the mixture over the carpet as mist using a bonnet. A bonnet is basically a rotating buffer. Besides ensuring that the combination targets the dirty areas of the carpet, the bonnet plucks all the dirt which then goes to the hood. Once it becomes grimy, the absorbent covering of the bonnet must be removed and replaced. Other popular modern methods of carpet cleaning include carpet shampooing and dry cleaning.

One may ask themselves, why use the traditional method of carpet cleaning? Another one is wondering why they should use the modern approach. The answer lies in their differences. So, what is the difference between traditional carpet cleaning and modern carpet cleaning?

Modern carpet cleaning techniques require the use of toxic substances while traditional methods entail the use of non-toxic materials. However, proponents of advanced techniques need not worry. One can always go for the least toxic chemicals to ensure environmental sustainability.

You will realize a lot of water wastage when you use the traditional carpet cleaning technique. On the other hand, due to advancement in technology, you use very little water, and at times, none, for instance when you choose encapsulation.

Due to the discovery of useful machines, the quality of your carpet remains the same when you use modern techniques. On the other hand, you are bound to interfere with the fabric quality if you are always using traditional carpet cleaning approaches. The cleaning and crystallization agents used with modern methods are designed with the quality of your carpet in mind. Besides, they improve its shine, leaving it looking as good as new.

If you are mindful of the amount of time you spend cleaning your carpet, then modern techniques are more favorable than traditional methods. The powerful, yet safe cleaning agents, and the machines help you get the job done within the shortest time possible. Besides saving you time (that can be allocated to other demanding tasks), modern methods take away the exhaustion associated with the traditional carpet cleaning.

Some people argue that modern carpet cleaning is more costly than the traditional one. We cannot dismiss the fact that you may chuck out a good amount of money, but we cannot also ignore the associated benefits. Think of the perfect outcome. Imagine getting the work done within minimal time. Consider the long term benefits such as the non-interference with the quality of the fabric of your carpet. Have you stopped to think about the amount of water you get to save? One more thing, why get all tired while cleaning your carpet the traditional way, while a professional carpet cleaner that uses the most modern techniques can produce better results in record time? These are some of the things you need to consider. Do not just pay attention to the financial costs. Instead, look at the social costs as well.

One of the gifts that the world has ever received is the ever-growing technology. It has changed our lives in ways most of us never envisioned. It has simplified our life. Modern carpet cleaning is just one of the things that have made our lives easier.