The Effectiveness of Manual Cleaning and Disinfecting

manual cleaning and disinfecting in offices

Cleaning and disinfecting are the most important factors in attaining a germ-free environment may it be inside your homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, and more. As the virus continued to infect and kill people, people took it in their hands to start learning how to properly clean and disinfect their environments. Since a study showed that proper cleaning can kill the virus and stop it from spreading any further. But what is the best cleaning method out there that would maximize cleaning and disinfecting?

What is Manual Cleaning?

Manual cleaning is the process of physically removing dirt, grease, dust, and more without the use of equipment. Yes, you got it right! It is the kind of cleaning that requires you to use your hands, literally, instead of using electricity, gas, or petrol. Some of you might think that it’s a tiresome and lengthy method, and other companies think so too, that’s why they often prefer automation cleaning or the use of cleaning equipment to make their area squeaky clean. Big companies often use the automation method, but if you’re one of those people who value thorough cleaning, disinfecting, safety, and germ-killing then manual cleaning is your cleaning method. 

Why is it important?

You might still be thinking that you’d rather use automation cleaning or other cleaning methods to save time that will still let you achieve a clean environment. Well, the list below might change your mind. Here are some advantages of adapting manual cleaning:

Effective cleaning for hard-to-reach places

Automation is not always foolproof when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting since not all equipment has great hygienic designs to reach hard-to-reach places such as behind refrigerators, the back part of the sink, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and door and window slide tracks. Without the use of manual cleaning, these places won’t ever experience 100% dirt-free surfaces. 

Focus more on trouble areas

There are two essential parts in manual cleaning, friction, and fluidics. When we say friction, we mean the rubbing or scrubbing of an area that totally removes any grease or dirt. Manual cleaning is indeed tiresome. Try to list down trouble areas that are hard to clean, so cleaning will be more efficient and less time-consuming. Knowing where to clean more is important and this isn’t possible for automation since most companies clean every area equally which limits the cleanliness achieved.

Fluidics, on the other hand, talks about the cleaning products you need to use. That’s why we encourage you to study which products work best for you. Looking it up on the internet will decrease the chances of encountering accidents such as mixing wrong cleaning products that might cause suffocation or other harsh chemical reactions.

Reduces company expenses

How can it reduce company expenses? You ask. Well, that’s simple. As mentioned earlier, manual cleaning results in a more effective and efficient cleaning which means the company can move the date of the next cleaning schedule a little further. And this means fewer cleaning products used. Overall, less cleaning expenses.

Prolongs equipment lifespan

Every company has that sensitive equipment that tends to malfunction or break if not cleaned properly. Manual cleaning requires the detachment of removable parts resulting in more cleaned and maintained equipment parts. This also reduces corrosion on the inside that’s why this method can prolong any type of equipment’s lifespan.

Boost safety and hygiene

Cleaning is one of the most crucial parts of this pandemic and effective cleaning might do the trick of stopping the spread of the virus among peers. As mentioned earlier, automated equipment is not foolproof because its designs don’t allow them to reach some areas. If some areas in the kitchen or hospitals aren’t sparkly clean it might lead to cross-contamination due to the remaining dirt or worse lead to an outbreak like today. Furthermore, it protects both you, your employees, and your clients from catching any kind of illness.

Manual Cleaning Equipment

Of course, cleaning won’t be complete without the necessary equipment or tools. So we prepared a list for you below

Cleaning Trolley or bucket

proper manual cleaning equipment

Cleaning must be fast and efficient especially for big companies because you want to avoid delaying other employees from doing their own tasks. Also, you don’t want to go back and forth from the storage room to get all the things you need, right? So, a cleaning trolley or bucket would be perfect. Big enough to store all the cleaning equipment you need and it has wheels. You can literally drag it wherever you are assigned to. 

Broom and dustpan

We all know that the first step in cleaning would be sweeping the floor from any dust or small piles of dirt. These two are widely used in any industry as well as in houses. They are highly effective for cleaning larger-sized dirt such as broken glass or spilled pasta which isn’t recommended for vacuum use. This combo can also be used to sweep up dog poop or cat poop. 

Disinfecting wipes

Unlike sanitizing wipes, disinfecting wipes are germ-killing cleaning equipment. These are highly effective in disinfecting highly touched surfaces from time to time. A couple of swipes on the surface and after a few minutes, every germ in that area is gone. Another advantage of using disinfecting wipes is they are less harsh compared to bleach, but caution must still be practiced since they may still irritate your skin if exposed for too long. 


Let’s not forget about floors! Germs easily accumulate and build up on floors since they are often touched by dirty shoes. Furthermore, a clean floor equals a cleaner house and if you have a clean house it simply means a safer and hygienic environment and everyone. Mopping doesn’t only stop the germ build-up but also keeps all kinds of allergens outside your homes. 

Window scrapers and squeegee 

Another hard-to-clean area is glass windows, so having these tools would make your life easier. Who doesn’t love a streak-free glass? Well, a window squeegee would do that for you. Also, clean windows prevent the glass from degrading and let natural light come into the office.

Efficient and effective cleaning is essential if you want your employees and customers from infectious viruses. The increased importance of cleanliness also increased the number of people wanting to maintain their homes virus-free.