The Future of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
How will the pandemic shape the future of commercial cleaning?

There is no denying the impact COVID-19 has had across the globe. At the time of writing, all but twelve countries have been affected by the pandemic. In the US, almost seven million cases have been confirmed – 192,000 of those cases have succumbed to the disease. The staggering statistics, unsurprisingly, has and will change the face of most industries. This includes the commercial cleaning field. 

Despite the rising numbers, most states across the country have lifted their shelter in place directives. More and more establishments are re-opening their doors for business. With the revival of the economic sector, it is your responsibility as a business owner to keep up with the changing times. Keeping your office space clean would be unlike ever before and demands for disinfection would be more rigorous. 

The “New Normal” in Commercial Cleaning

In order to keep up with the turn of the tides, below are just a few changes that you should expect in the next few months:

Better Cleaning Product Options in the Market 

According to research, frequent hand washing and surface disinfection are two of the best defense practices against COVID-19. Since the virus tends to linger on frequently used surfaces, ensuring the efficacy of cleaning products used to disinfect these areas have become a priority for the market.

For the most part, both alcohol and bleach are enough to kill the influenza virus strain. However, these products do not have a lasting effect and need to be reapplied periodically. In the next few months, expect a surge of new cleaning products in the market that is geared specifically for disinfecting against the COVID-19 virus. 

Rigorous Standards Would be Imposed

The pandemic has pushed for more research on the relationship between cleaning standards and overall health. As data trickles in, OSHA would be updating their guidelines in order to accommodate the new information that would safeguard the health of employees and customers within the commercial industry. 

It is your responsibility as a business owner to remain informed on the most recent office maintenance guidelines from window maintenance to keeping a clean reception area. The last thing you want is to open your business after a long period of hiatus only to be slapped with OSHA fines. 

Customers Would Expect Safety Measures

Considering the sheer number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the globe, it is unsurprising how the buying public has been wary of going out and making purchases in brick and mortar establishments. In the next few months, it is unlikely that this apprehension would change. 

Needless to say, most clients coming into any commercial establishment would expect for safety measures to be in place. 

Commercial Cleaning Would Be a Necessity

Keeping your office space or storefront clean is an important part of business operations. However, before the pandemic, it isn’t necessarily atop a business owner’s list of priorities. Without a doubt, sentiments surrounding commercial cleaning has and will change in the light of COVID-19. 

 Ensuring that the workspace is cleaned and disinfected regularly would now be essential in keeping a business afloat. After all, you don’t want to lose workers and clients over a dirty surface. 

Keeping Up with the “New Normal”

Truth be told, there is no returning to “normal” after COVID-19’s siege. As such, it only makes sense to shift and pivot your operation’s cleaning practices into a process that would best respond to the demands of the current crisis. 

Stay on Top of Changes in Commercial Cleaning Standards

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light plenty of the lapses in cleaning standards most commercial operations have made. Unfortunately, since the world is dealing with a virus more virulent than common allergies, skirting through these guidelines is no longer possible. 

Human capital is your operation’s biggest asset. In order to keep both employees and customers safe, it is up to you to keep track of recent cleaning developments and adjust your maintenance protocols accordingly. It is tedious work but it can be the difference between life and death. Your diligence would be well worth it. 

Create a Rigorous Cleaning Process

With new and fresh information in tow, the obvious next step is to create a cleaning process that would ensure the safety of everyone that visits your premises. Each establishment requires a different set of standards. After all, a restaurant’s cleaning needs wouldn’t be the same as standards set for a clothing store. 

The process that you create should be crafted with your specific operations in mind. It is always a good idea to confer with your employees as to how cleaning practices can be improved. They are, after all, in the trenches all day. They would know the improvements that need to happen in order to ensure their health and safety. 

Disseminate Information and Train Your Employees

The process you create would be for naught if you don’t properly inform your employees about the guidelines. It is best to disseminate information in two-fold. 

If space permits, a face-to-face meeting discussing the new cleaning regulations and schedules should be organized. Likewise, following the meeting, guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, and surface disinfection should be sent via email. This way employees would understand the gravity in which the regulations should be implemented. They are more likely to follow if they have something to refer to. In this day and age, you can never be too safe. 

Opt for Professional Commercial Cleaning Services 

As discussed earlier, the face of commercial cleaning has changed in the light of COVID-19. With stricter guidelines and almost daily updates, it can be a problem for you as a business owner to keep up with everything. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to take care of your operation’s cleaning would not only take the responsibility off of your plate but it ensures professional quality cleaning for your office. At the end of the day, choosing to invest in a third-party operation for your office maintenance is an investment in your peace of mind. 

The Future of Commercial Cleaning

At this point, very few things are more important in running a business than commercial cleaning. If there is anything that this pandemic has shown, it is that maintaining the cleanliness of your office space should be a priority, not an option.