The Power of Dish Soaps: Ultimate Cleaning Hack

dishwashing soap

It is no surprise to see dish soap in every household because of the magic it does to your dirty dishes. Dish soap is known to be the gentlest cleaning agent out there with a special mixture of surfactants that are designed to break the tension between solids. Making it the most effective cleaning agent for cutting oils and grease on your dishes and pots.

Although it’s known to be the gentlest cleaning agent, the evolution of dish soap throughout the years gave birth to dish soaps containing phosphates. Phosphates are considered an environmental hazard since they increase algae blooms and as a result, decrease water oxygen levels. With this being said, dish soap manufacturers avoided adding phosphates while others thought of an alternative, triclosan. But this new substance is an antibacterial component that hinders the microbial breakdown of wastes at wastewater treatment facilities. So, make sure you check your labels before buying dish soap.

Did you know that this incredible dirty dish cleaner can be used to make your whole office spotless? Here are a few things the gentlest cleaning agent ever can clean aside from your greasy dishes and pots.


One of the common disinfecting mistakes is the more soap you put, the cleaner the floor would be, but that’s not the case. More soap equals more suds, and these suds leave a sticky texture on the floor. A few drops of dish soap mixed with hot water in a spray bottle should do the trick. Whether it’s concrete, linoleum, vinyl, or ceramic tiles, the dish soap mixture will leave a shiny mirror-like floor. But never use this mixture on wooden floors since they may be stained or warped by moisture.


Glass can be seen all the time from your windows, doors, facades of buildings, and so on. What would be better relaxation in your office other than having a great view of the city next to you? So, you make sure they’re cleaned regularly. Cleaning glass might seem like an easy task, but with the constant build-up of residue, they may seem opaque over time. Using diluted dish soap to clean them is the easiest hack. Just spray your glass with the mixture and wipe it with a dry cloth or newspaper to get the squeaky finish you’d love.


Non-permeable surfaces like marble and granite are delicate stones, but they can be cleaned using a dish soap mixture. Yes, you’ve read it right! So, don’t make cleaning these delicate stones more complicated. Simply spray the mixture on top and wipe it dry using a piece of cloth. Other surfaces such as office desks, countertops, baseboards, windowsills, and more will surely have that dust and dirt-free surface after a few sprays and wipes.


Of course, an office can’t be complete without a pantry, and pantries would always have appliances such as microwaves, water dispensers, and coffee makers. And yes, these can be cleaned using dish soap. Since it’s a gentle cleaner, it will not leave any strong scent that may contaminate food nor irritate you when enjoying your break time. Make sure to rinse the appliances, use a damp cloth to wipe them, and thoroughly dry them to avoid any damage, especially if they’re electrical appliances.

Window Blinds

I know cleaning these things is a hassle. You have to take them down and clean each blade thoroughly, and I’m sure it’s not everyone’s favorite chore. Thankfully, your gentlest cleaning agent came to the rescue. Diluted dish soap is one of the best cleaning solutions for this hassle of cleaning blinds.


Knobs are one of the surfaces experiencing the most traffic, and you wouldn’t want to miss them out on the cleaning process. The cheapest and most effective way in cleaning them is a dish soap solution. Spray the knob once or twice, then wipe it dry with a cloth. It would be better to spray a few alcohols to make it extra cleaner and to kill the germs chilling on it.

Office Chairs

Using dish soap to clean office chairs

There are tons of office chair upholstery types and have different cleaning procedures but worry not for dish soap can clean the most common types of these bad boys. From Crypton fabric, vinyl, leather, and mesh, dish soap can do the trick.

Crypton Fabric

This kind of fabric is known to resist stain because of its barrier surface, so cleaning them is a little different. A ¼ cup dish soap mixed with a gallon of lukewarm water should do the trick. Apply the mixture to the stained area and gently rub it using a soft-bristled brush or sponge. Make sure to rinse all soap suds, then repeat the process 3-6 times. And lastly, let the fabric dry.


This requires less maintenance compared to leather, so if you accidentally spilled something on your vinyl, wipe the excess using a damp towel, then use your dish soap solution to clean the rest. Spray the affected area and gently brush it with a soft-bristled brush or sponge, then pat dry.


Leather needs deep cleaning once in a while, so be ready to prepare a few drops of dish soap mixed with a quart of distilled water. Dampen a lint-free rag with the solution and wipe (do not brush) and use a separate clean damp cloth to remove soap suds.


Mesh office chairs require less cleaning, but occasional cleaning should be practiced. After vacuuming the dirt of the chair, gently remove the remaining dirt using a dish soap mixture with a damp cloth. Do not rub for it may result in nasty mesh frays.

If you ask any janitorial services, you’d be surprised to know how often they use dish soap as a cleaning agent before disinfecting the area. Not only are they considered a green cleaning agent, but they also clean like no other. This is why dish soap is recognized as a true workhorse in the cleaning world and an all-time favorite because of its gentle nature. Not only does it have different uses other than cutting oil and grease on your dishes and pots, but also makes your office spotless in the cheapest way possible.

An organized and clean workspace puts distractions to a minimum and boosts productivity, so if you’re needing more professional cleaning done in your office at Litchfield County, Connecticut don’t be shy to ask!