Tips to a Clean Office Reception Area

Clean Office Reception Area
Reception areas are always ready to welcome and assist.

The first impression is always important, especially when it comes to small businesses that plan to become successful. One thing that helps shape this reliable image is your reception area. It is imperative that the reception area creates a good impression to your clients to entice them to work or stay with your business. It builds trust with your client, thus giving you a good chance to build rapport and a good client relationship. 

Why Do We Need to Clean the Office Reception Area?

Your reception area is always the first thing your clients and potential customers see. They’re always there to assist and everyone who passes by your reception area, regardless if they have asked for help or not, is given an impression of what your business is like just based on its design and cleanliness. Is it neat and tidy? Or is it shabby and smelly? 

Your reception area invites guests while letting them know what your service is like. 

We listed some of the reasons why we need to clean the office reception area.

1. To show the aesthetics and work culture of your business

The reception area may be the longest place non-employees loiter around. Like in retail companies, clients may stay for 10 minutes or even an hour, depending on who or what they are waiting for. It is a good idea to invest in good quality furniture, a nice layout, and design. 

But more than the design, layout, and furniture, what demands more attention is the cleanliness of the area. The smell, looks, and feel of your reception area will give a more positive impression to your clients which is why keeping it sanitary will help. 

2. To have a better employee mindset

A nice and clean office reception area will give set a positive mindset to your employees that they are part of something big and important. It will boost their mood and will provide motivation for your employees to be productive and efficient. 

3. To provide better assistance

One of the most overlook places in terms of office planning is the high traffic areas and one of these is the office reception area. As a matter of fact, the reception area is among the areas of the office that could help increase sales of the company, and seeing a cluttered space can give a negative reputation.  

With that being said, the reception area communicates the message of your business to you. So the message is not sent across properly if they’re distracted with all the dirt laying around the reception space. 

4. To give off a professional image to the clients

Clutter, spills, dirty windows, and debris are some of the problems of an office reception area. Having them could make a negative impact on your professional image. Clutter shows that you’re a disorganized person, or worse you are running a disorganized company. 

This is especially true for banks. People who come to banks are entrusting their hard-earned money to a reliable and stable organization. If having a clean space is a difficult job for you, how will your clients trust you with their money?

As a professional, you should be wary of the cleanliness of your workplace, as this gives a lasting impression to your clients. Remember, your reception area is the first place they’ll visit as well the last they’ll see upon exit. It is a reflection of who you are, what kind of business you run, and how serious you are with your business.

5. Business image

The cleanliness of the reception area will reflect the cleanliness of your entire company. To land on a client, you should start to make a good impression on potential customers, especially those who visit your office frequently. Having a tidy palace will send a welcoming and encouraging message to your visitors and possible clients. It will improve your business image. 

Obvious Problems in Your Reception Area That Needs to be Cleaned

Here are the most common and most obvious problems in your reception area that needs to be cleaned. 

  • Dirt and grime build-up on floors and tiles
  • Dirty windows
  • Scuff marks on walls and doors
  • Front entrance matting
  • Debris 

Four Tips to Keep Your Office Reception Area Clean

1. Create a bigger space

Having a bigger space will put your clients at ease. It will positively affect your business especially if it is well-cleaned and sanitized. But some small businesses may not afford to have a bigger space for their reception area. 

So, here are some ways you make your reception area feel bigger and wider:

  • Declutter

The first way is to declutter. Remove the items in your reception area that are unnecessary and it might even create space for guests. Also, once you’ve decluttered, it’s easier to re-organize the area.

  • Minimize magazines

Minimize the magazines and other books in your reception area. If possible, opt for installing television instead. Your clients may not wait long, and magazines may be unnecessary. Having a television may be a better solution to keep them entertained especially if there’s a long queue. 

  • Check your furniture

Have sleeker furniture. Big furniture would easily cramp up the little space you have. 

  • Remove the reception counter

A counter may be unnecessary for a small reception area. Opt for a simple table.

2. Remove the smell

Coffee and food may be allowed in your work area but having the smell of food may affect your business image. Consider having an oil burner, air purifier, or a scent diffuser in your reception area to ensure that it will smell clean and fresh. 

3. Focus on your flooring

The reception area is a high traffic area, meaning a lot of people come and go in this area. Ensure that your office area is always cleaned, mopped, or vacuumed at all times to keep it clean. 

4. Add amenities

As people wait in your reception area, it is inevitable that they might feel a need for a snack or drink. Having a water dispenser and a trash can may help quench their thirst without leaving waste anywhere. 

Is it time to hire a new cleaning service provider? 

Your reception area is important to keep a positive impression on your clients. Whether you’re operating a bank, school, or a retail company, having a clean and fresh looking reception area can reap more benefits than you can think of. Maintenance may be difficult especially if your cleaners are not experienced so it’s best to heed some help from professionals. Let Burgos Cleaning help, contact us for affordable but quality cleaning services.