Top 6 Essential Restaurant Cleaning Equipment

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Restaurants are one of many establishments that need deep cleaning since they serve food and beverages that people intake, so don’t be surprised with the number of food and safety standards each restaurant must comply with to continue operations or avoid many sanctions. And if you want to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of viruses and bacteria in your food establishment, investing in excellent cleaning equipment would safeguard your customers’ and employees’ health while maintaining your business’s reputation. We’ve listed the Top 6 Essential Restaurant Cleaning Equipment that would definitely maintain your restaurant’s squeaky-clean environment.

Essential Cleaning Products and Equipment


Bet you’ve seen a cloth or two whenever you enter a food establishment. Well, it’s one of the basic equipment restaurants need. A piece of high-quality cleaning cloth can wipe any surface from dirty tables, countertops, glass windows, and so on. It’s so versatile, and it doesn’t cost much.

 It can remove liquid spills like sauces, beverages, or even oil, but make sure to have color-coded clothes if you’re planning to use them on cleaning almost everything in your restaurant. You don’t want to cross-contaminate everything by only using a single cloth for the whole restaurant, right? Aside from reusable cloths, try using disposable ones as well since this reduces cross-contamination by a ton.


Of course, when it comes to cleaning, chemical cleaning products, oil, and heavy stains would always be in the picture. Aside from using green cleaning products, having handy gloves to protect your hands from these nasty things would be your skin’s life savior. Imagine having to touch gross dirt from the dining room or kitchen without some gloves on. Bet you’ll be traumatized. So, start stacking up some disposable gloves to avoid traumatizing cleaning experiences.

 Broom and Dustpan

Another contender on the most basic equipment needed inside your restaurant would be the broom and dustpan. These two are partners in crime, and like the cloth, are used on a daily basis inside restaurants. Floors are always dirty, but floor restaurants are on another level since kitchen staff, servers, and customers often walk on them every minute of every day. 

Dirt coming from outside can’t be avoided. Customers are always marching from the outside to the restaurant. Additionally, glass tends to accidentally fall on the floor, which can be caused by a lot of circumstances. Broken glass should be dealt with immediately, so fast cleaning using the broom and dustpan should do the trick and avoid any injuries. 


using mop to clean restaurants

As we’ve mentioned earlier, restaurant floors are on another level when it comes to floor dirtiness. Liquid and food spills are one of the most common things you can find in one food establishment, which a broom and a dustpan can’t clean effectively, especially if it’s a spilled rice meal or burger with lots of condiments. You’ll need the help of an almighty mop to get the job done right when it comes to this tricky dirt. Don’t forget about the struggle of getting those hair fallouts, and tiny particles cleaned. So, having a mop inside your restaurant is such a great help.

Sponges and Scourers

A restaurant won’t be called a restaurant without some dirty dishes, right? That’s why sponges and scourers are considered one of the essential equipment restaurants must-have. Those dirty dishes won’t be cleaning themselves, right? Using a dish soap and water mixture on cleaning those greasy dirty dishes should do the trick. Just make sure to give it that perfect scrub to remove all stains on the dishes.

Aside from cleaning dirty dishes, sponges and scourers can be used on cleaning stovetops full of spills. Some equipment such as refrigerators or microwaves aren’t an exemption when it comes to cleaning, so having a sponge would make your cleaning life easier.

Hand Sanitizers or Alcohol

Let’s not forget about personal hygiene after ensuring the restaurant’s spotlessly clean. Yes, that glove you put on before cleaning made you avoid gross dirt, but it’s still dirt, and germs might have transferred from the dirt to the glove you’re wearing. Having a hand sanitizer or alcohol would definitely kill those germs in a few seconds. And during this pandemic, having a hand sanitizer or alcohol wherever you go is a big help in avoiding the disease.

A restaurant has many areas that need cleaning and requires different methods, so having these cleaning equipments might not be enough to comply with several food and safety standards. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Kitchen and Dining Area Cleaning Checklist

We’ve provided a cleaning checklist to make your cleaning schedules easier, and don’t worry, we also listed down a few cleaning tips and methods for you to have a sparkling restaurant.

Before Shift

  • Staff should wipe all surfaces (kitchen and dining area) using a cloth or sponge with a food-safe antibacterial solution.
  • Sweep kitchen and dining area for some overnight dust accumulation.
  • Clean sinks.
  • Dispose of any rotten ingredients found in the refrigerator.
  • Wipe every window and door using a clean cloth.
  • Wipe down restaurant walls (especially kitchen walls for food stains).
  • Check if all condiment shakers are full and refilled.

During Shift

  • Sweep floor every 4-6 hours or if necessary.
  • Clean/brush grills and stovetop every after use to avoid grease or debris build-up.
  •  Wash every incoming dirty dish and let dry.
  • The kitchen staff must change cutting boards and knives every after use to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Mop all spills on kitchen and dining area floor to avoid accidents.
  • Sanitize table surfaces and chairs every after use for the next customer.

After Shift

  • Sweep kitchen and dining area floor then mop.
  • Clean every cloth and sponge used.
  • Wash all dirty dishes and dry them overnight.
  • Ensure all ingredients are covered and sealed. 
  • Disinfect all tables, chairs, and countertops.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Refill hand sanitizers.
  • Wipe windows and stained walls.


  • Have color-coded cleaning cloths to avoid using bathroom cloths from wiping dining area tables and chairs.
  • Have a consistent cleaning schedule to maintain restaurant cleanliness.
  •  Deep clean appliances, and kitchen equipment once a week.

Deep clean the whole restaurant once a month (or hire commercial cleaning services to achieve exceptional cleaning).

With the strict food and safety standards, each restaurant and food establishments need to comply with, keeping your restaurant clean can be an intimidating task. So, if you’re looking for the perfect restaurant cleaning services in Hartford, Connecticut, or New London County, Connecticut don’t hesitate to grab that phone and give us a call!