Ultimate Guide About Raised Floors

using raised floors

Raised floors are commonly utilized in modern office buildings, as well as in specialized sections such as command centers, information technology data centers, and computer rooms, where mechanical services, cables, cabling, and electrical supply must be routed. The space underneath raised floors serves as a route for wires and cables to avoid people tripping on them. It also serves as a tool in distributing cold air. That’s why keeping the floor system working and clean is essential. 

General Types of Raised Floor Systems

Traditional or Standard

A traditional or standard raised floor system creates a sealed air space which makes air circulation more efficient. The distance from the raised floor and subfloor are mostly 6 inches to 4 inches, sometimes higher if the company has a large volume of cables and wires.

Low Profile

The main purpose of low-profile floor systems is not to replace traditional ones but for cable management. A low-profile system allows easy adaptability and a unique pathway for your cables. They are movable and maximize vertical space.

Areas in Need of Raised Floors

Data Centers

One of the oldest floor systems for data centers, but there’s a reason why they are still popular to date. Not only does it help data centers to avoid overheating, but it also allows them to install cabling and additional equipment. The space underneath lets the raised floor tiles uncluttered and neat. Additionally, identifying and replacing damaged cables are easily and quickly done. 

Training and Conference Rooms

Raised floors will definitely improve the look and feel of training and meeting rooms. Any cables, wires, routers, and other equipment can be stored underneath resulting in a more spacious area. Also, they can be easily accessible. Moreover, if they are labeled properly, defects can be promptly detected and fixed in real-time.

Exhibit Spaces

Museums and exhibit spaces are intended to showcase different kinds of art. Places like this must have a clutter-free aura so that people can appreciate the art better. A clutter-free aura makes it more comfortable to stroll around the area without the worry of tripping on cables or wires. But you also need to choose the best type of raised floor to get optimum results.

Clean Room

A closed room that is well isolated and well-controlled from contamination like clean rooms needs raised floors. The installation of non-ferrous metal sheets will not alter the magnetic field. The perforated panels and grates will provide the best ventilation. Moreover, they are easy to maintain.

General Open Spaces

Everybody hates tripping on something, right? So might as well install raised floors on general open spaces. You may efficiently hide wires used for computers and devices by installing raised flooring in open workspaces. It is a highly effective method in preventing transmission wires from entering the hollow.

Why are they important?

  • They are waterproofed
  • It decreases the cost of construction for places experiencing high seismic patterns.
  • The continuous void it created underneath makes heating and cooling systems more efficient. 
  • The higher the height of the void under the raised floor, the lower the resonant frequency of the mass-spring-mass system results in acoustic insulation.
  • Improves lateral resistance and durability of multisensory establishments that experience high wind threats. If this is combined with a concrete roof system, your building’s resistance will be a level higher.
  • Suppresses fire from floor to floor because it is common practice to have fire suppression for both the above floor and subfloor. So you basically have double fire suppression systems for every floor that has an installed raised floor system.

If they aren’t properly maintained it will cause …

Structural problems

Raised floor systems have very specific load demands. If these demands are neglected or almost reach their limits it might cause rocking panels and gaps between panels. Sometimes, structural problems also occur due to the improper placement of the installed grid system. That’s why regular inspection is a must to avoid damage to equipment and injury to personnel.

Smoke detectors falsely triggered 

false trigger for smoke alarm

Businesses rarely remove floor tiles once the equipment is installed. This causes a pile of dust and debris to accumulate underneath. Employees do not know this so when they accidentally disturb these piles of dust by simply running or stomping their feet smoke detectors will be triggered causing panic from a false alarm. 

Improper static dissipation

Raised floor surfaces are meant to dissipate static electricity. It helps prevent electric sparks that might cause a fire. That’s why if they aren’t properly maintained it will hinder proper static dissipation. Risking the whole establishment from fire accidents. Not only that, but it may also cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Dust and debris build up underneath 

Cleaning underneath is often neglected. One, because it is a hassle since you have to remove all equipment first before you can start cleaning underneath. Second, it isn’t flashed often to visitors so cleaning was never a top priority. But not cleaning it regularly lets dust and debris build-up which will eventually make it hard for you to identify damaged cable or wires from all that pile of dirt.

Shorten lifespan

Most floor systems are highly durable, but durability has its limits especially if you aren’t properly maintaining it. So don’t be surprised if its lifespan is cut in half if you aren’t taking care of it. 

With the introduction of raised floors in offices and other industries, the functionality of each has been greatly improved. Reaching the corresponding slot is possible without masonry support. Save time and money by using the most suitable raised floors in the industry. Raised floors can be quickly adapted to various spaces. Moreover, they are durable but proper maintenance of these floor systems is also essential. Regular maintenance of the raised floor can extend the useful life of the raised floor. As with almost all cases, it will last with proper care.