Understand Commercial Cleaning Before You Regret

benefits of commercial cleaning

The majority of business establishments struggle when a virus spreads from one employee to another. Business operation slows down when valuable employees get sick, affecting business sales, deliveries, or any other aspect of your business, that’s why preventing disease spread is essential. Although employees who are sick are advised to stay at home to avoid spreading the virus, not everyone does it. You can still see a few lingering inside the building and spreading the virus by touching various surfaces which are most likely touched by other employees during the day. 

Meticulous cleaning is required to prevent the spread of such viruses and avoid an outbreak. Shared areas such as bathrooms, breakrooms, and training rooms are advised to be disinfected. If germ build-up was allowed within these shared areas then an outbreak will most likely happen. Employee health is an essential part of a business to succeed, that’s why professional commercial cleaning got most businesses interested.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning

A lot of businesses don’t know the importance and significant impact of air on human health. But COVID has opened people’s eyes and shed light on this topic. Clean, unpolluted indoor air increases human cognitive function and leads to increased decision-making performances. Additionally, regular cleaning will eliminate allergens brought by employees from their homes. Allergies affect many people so removing them is essential. Not only that, but cleaner air also makes employees happier. Help them breathe fresh and free from accumulated dust and dirt air!

Carpet and area rug cleaning

Carpets aren’t just used as decorative textiles because they have more purposes than that. It protects a person’s feet from cold coming from the tiles or concrete. It also makes sitting on the floor more comfortable and decreases the amount of sound produced from footsteps. Unfortunately, this floor covering textile is a great magnet and habitat for allergens and dander. If you want to maintain that presentable look once you enter the building, then you better get those cleaned!

Drapery and blind cleaning

Drapery and blinds are also hotbeds when it comes to allergens and dander. The material used to make these products allows harmful particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and more things that have an adverse effect on human health. It also confines them and holds onto dust mites. Although they make any place look more presentable in front of people, businesses often overlook regular cleaning because of their busy schedules or simply because they aren’t that important to give much attention to.  

Tile and grout cleaning and restoration

Wiping your tiles regularly may seem enough but it isn’t because the real problem arises from the grout. This is where the nastiest dirt accumulates. Grout is porous and holds onto dirt, grime, and bacteria compared to tiles. Furthermore, grout can crack after some time and this will lead to mold and mildew growth. Not only does it make your tiles gross, but also makes them look ugly and dull. 

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery is one of the highly touched things in the office or in your home. Not only that, but its soft-padded textile is hard to clean. The furniture cover holds not-so-pleasant things such as dirt, dander, sweat, and other oils. Prolonged exposure to these things will cause it to degrade. Regular upholstery cleaning will increase your upholstery’s lifespan a lot, improve air quality, and remove unpleasant odor. 

Concrete floor care, repair, and restoration

The importance of clean floors can’t be understated because walking into a business with a gleaming floor will leave a great first impression on the business. It’s the first thing people notice, new furniture and a well-designed area won’t leave a great impression if the floor looks dull, stained, or worn. So take into account floor care, not only does it leave a great impression, but also improves the safety of everyone entering and leaving the building. Your floors affect the mood of your commercial space, so keeping them sparkly clean is a must!

Wall cleaning

Walls can be seen all around any building, and a maintained wall is the reason for the fresh and healthy look of the whole room. Wall cleaning is essential because like grout they are porous. Dirt, grime, and germ build-up are not impossible. Paint might protect the wall from accumulating dirt deep down, but paint is bound to become dirty and start to peel off at some point. If you don’t want to repurchase paint every time this happens then might as well get those walls regularly cleaned. Keep your walls bright and healthy! 

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

  • Boost in employee productivity
  • Prevents the spread of virus and/or bacteria
  • An improved working environment
  • Long-term cost saving
  • Boost the company’s reputation
  • Increases storage space

Commercial Cleaning VS In-house Cleaning 

In-house cleaning is hiring and training your own cleaning crew. You are responsible for recruitment, interview, and training. It costs less compared to commercial cleaning services, but it increases financial pressure on the business. It also gives the company direct control over the team. Unfortunately, it also adds to management duties. Being in charge of the whole hiring process will cost the company some money and you won’t be sure if the ones you trained would do the job right. They know general cleaning and are not trained for specific cleaning, so don’t expect maximum results.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning is hiring a cleaning service company. The benefit of hiring professional cleaners is that you can get the maximum results. Their employees are specially trained to do the task and you can even tailor their services based on your cleaning needs. It might cost much more compared to in-house at first, but over the long period, you’d know that it saved you more money compared to in-house. 

During this pandemic, most employees have to work from home. That’s why businesses stopped their commercial cleaning or lengthened the time in between the next cleaning schedule. Although this decreases company expenditures, it puts everyone’s health at risk. Businesses have started reopening after the decreasing number of COVID cases and businesses who stopped their commercial cleaning would have to wait a little longer to get their spaces ready.