UV Light Cleaning: Does it really help?

UV Light Cleaning Apparatus

The emergence of COVID-19 has led to the rise of different cleaning methods and techniques that claim to safeguard and provide extra protection against the highly contagious virus. One of these cleaning trends include UV light cleaning or UV light disinfection.

UV light cleaning has been around for so long. However, since the advent of COVID-19 last year, with an increased need for clean and secure spaces at home, in the office, or at any other public establishment, the use of UV disinfection light has gained significant attention. 

What is UV light cleaning?

The technology of UV light cleaning has been linked with killing bacteria and viruses, that’s why it has been used time and again in disinfecting frequently exposed surfaces like countertops and cleaning linoleum floors.

A lot of people and companies have utilized UV light disinfection in their households, offices, and establishments to be able to guarantee their safety against the COVID-19 virus.

If you’re wondering if UV light does kill viruses, you’re about to find out now.

Does UV light really help? 

In a nutshell, UV light cleaning is a highly effective approach in getting rid of viruses, harmful bacteria, and other pathogens. 

Hospitals utilize UV light cleaning technology in sanitizing their facilities as well as medical equipment. Since the sensitive nature of hospitals requires high-level cleaning, UV light does its part in disinfecting areas of the institution which makes it a top choice when it comes to medical cleaning. Furthermore, professional cleaning companies that work in medical settings rely on UV-emitting devices to prevent the bacteria from spreading. 

UV light cleaning can prove to be beneficial for use in offices, schools, restaurants, and other establishments as they start opening their doors again amid the pandemic. 

How do UV lights work?

The science behind UV light disinfection or cleaning is that these UV products have strong properties capable of damaging the pathogens’ DNA and RNA components. 

When a bacteria is exposed to UV light, the light disintegrates the chemical bonds of the bacteria. The DNA, RNA, and protein structure get mixed up in the process. When this happens, the pathogens are rendered useless from replicating and multiplying. At this point, the pathogens are seen as dead and not cause for worry anymore. 

The exposure period as well as the distance between the energy and the subject determines the effectiveness of the UV light disinfection process. A larger room may require a longer period of disinfection process to ensure that every bacteria is killed. It’s not a lot of time though, sometimes the whole process only takes 30 minutes. 

Keep in mind, however, that there are three types of UV light. Ranging from having the lowest energy amount to the most potent energy, UV lights are classified as UVA, UVB, and UVC. 

UVA and UVB lights refer to sun exposure which can cause certain damages to the skin. UVC is the strongest energy that triggers the potential destruction of the genetic makeup of the pathogens. This is what is used for UV light cleaning.

Is UV light cleaning for me?

Using UV light cleaning is a good idea, especially in offices and other highly frequented spaces because of its efficiency when it comes to destroying bacteria. It is also highly recommended to clean data centers. Because data centers are sensitive areas where a single drop of moisture can create a concern of epic proportions, UV light disinfection is the best option. 

But, generally, if you care about keeping your space a safe and secure one where people can continue to find comfort, then opting for UV cleaning is not a question anymore.

Is UV light cleaning more effective than traditional cleaning approaches? 

UV light cleaning is not necessarily more effective than other traditional cleaning methods and means. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends bleach solutions for disinfecting areas of your home. But, UV light cleaning does have its easy perks. 

The Benefits of UV light cleaning

Here are the advantages that come from using UV light cleaning.

  • UV light cleaning is a huge timesaver. Because of its powerful technology, UV light cleaning can kill viruses within seconds. This makes it very convenient as there is no need to allot plenty of time to be able to thoroughly disinfect a space.
  • It can disinfect just about anything. From equipment like goggles and face shields to highly exposed areas like tabletops, floors, tables, and walls. 
  • It eliminates the process of washing, bleaching, and sanitizing items which could create moisture and leave residue. UV light is particularly helpful in disinfecting items that cannot get wet or sustain moisture like laptops, computers, and other devices and gadgets. This is why UV light cleaning is highly recommended in office spaces and buildings.
  • UV light cleaning involves low maintenance use. It is very easy to operate and handle. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly as it does not use any chemicals in the cleaning process.

Other Considerations

It is no secret that while UV light disinfection provides effective means towards a cleaner and safer space and has a ton of benefits,  it can also be a cause for other concerns when mishandled. 

To prevent these concerns, always do the disinfection in empty rooms. Schedule your UV light cleaning once a room has been completely evacuated. Furthermore, wearing proper protective clothing and gear is essential to avoid sustaining burns to the skin and eyes.

Furthermore, if you have the option to do both UV light cleaning and disinfectant products, do it. While both can kill germs on surfaces, each approach offers a different science behind them. Make sure that you employ the proper approach when it comes to disinfecting your space.

UV light cleaning is more than hype or trend. It truly offers an extra layer of protection and security against the pandemic that continues to knock on our doors. Working hard for cleanliness and guaranteed safety amid these trying times is not something that you should put in second place. If you will feel that UV light cleaning can put you at ease from worries, then trying it will not do any harm. Just make sure to understand the instructions and always be cautious when it comes to using them.