What is Commercial Cleaning

What is commercial cleaning?

It can be described as the cleaning of business buildings, premises and offices. It is a beneficial service for business owners located in big cities due to the convenience it provides. Most commercial cleaning is performed at the end of working hours i.e. on weekends or at night. Usually, it involves some general housekeeping duties around office premises. Most cleaning companies tend to marry commercial and residential cleaning because majority of modern offices have showers and kitchens so that they can provide comprehensive services. These services are scheduled in accordance with the business owner or manager’s preferences to minimize interruption of any working process.


There are various kinds of commercial cleaning services, the main ones include the following:

Steam cleaning

This is a technique that provides very good results especially for dirty upholstery furniture and carpet. Professional cleaners use steam cleaning machines for treating specific surfaces. A good example of such machines is a heated carpet extractor.

Carpet cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning guarantees that carpets are properly treated, deodorized and sanitized. Companies that deal in the commercial cleaning of carpets have the appropriate products, machines and expertise.

Floor cleaning

Floors on commercial property require proper maintenance especially tile and grout floors of entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, halls etc. Proper equipment and cleaning agents are used to remove all the grime and dirt. In addition, refinishing and stripping is also popularly used on hard surface floors to prevent wax buildup as well as an ugly yellow discoloration.

Other types of commercial cleaning are wall cleaning, concrete floor care, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, drapery and blind cleaning etc.


There are a number of benefits associated with commercial cleaning, these are as follows:

•Increased productivity

Generally, employees are happier working in environments that are clean, fresh and free of accumulated dirt and dust. The air will smell better and is much healthier to breathe in. Therefore, commercial cleaning promotes eager, bright and productive employees.

•Decreased spread of diseases

Commercial cleaning prevents the spread of diseases in the work of environment. This might negatively influence delivery, sales etc. It helps to keep the workplace clean and health thus wards off diseases.

•Professional experience

Business premises and offices that use commercial cleaning services have a positive and professional appearance. This is because they are clean, smell fresh and look pristine. It is a good image to project to clients.

•Morale booster

Morale of employees is directly correlated to their working environment. Clean workplaces translate to higher morale to work and deliver. When morale is high then the entire brand gets elevated and the business grows.

•Long term service

Commercial cleaning of very high quality provides longevity to floors, furniture, desks, shelving etc. They will not get stained and even damaged. This will translate to less remedial services or extensive repairs thus saving the business some money.

Quality cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies use appropriate products, tools and machines that get the job done very well. This means that clients only get the very best quality and value for their hard-earned money.


The above insightful information about what is commercial cleaning clearly shows that it is a very big industry and it encompasses a variety of businesses. It is a convenient service because it saves businesses valuable time and hard-earned money. Using commercial cleaning services is the ideal way of getting the best results.