Which are the top products used in office cleaning?

Green cleaning may be a modern trend, but with all the benefits it offers to businesses and commercial buildings, it is unlikely that we will lose enthusiasm in the future. Ecological cleaning products are very beneficial for the office, so it is a wonderful and permanent initiative for anyone who ventures into practice. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as the protection of our environment, has obvious advantages. But there is much more for ecological cleaning too! Read on to discover the key benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products in the office or workplace.

Reduction of allergic reactions.

Many people have sensitive immune systems, senses and/or skin. Some chemical cleaning solutions cause allergic reactions in people of this type. Including urticaria, swelling of the throat and tongue, itchy eyes, watery eyes, rashes, burns, headache, fever, vomiting and more. Ecological cleaning products do not contain aggressive chemicals. Therefore, eliminate this potential threat to employees and staff.  There are no bad smells  After cleaning a room with aggressive chemical solutions, it retains residual fumes and odors that can distract staff. Not only can it irritate the body and the senses, but it can also be uncomfortable to smell, feel too strong and dizzy. Green cleaners do not leave strong smells that irritate the senses. And since there is no residual odor in green cleaners, it is not necessary to open windows and doors to ventilate the work area. This, of course, will allow the entry of allergens and dust, canceling all the cleaning that has just been done.  Talk to an authorized cleaning company about green cleaning services for your building or office. Choose an accredited, insured and insured company that can offer customized cleaning programs and plans that meet the cleaning and maintenance needs of your property.

Reduced structural damage.

Cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals can cause shine and damage furniture, floors, walls, and paint. Discoloration, discoloration, peeling, deformation, cracking and more will occur over time, which will result in a decrease in the value of a property. Ecological cleaning products do not contain aggressive chemicals. As a result, they do not eat or vanish any surface on which they are used. This includes carpets, rugs, countertops, walls and more.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cleaning Products

Nowadays, as pollution increases and time decreases, people opt for the cleaning services of the company to work from home or from the office. If you are planning to start a cleaning business or if you want to clean the house yourself, you need the best cleaning products that will help make your home look shiny and clean. It is important to choose the perfect cleaning products.

A survey revealed that most cleaning products available in the market are full of chemicals and are harmful. That is why it is important to choose ecological and ecological cleaning products. The Environmental Protection Agency has developed a logo, first, test the product and, if it is respectful with the environment, place on this product the logo Looks for the logo before buying the product.  Does the product contain an SDS (safety data sheet)?  If you operate a cleaning company, it is mandatory to choose the products for which the manufacturer provides the safety data sheet with the product. It is important to choose a product that has an SDS certificate. Most cleaning companies even have a separate section of SDS composed of technicians. They deal with the SDS certificate and some companies even keep them in the form of electronic copies, such as MS Word or PDF.  It is an effective product over time.  Whatever the reason for buying the product, whether, for domestic or commercial purposes, time plays a crucial role. No one wants to waste time with cleaning, so check if the product saves you time. For example, if you plan to buy a commercial carpet cleaner, know if it consumes less time or more than your old carpet cleaner. Time is very important and you have to save time with new products. Keep a record of the work time of the product and compare it with the working time of the previous product and, finally, the result will indicate that it is faster.