Why Carpet Stains and Odors Come Back

As a business owner, you probably already know how important it is to maintain the cleanliness of your office space. A clean office keeps your employees happy and productive. It encourages them to produce better output simply because a tidy work area is a testament to how much they are valued. Moreover, your office conditions reflect the kind of operations that you have. This is particularly important if you want to impress potential clientele. 

With that said, despite your best efforts, there are aspects of office maintenance that remain difficult to address. Arguably, sanitizing your workspace’s carpet can be challenging especially without the help of professionals. Thankfully, the information below would help you demystify everything that comes with carpet cleanliness

What Causes Carpet Stains and Odors?

Your flooring is the biggest and most difficult aspect of your office space to maintain. Nevertheless, identifying the root of the problem is the first step in solving your carpet woes. Below are the main carpet stain and odor culprits: 

Spills and Leaks 

Carpets, by themselves, do not have a distinct smell. The unpleasant odor comes from the debris that gets stuck in them. Carpets begin to smell if spills and leaks aren’t addressed quickly or they happen often enough for the foreign materials to seep all the way through.

Food, the presence of pets, and cigarette smoke are usually the main drivers of carpet stains and odors. If you want to maintain the freshness of your flooring weeks after your scheduled cleaning, you might want to reconsider your office rules and regulations. 

Excess Moisture from Leaking HVAC

If you have ever left a damp shirt in your hamper, you are well aware of that distinct smell that comes from moisture failing to dry in an open space completely. For the most part, carpets are made from similar cloth-like materials like your clothes. When moisture is introduced, the distinct musty odor would persist.

If you have noticed that particular smell in your office, it might be high time to check your HVAC system. Your space’ heating and cooling system might be leaking moisture into your carpeting. 

Improper Cleaning Agents and Techniques

Most carpet cleaning agents that can be bought in hardware stores have excess soap that allows them to clean through carpets. While it might address stains, if the carpet cleaning is done incorrectly, it would definitely make your odor problem even worse. 

Soap, when left to dry without a proper rinse, attracts and traps debris in your carpet. It creates a sticky surface that is more vulnerable to odors and stains. 

Why are Carpet Stains and Odors Difficult to Get Rid Of?

Carpet stains and odors tend to be recurring problems mostly because everyone utilizes your space’ flooring. The factors below are often the reason why periodic cleaning doesn’t seem enough:

Failing to Address the Root of the Problem

Like with most cleaning issues, failing to address the root cause of a problem guarantees that you have to tackle the same problem over and over again. As discussed earlier, it is important to identify the main culprit to the smells and stains before devising a plan to ensure the appropriate carpet cleaning method is to be done.

After all, it doesn’t make sense to repeatedly employ the help of professional cleaners if your HVAC system is still leaking or people are allowed to smoke in the office. 

Choosing to DIY

More than maintaining the cleanliness of your space, your biggest role as a business owner is to make sure that the company is making a profit. Sometimes cutting corners and opting to DIY with your own maintenance staff is a way to save money and redirect funds. 

Unfortunately, especially when it comes to carpet maintenance, choosing to DIY can cause more harm than good. It is best to keep this aspect of office upkeep to the professionals. 

What Can You Do In Order to Maintain Your Office’ Carpet? 

Investing in the condition of your office’s carpet is an investment for your business. After all, first impressions last. You want your potential customers to be in awe of how immaculate your workplace is. Wow the clientele with these tips: 

Introduce Area Rugs to Major Entrances

If you want to keep your carpet clean, introducing area rugs to main entrances is a relatively affordable way to keep debris from getting inside your office. These rugs act as a buffer between the outside world and the space you are trying to maintain. Especially if you choose heavy-duty area rugs, most of your employees would be able to rid of their footwear of dirt and debris simply by rubbing against them. 

Impose Stricter Eating Guidelines in the Office

One of the biggest contributors to carpet stains and odors are food and drinks spilled all over the floor. In order to circumvent this problem altogether, impose stricter guidelines on where your employees can eat and drink. For the most part, banning eating in carpeted areas and setting up a carpet-free break room is a fast fix for your carpet issues. 

Set a Cleaning Schedule

It becomes more difficult to clean a stain or remove odor when they are left unaddressed for a long period of time. Stains, most especially, linger longer when it has already seeped through the carpet completely. A regular cleaning scheduled by your internal maintenance staff should be able to prevent debris from settling at the bottom of your flooring. Weekly sweeping and vacuuming should be sufficient. 

Get the Help of Professionals 

Only carpet cleaning professionals can ensure that your flooring is 100% clean and sanitized. With that said, employing the help of the right cleaning company for your office’s regular deep cleaning should be part of your office maintenance budget. 

Carpet stains and smells are caused by a multitude of different factors. Depending on the culprit, smells and stains linger if the cause isn’t addressed swiftly, properly, and with the right professional team. At the end of the day, a clean workspace is an investment in your company’s future. Your carpet isn’t the place to scrimp and save. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your office maintenance efforts.